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Amateur Creampies review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Amateur Creampies is any creampie lover's wet dream. This guy knows what it takes to make good creampie content. The girls are cute and the action is hardcore. With 250+ girls, regular updates and good video quality, this site is a bargain.

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Score 79.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2006-05-15

Amateur, 18-23, Babes, Blowjob, Hardcore, Mega-sites, Movies, Reality, Videos


Intro promises

Over 150 amateur girls getting sperm inside their pussies!
This is part of a megasite including West Coast Gang Bangs, Sloppy Facial Cumshots, Creampie X, DP Amateurs, and Elizabeth Del Mar.

First impression

Upon entering the members area you have a menu to the left, a list of recent episodes in the main area, and links to the bonus sites. The graphics here are uninspiring.


Our opinion

As of May 2006 there were 219 photo sets, each with 80-250 pictures. (There does get to be a certain amount of semi-repetition. There are 46 more sets than one year ago, but some of the older and badly-shot ones may be gone.)
In a few cases, the same girl is in two different scenes. Photos are good quality, 720x520 pixels; later ones are 600x800. There are always multiple good shots of the sperm dripping out of the pussy, both close ups and full body shots.

Most of the photo sets have corresponding videos. The videos are good quality in WMV and RealPlayer, and many of them are well over 10 minutes long. Some of the earlier ones are in short segments and some are available in quicktime. I checked and the WMV ones will play on Mac OS9.

Each girl comes into her scene, has a brief interview (seen on the video), strips (multiple photos as each item comes off), sucks the webmaster's cock, gets fucked in one or usually more positions, gets a creampie, and then reacts in a variety of ways to her accomplishment (from a silly grin to pretended outrage to sublime bliss). In some sets, the narrative thread gets confused as the girl strips naked then is suddenly clothed again while sucking cock, then suddenly naked again when it is time to get banged. But you'll get over that.

Every scene/girl comes with a little story (supposedly true) about how the photographer met the girl. For example: "I met this girl at a (strip club, swinger's convention, nudist camp, my ads on the internet, her friend that I fucked earlier) and got to talking to her. She was shy but wanted to get into porn. I couldn't fuck her then because (she was out of town, she had a boyfriend, I was busy) but later she (flew into town, broke up with the boyfriend, got over being shy) so we met. We had a date and went back to (my place, a friend's place, a hotel) and started fucking around. She sucked me and I licked her pussy. I fucked her for an hour and finally came in her (tight, wet, hot, juicy, sweet; all of the above) pussy and took pictures as my sperm dripped out. Then I fucked her again three or four times and didn't photograph those. I hope to creampie her again someday."

The girls range from just turned 18 to a few 30-something MILFs. Most of them are budding porn actresses; some are just swingers and exhibitionists. A lot of them are strippers. One girl (the delightful Karina from Finland) is on just about every creampie site that there is (with unique photos on each), while most of these girls are only on this site. No matter what your favorite type of woman is, she's going to get creampied here. Blonde, brunette, redhead, white, black, asian, pierced or not, shaved or trimmed or hairy, silicone, natural. At least one of the 219 girls looks like your ex! A new girl gets creampied every week. [I might note that one unrelated creampie site claims that the girls are surprised by getting sperm inside their nookies, but has many of the same girls who are on this site, which sort of ruins the surprise of the other site. Oh well.] Lately, the site owner has made several trips to central Europe to bang the new crop of porn actresses growing over there.

There is a large separate gallery of creampie pictures found in public domain, mail groups, Usenet, submitted by fans, and so forth. This dates from early in the site before he had 100+ of his own girls on file and was trying to boost his content. The site also provides "high resolution video" for some of the more recent girls (but you have to pay extra for all but the most recent six).

Ease of Navigation is very good. While there is one master menu of girls/events, this is broken into 11 pages (which aren't much bigger than two screens) so you don't have to scroll endlessly. Click on a girl and you're taken to a brief story about her and the encounter, with links to her photo album and her videos. The photos are arranged in sets of 20. Click on any thumbnail and it takes you to the photo; then you have arrows for previous photo, next photo, and a link back to the thumbnail gallery. The only problem is that once you're into a girl's gallery, it's hard to get back to the master photo menu, so open each girl in a new window.

The sperm goes inside the pussy, every single time, as it should on a site dedicated to creampies. It can be so annoying to buy your way into a creampie site and find half of the content is non-creampies, but in this site, it's all about the spermed pussies!

Special treats include Simoney's eastern European smile, Valentina's classy outfit (which she isn't wearing for very long), Jamie Elle's "just do me ... do me" attitude, girls next door like Cassie Young and Yasmine, and the sophisticated Leah Stevenson. But I do a dis-service to 210 other wonderful girls who get their nookie slimed in this site.

The content is created exclusive for the megasite. In most cases, each series appears on only one of the member sites, but in the case of creampie gangbangs, the series may be on both West Coast Gang Bangs and Amateur Creampies. Some of the girls are on other sites with entirely different photo shoots. [Models need to work, I guess.]

Bonus sites include West Coast Gang Bangs, Sloppy Facial Cumshots, Creampie X, DP Amateurs, Hot Wives & Girlfriends, and Elizabeth Del Mar.


Amateur Creampies would be worth it all by itself, but combined with the megasites it's a steal at the price. The site is also a handy catalog of all the different kinds of panties girls are wearing these days. For creampie fans, there just isn't a better spot. You get this whole site of creampies, another whole creampie site, and then get to treasure hunt for plenty of creampies in the related sites.

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Total average: 84.3/100 Our score: 79.0/100

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