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Bad ex GFs review

Summary: Bad Ex GFs follows in the footsteps of other sites in this niche: they collect homemade videos and pictures of hot girls getting naked and having sex with their boyfriends and serve them up to members. They have a great members area that is easy to use and better media options than I'm used to finding on sites in this niche. With constant updates every day and thousands of scenes and pictures already online this is one of the best sites in the niche.

Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2011-01-20

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Intro promises

- Real user-submitted girlfriend porn videos and pictures
- 13,451 photos
- 2,458 videos
- 10,324 members

First impression

Bad Ex GFs promises you the "world's biggest user-submitted girlfriend archive". According to them, each of the cute amateurs here made these sex tapes (knowingly or not) with their boyfriends and husbands, and when the girls dumped them, the guys uploaded their homemade porn collections to spite them. The tour was full of animated clips and preview images that look very authentic, and the girls were all pretty hot. I was excited to get inside and see how they lived up to their rather extreme promises.


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Our opinion

Bad Ex GFs is one of the better organized sites in this niche. So many just slap together poor quality sites that are barely navigable. Some use text links, and don't even show off picture previews. Here that is not the case. The content may be homemade and totally amateur, but the guys that run the site are pros in what they do. This makes for an easy to use site that quickly shows off what its all about: a lot of very real homemade hardcore fucking!

There were categories if you wanted to find something specific, but I just browsed through the recent updates to start. What I found were a mix of videos that were made by webcams, cell phone cameras, and digital cameras. Some of them you can tell the couples watched porn and tried to make an all-out porn flick. At the other end of the spectrum were videos that were shot by hidden cameras (you can tell they are hidden on the shelf or inside of something, which partially blocks the view). In these, I doubt the girls had any idea they were being filmed getting naked and sucking their boyfriends off until their mouths overflow with cum.

Most of the scenes are very explicit boy/girl fuck episodes. You will see anal penetration and gaping, lots of POV cock sucking, cumshots and facials, and sex in all places: bathrooms, kitchens, clubs, cars, anywhere the horny couple can squeeze in a hard fuck.

What I think I liked best about the videos were that the girls were all attractive, yet the scenes appear 100% real and authentic. I saw no porn stars, for example, and wouldn't question that any given scene was really made by a random couple at home. The site must be a bit picky about what they accept in order to maintain a high quality of couples.

There were thousands of videos online at the time of my visit. Each could be streamed instantly online in a 540x410 resolution Flash video player. These look good for what they are. You can also download full length scenes in Windows Media files (768x576) and MP4 files (320x240). Both look great for what they are. You need to anticipate a flux in quality. Some couples use better gear, or have more lights on when filming. Others are in darker rooms or use crappy web cams. It's just how it goes when you're using real homemade and user-submitted porn.

The photo galleries here are usually cohesive, that is all the pics in a set are of the same couple. I was unsurprised to find cheerleader squad pics from parties here -- they get naked and drunk together, and these are the real deal folks, I googled them just to be sure! You'll also have more hardcore galleries.

Updates are made constantly to all of this, usually a few times each day. That includes both video and picture galleries. There are no other bonuses or extras included, but with this much homemade porn to swim in you won't need them.


Bad Ex GFs is a large site full of real homemade, amateur sex movies and photographs. In terms of authenticity, few sites can rival them, and they also have a high standard when it comes to what they let on to the site. That means a better overall experience, and some really high quality homemade sex tapes. If you're looking for an ex-gf/user-submitted collection to join, I would recommend Bad Ex GFs without hesitation.


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