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Behind The Towel review

Summary: Behind The Towel contains actual amateur women fooling around with male strippers grabbing, jerking and sucking cocks on stage behind a towel. Overall though the site was disappointing for what it claims to be, and what I assumed it was. Movies were short and there weren't as many as promised. It's still worth a look if you always wanted to collect the whole set of these short movies.

Score 55.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2010-01-19

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Intro promises

"Hey, Iceman here! Welcome to my site
On this site, you'll see very horny women, ranging from the 18 y/o school girls to female secretaries, lawyers, doctors, business women... enjoying male strippers. Those are REAL women, having fun with their friends, drinking a little and getting crazy at the sight of a cock! Watch how these sexy girls lick and suck whipped cream off my cock in front of an unknown audience."

- Over 300 movies

First impression

Not bad. There is a photo of the Iceman at the top, and some kind of graphic pattern that doesn't really look like anything. There are seven buttons for the various performers (one of them is "sexy games" they played at some of the parties). There is an add for another (and better) male stripper and drunk female cheaters site at the bottom.


Payment Processors:
CC Bill, 900 number, on-line check.

Our opinion

When I first got this assignment, I was overjoyed. The samples were obviously the well-known "Loverboys" stuff, and I would at least get to see the real movies. (Their website has some very expensive 90 minute movies of these parties where male strippers built like Greek Gods perform for drunk women who ... get a little crazy.)

Just in case you have never heard of this site, it's the original "male stripper, drunk women" site. The women are real, not paid to pretend to be real. The male strippers do their dance routines (which are NOT on this site), then prance around naked trying to get the women to touch their cocks. Some of the women freak out, and others do manage to "get a grip" and a few of them actually suck a cock. Many times, the strippers take women up on stage, and then hold a towel up so the woman can play with or suck the cock without all of her friends seeing her do that. (Hence the title of the site.)

Loverboys has always been the most real (and most underwhelming) of sites like these. There really isn't that much cock-sucking going on (compared to the Czech site where most of the women who actually suck dicks are paid actresses), but there is some, and it's incredibly cool. The women got crazier over the years, and more and more sucking happened, but it's not a wall to wall sex fest. Still, having paid for one of those expensive VHS tapes back in the day, I was excited to get into the site and see the real movies. My fingers flew across the keyboard, almost setting it on fire in anticipation. At last! The real movies!

Sadly, it was not to be.

First, the "over 300 movies" is 251 movies by my count.

Second, the movies range from 14 seconds to 6 minutes. (OK, I did not download every single movie, I did download over 70 and the longest one was under 6 minutes.)

Third, I have seen at least half of these as free samples on the original website.

Fourth, there are no photos (which I prefer), only movies. (The movies are in WMV and won't work on my Mac 9, but the PC downloads them and plays them. They won't stream. Quality varies from decent to "last decade"; some of these were never meant for full-screen play and are pretty grainy at that scale.

That said, there are some good points.

All of the free samples you've seen over the years are here in one place, so you can collect them all, and they download. (They won't stream, but they download very fast, being so short).

There are at least a few that I have never seen, such as the biggest boob contests, and some of the regular clips (dancers playing with the women) don't look familiar.


Behind the Towel has a genius concept where authentic movie clips of male strippers prancing around in a room full of drunk women can be found. The strippers try to feel them up and to get the women to touch and suck their cocks. Some women are led onto the stage where they suck cock behind a towel held up to protect them from their friends' looks.

Despite the concept, with its limited amount of videos and their short lenght, it was a disappointing site for what it claims to be; but worth a look for what it really is.


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Total average: 57.7/100 Our score: 55.0/100

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