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ATK Premium review

Review Update

ATK Premium is a solid looking site with over 4,256 exclusive videos that are mainly in HD. Their high-class presentation remains since their last review, itís a breeze to navigate, but unfortunately, they don't seem to have updated anything since May 2017. They do, however, have 9,315 photo galleries that have approximately 120 high-resolution photos in each set, and these are downloadable in a zip file. It may not be updating for now, but there is more than enough to get excited over.

Score 82.0 /100
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Summary: ATK Premium is an amateur site with a photography/studio feel. You'll get hi-quality vids that run from 5-20 minutes in length with artistic photography.

Shay Boogie, 2019-01-04

Video count:

Amateur, 18-23, Babes, Movies, Photography / studio, Videos


Intro promises

"ATK Premium gives you an innovative look at the models you love and hot new amateurs! These models are the best of the best, chosen by your feedback or exclusively recruited to shoot hours of video and stunning high-quality images. With new features, perks, and a focus on extended movie clips, ATK Premium offers you the next level of the quality you've come to love from ATK."

In addition:

- High quality movies (5 min. - 20 min.)
- In-depth model biographies
- Many sets of each model
- Higher image quality
- Several photographers
- Videos of the models
- Artistic and explicit shoots

First impression

I liked what I saw. Despite having to type in my date of birth (to make sure I'm "of age") I was quite impressed with the initial presentation of ATK Premium. I was greeted by clear pictures of various models, all of whom were of different nationalities. The girls seemed relatively young (late teens) and had that "fresh, young, and ripe" look to them. The video preview is a great teaser as you see what's waiting for you once you join. There's a lot of galleries, movies, and directories to choose from. It looks like a very professional site where you will have plenty of choices as to what you want to see.


Our opinion

ATK Premium is a very solid site that offers you pictures and movies of various young ladies. The menu options facilitate how easy you're able to navigate through the site. You can choose to look up a model by name (if you're a previous visitor) or simply just decide what girls you want to explore further by clicking on their picture. There are PLENTY of women to choose from and I'm sure no one will have a problem finding one that's to their liking. There are also many european models which I found pleasing. Although it states that it's an amatuer site I could swear that I recognized a few of the girls. However, that could be the five gin and tonics I drank last night talking.

The site says it gets updated every week with new photos and movies and it looks to be true. If you click "past updates" you can go to any month and see what new material was put up during that specific time period. They also tell you the exact amount of pictures and movies that were added for each month, which more sites should do. There are 52 models in all and each one usually has at least one gallery of photos. Not all the models have MPEG movies, though, which is a disappointment. However, the cool thing is that if you like a specific model, but, they haven't updated any new content since 2017.

The quality of the movies and photos is fantastic. While watching the preview in Windows Media Player I was astonished at how good the quality of the trailer was. It was probably as clear a picture as you're going to get in the internet. I hoped that once inside the member's area I would be as pleased with the quality of movies there...and I was. I had no problem at all either watching the streaming version or downloading the clip. The lengths of the movies vary from 5 minutes to over 20 minutes. You can choose clips from different actions such as hardcore, mastubration, or simply an interview of the chosen model. You're also given a summary of what the clip is about before selecting it so you'll get an idea of what you're about to watch.

The in-depth model biographies are a nice feature as you get to see into their private lives a bit more. Not only do they have the usual questions like their favorite food or their favorite animal, but they ask many sex-related questions, too. When they lost their virginity, in what position they orgasm best, and how big a dick they like are a few examples of what we get to find out about these vixens. A little softcore and a little hardcore action is a great combination.

The speed of the site is very good. I hardly had to wait at all when going from one page to the next. The movies even loaded fast, as well as the photo galleries. I was very impressed.

Finally, a nice touch that ATK has is how it defines what type of media a certain link is. For example, if you go to a specific model's page there is a picture next to each of their updates which specifies if the update is a photo gallery or a movie. The galleries tell you how many pictures are included and the film icons show the length of each MPEG movie.


Overall, I was impressed with the site as a whole. It's not an extremely hardcore site even though it does have its share of fucking videos. It seems like they wanted to combine a softcore image with some edgier material. It worked well in ATK Premium, as both genres were well represented.

There was a wide variety of girls to choose from, which is always a good thing. I wish they had videos for each model, though. That was probably the only disappointment. The other annoying thing was before entering the site you had to agree to all of their terms, tell them your birthday, and type in your e-signature.

This is definitely a site I'd consider becoming a member of. I can't really see there being too many negatives of ATK Premium, except for the fact that they have not updated any new content for a while.


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Total average: 88.3/100 Our score: 82.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2011-11-08 13:06:49

I strongly suggest to review this site again.
the content has been cut back severely, the navigation is utterly broken, there is almost no exclusive content, older content from other atk sites is simply copied (!) there.
video content is mostly from the late 90s. there is a very, very small number of relatively new videos available but that dost make up for the sheer mass of ridiculously poor video content of the site. all in all a big disappointment.
this site does NOT warrant the "premium" in its name and does NOT live up to any expectation no matter how low it might be.
the entire site gives you the impression it has been abandoned years ago.
my advice would be to stay away from this site and rather put your money where you find serious "premium" content like MET or FTV