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Beautiful Agony Review

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OMG, Beautiful Agony has added 433 movies in only six months. This is thanks to updating anything from one movie per day, to 3 times a day, and at least 5 times a week. This amazing masturbation site is mega-huge, and they now have 5,171 mixed models in 13,093 movies mostly in HD. It may be a single site with no bonuses, but this is more than worth the membership fee.

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Summary: Beautiful Agony showcases the expressions of amateur males and females when they masturbate and orgasm. There is no nudity on the site, but everyone is filmed from the neck and up during the entire masturbation session. This gives the videos an extremely intimate and raw feel. Video resolution is average, but the videos look great despite being user submitted. A great site if you're curious about how other people look during their most intimate moments.

Tamesin, 2021-04-10

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Intro promises

- Real orgasms from real people
- At Least 5 updates per week
- Bonus videos
- Thousands of scenes

First impression

If you're tired of seeing fake orgasms in porn, you'll be pleased to discover Beautiful Agony. Here, the videos are from real people (male and female) like you, showing themselves having an orgasm. You won't see any nudity here, but you will see real orgasms in all their beautiful and agonizing expressions. I think the site says it best: "Beautiful Agony is dedicated to the beauty of human orgasm. This may be the most erotic thing you have ever seen, yet the only nudity it contains is from the neck up. That's where people are truly naked."


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Our opinion

The Home Page is pretty straight forward inside Beautiful Agony, with the latest videos presented in small thumbnails - just as they are on the tour. Now usually small thumbnails are a pet peeve of mine, but since these are cropped in such a way as to just show the face in a freeze frame of ecstasy, they're pretty damn good. In fact, the thumbnails themselves are pretty arousing. Along the side there's a simple menu that includes Overkill Blog (the site's blog), Submit Your Agony, Forum (active), Agony Squad (where you can promote the site on your blog), Confessions (additional videos), Females, and Males. You can also view your Favorites, as well as videos you haven't viewed yet by clicking on "Unseen." This is because when you view a video, you can mark it as seen. I think that's a handy feature considering there are around 13,093 videos in here - all of which you'll probably want to see.

In the upper right are smaller thumbnails of the videos coming up. There's a handy little counter that tells you how many hours until the next video is uploaded.

You can select the media type you wish to stream or download - i.e., Windows or MP4 - and also select the quality: medium (852x480 at 1000kbs) or high - when available (1280x720 at 3500 kbs). Streaming is a delight because the videos I watched didn't hang up at all to buffer, which, by the way, didn't take long at all. Downloading is pretty quick, too. The videos usually range from around 3 minutes to over 7 minutes.

The quality, even in medium, is still pretty good. In fact, geez, this quality is better than some so called professional sites. That's because the webmasters of Beautiful Agony have high standards from the video submissions they accept. While such standards may not allow for as many people to submit videos, it definitely shows the site is more concerned with quality rather than quantity. Additionally, the sound is very good quality as well, which definitely adds to the enjoyment.

There's often a "Confession" video in addition to the orgasm video. This is where the orgasm stars share information about their sex lives - what turns them on, their first experiences, fantasies, etc. The older videos usually don't have a confession.

The videos start with the person getting all set up - whether positioning the vibrator, lubing up the hand, etc. The end part includes the afterglow and the person trying to come back to earth after being shot into orgasmic outer space. This additional activity is due to, again, the high standards of the site. For submissions, they require submitters to: "Capture the warm up, and the cool down. Let us see all of your idiosyncrasies and rituals, but we're only interested in reality, not performances, impressions, or exaggerations."

Therefore, you'll see twitchy, herky jerky movements, where they look like they're having a fit. You'll definitely see some gymnastic expressions, which further brings the point home that these videos are real orgasms. Additionally, most of the people here are young - in their 20s - but every now and then you'll see someone much older.

Delightfully, there's even something for the women because there are plenty of videos showing males having orgasms.


I highly recommend Beautiful Agony. I don't think I've ever seen a site in which I want to watch all the videos, but with Beautiful Agony I do. Perhaps it's the voyeur in me, as well as the delight in watching real people have real orgasms. If you're like me, you will love this site. Bear in mind, though, that there's no nudity here; however, I've never seen more intimate and raw videos than these.

As to updates, I can't verify how often they're uploaded, since there are no dates noted as to when the videos are uploaded. However, there are plenty of archives, as well as a countdown to the next video update. As to the videos themselves, they're very high quality, with good sound as well. Beautiful Agony is an absolutely beautiful site. The only agony you'll feel is wishing you had more time to watch every single video.


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