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ATK Natural and Hairy review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: ATK Natural and hairy provides the usual ATK quality, but here none of the models wax or use a razor. The models range from teens (18+) to mature. But all content is good quality and the site updates often.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Mads, 2005-11-27

Amateur, 18-23, Fetish, Mature / MILF, Photography / studio, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- 1300 completely natural and hairy amazing female models.
- 500,000 images online
- The most amazing photographers in the world!
- 3,000 fresh new images every week
- Hundreds of movie clips

First impression


Have you ever heard of a weirder URL? Say even for an adult site? I certainly know I haven't in spite of the fact that I've been around. Sounds like Gandalf from L.O.T.R. going online... Fortunately as the mainpage loads you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that this story is not about old men with long beards. However, on the outside it does seem to have a hairy edge while it's wrapped in a design that lets the content do the talking...


One month - $29.99

Payment by credit card, online check, phone or mail.

Processor: CCBill, Paycom or IBill

Our opinion

Okay, here we are at ATK - Natural and Hairy that is...! This seems to be the ultimate place for the retrominded with an adorned fetish for bushy women. This is the first impression from the mainpage that indicates a combination of photographic craftmanship and thematic consistency.

Let me just tell you right away; this isn't one of those pages that let you down after you've invested your hard-earned money in a premier membership. Fortunately this is a worthwhile experience, due to the simple fact that you are likely to get a whole lot more than you've bargained for. Here are the reasons why:

Let us start off the classical way by introducing the structure of the site. At first the member section interface might seem a bit confusing though it overall sticks to ideals of user friendlyness. The interface design does falter a bit on the inside due to a somewhat messy styling but it's no issue compared to the upcoming benefits:

Navigationwise, an absolutely superb feature of the picture gallery is the option of choosing where you prefer your thumbnail navigation bar to be located, i.e. left, right, top or bottom of the chosen picture. You can download all files as a compressed .zip file and you can even immediately go to other sessions related to the model in question or how about 'similar models'. There is even a link to the all of the model's photo sets, which becomes usefull when you evidently fall in love with some gorgeous girl ;-) You can even browse an alphabetic index to look for your own personal favorite models. This is simply top notch, nothing less! My only slight complaint is from a webdesigner's point of view insofar that some of the links, text and the model rating chart could styled better, but I guess it's a good thing for the majority of the users that the text isn't too small and so forth.

Anyway, who gives a rat's ass about the design elements as long as they are there, considering that the primary thing is the content, right?! Funny enough, I totally agree with you, and at ATK Naturals you can choose between picture editions with a 400px, 600px, 800px or 1024 pixel resolution. Add these facts; the pics are crisp and clean, the settings and posing is professional albeit natural and last but not least tons of hot and hairy young female models not to be seen elsewhere and you got yourself a recipe for quality-based success.

Drooling with anticipation I venture into the movie section of the site. Navigationwise, it's basically the same structure as the picture section apart from the selective thumbnailbar thing that's not needed here. However, bottom line is that it's pretty straightforward to navigate and download the movie clips. Comparing the picture section with the video section it's somewhat disappointing that it's not possible to download complete movies. Instead you have to go for a selection of clips only, but the thumbs are well-sized (120x160px) which right away gives a good hint to quality of the model and the content type. Speaking of content, the action resembles that displayed in the picture section; mostly softcore posing spiced with some hardcore action, and with the risk of sounding corny I'd say the average babe rating is a solid 7.

The videos are mpegs only and this format is pretty state of the art these days whether you like it or not, while some might righteously complain that other formats (wmv, quicktime, xvid, divx) aren't supported. A movie is typically sliced into parts of 20-23 MB and the download rates are decent, but unfortunately the quality of the resolution falls a bit short in fullscreen mode as the image contours get slightly pixelated during movement. As such I'm leaving the movie section with mixed emotions as it turns out that the greatest asset of ATK Naturals is in fact the pictures and not the movies.


ATK Naturals is a fetish site which focuses exclusively on natural and hairy adult content. This means that when you go here you are likely to run into the attractive 'girl next door' and she presents herself as God made her without soya, silicone, saltwater or the like... and in that respect along with retro looks and hair fetishism this site certainly must be considered a top player.

Altogeter, I can only recommend ATK Naturals as a dedicated site that brings you true value for money in relation to quality as well as quantity particularly considering the pictures. Still there's room for improvement and with some minor ajustments to the appearance of the site as well as movie standards ATK Naturals would earn an even higher rating.


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Screenshots from ATK Natural and Hairy

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