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Big Sister Live review

Summary: Big Sister Live has a unique concept of broadcasting web cam streams directly from a Prague gentlemen's club where guys can fuck prostitutes for free. Anything goes and nothing is forbidden, resulting in a wide variety of hardcore scenes. Big Sister offers live action during opening hours as well as recorded streams. Apart from a small number of scenes, everything is streaming only. The video quality is a little better than that of actual webcams and is acceptable.

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Uli, 2009-06-23

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Eastern Europe, prostitution, strip club, voyeurism

Intro promises

- - sex club for free - live swingers nights - as seen at G4 / Playboy TV
- Big Sister Club is the only place in the world, where YOU can get REAL SEX, anytime, with anyone and completely free of charge! With just one catch, ALL ON CAMS! We have guests from all around the world in the house every day to get sex for free or attend one of the world's first online swinger's parties!
- Daily LIVE broadcast, more than 9 000 reality videos in the archives, New videos updated Daily!

- Do you want to see real sex? real guys with real girls?
- Are you interested in how the real measurements are?
- Do you want to see the guys fail?
- Are you interested in what was is the quickest sex ever caught on a camera?
- Are you interested in what is the average length of a man's endowment?

Reviewer's comment: Despite these statements Big Sister has a mainly graphical introduction: Lots of pictures (all video stills) announcing a huge variety of nudity and sexual action, all straight from a gentlemen's club and recorded as it happens. Further on it advertises itself with a remarkable quoting of reports of well-known media and even porn productions to prove that the concept behind Big Sister is real and not faked.

First impression

I admit, when looking at the preview I found it quite difficult to figure out how Big Sister Live works. It was definitely a new concept for me, different from 99% of all erotic and porn websites out there, so what is it?

- It features action in a gentlemen's club, but it is not the typical gentlemen‘s club action.
- It's based on a cam-show principle, but it is definitely not a typical cam show system.
- It offers a bunch of porn videos for download, but it is not a movie site.
- It shows professionals in action, but it is not a pro site. Also it features amateurs, but it isn't an amateur site either.
- It presents live shows, but you don't have to leave your home watching them.


7 day trial $11.95 / EUR 9.95 (European site!) recurring at monthly rate
30 days $39.95 / EUR 29.95 recurring
90 Days for $79.95 / EUR 59.95 non-recurring

Payment via credit card (CC Bill) or Euro Debet/Online check.

Our opinion

Now that I fully managed to confuse you, what is Big Sister Live? Let's start by saying that it is based on a gentlemen's club, located in Prague 5 Smichow, Nadrazni 46. This club is real. The concept of the building is similar to other gentlemen's clubs in the world - a main club space for simple socializing, eating, drinking, meeting the girls who eventually end up dancing and/or have sex with the guest either as public action or private themed rooms. But there is one fundamental difference: When visiting such a club, you don't want to get caught by your neighbor and you normally don't want to leave any traces that you've been there. So now imagine that such a club is fully equipped with webcams broadcasting all action to all places of this planet, so there is definitely no privacy - full publicity is intended! Why would anyone go there?

One answer to that is that it's free for the guys. This indeed means free fucking! You don't have to pay, but you have to sign an agreement accepting that you, your face, your body and all your action can be broadcasted. Masks or any other tricks to hide your face are not allowed. The girls you fuck are all pros.

But still that's only a part of the story. The club also is open to swingers and couples, also having to accept the concept of publicity. I think this even makes the club more interesting for aspiring porn actors who want to test how it feels to show it all, to be a pornstar or to perform on camera. It's quite easy to see that not all girls are actually pros - there are some average looking ladies around, there are couples behaving like married couples - and they are fucking without protection which is not common for normal club pay sex.

The club ladies are younger girls, 20 to 30 years, good looking, something for every taste. Like most gentlemen‘s clubs, you can check out the girls presently at the club, which always is just a part of the full club team. All other people are average looking guys and ladies, from great faces and toned bodies to fatties and lots of other signs of the prosperous western life style.

The action is just what you may have imagined it to be. It starts with simple pole dancing (clothed), kissing, fondling and goes on to full sexual action in all variations that you might think of. This includes anal, threesomes, lesbian, orgies, gang bangs, pissing and whatever else. There are swinger parties and also couples days. The only thing I missed strolling around was a dungeon with BDSM-action, so don't expect that. But anything else is present - truly amazing!

You may ask how all this is broadcasted from the Big Sister club. Well, remember, it's a cam site. This means nearly all productions from Big Sister are typical cam movies, both live action and downloadable. It also means that all movies have a quite low resolution of 366x288 pixels (sort of weak VHS). The bit rate is ~600 kb/s. I nevertheless found the video quality quite acceptable; as long as there are no abrupt movements the picture is clear, smooth and not jerky. There are no high-res movies - and there are no pictures either.

When accessing the Big Sister site during opening hours, you can select between live streams (depending on time and date up to six) and replay streams of live action. Furthermore the site provides 8414 (!) recorded events for streamed watching. To handle this enormous amount of movies, they are also selectable by categories, e.g. if you want to see the orgies among them, well there are eight at the moment. And if you still not know what to watch, give the highlight section a try. Big Sister also provides 97 movies both for online watching and download. The biggest part of the movies is not downloadable.

I did not expect to find one here, but Big Sister even has a bonus-section. Open it, and you are presented a very respectable collection of several hundred international mainstream porn videos. The resolution is 640x480 in quality acceptable. This is streaming only like most of the Big Sister stuff.

Still not sure about the authenticity of Big Sister? Well, then open "About us" and check out the tab "Press room". This is a collection of broadcast and printed excerpts about Big Sister from all over the world. Since there were quite a lot of reports on Big Sister, it's likely you might find a report of a magazine or a TV station you know (and perhaps trust!), so have a look.

I found the web design of Big Sister up to date and working alright, but not amazing. The home page is your launch pad to all the live and recorded action. All accessible parts, live cams as well as movies, have a thumbnail preview for quick overview. When selecting a movie, it's playing within a Windows Media Player window (full screen view is possible). Similar to traditional cam systems a chat room is also open. Some smaller thumbs give you an idea of the action in the other rooms to prevent you from missing anything interesting. Changing to recorded events or download videos the site looks quite similar - only the chat room is missing. The downloadable movies are WMV files.

Big Sister Live is available in four languages: Czech, English, German and Italian.


I am familiar with traditional cam systems, I have seen action on reality sites, I even know - confession - gentlemen's clubs - and I have to state the concept of Big Sister Live is indeed unique. It is a combination of several things like described - resulting in a one of a kind site.

There is no doubt that Big Sister is a real club and what happens there, is what they broadcast and what you see. And that of course is its appeal: although the girls are "professionals", the site still has the typical an amateur appeal and is far away from the many fake and unrealistic productions of the porn business.

Furthermore I think the "anything goes" concept and the total freedom pays off - it's an impressive variety of any hardcore action you might think of.

The weakest point about Big Sister Live is a another result of its concept: The picture quality of all "movies", no matter whether live, recorded action or downloads can not keep up with nowadays basic (=DVD) quality and is far behind the future HD standard. The quality level is what's typical for cam systems - not jerky and with alright colors, but only with weak VHS resolution. I think Big Sister should try and improve that - it might be difficult for cam systems to reach a better resolution because you're depending on basic Internet bandwidth, but at least the downloadable resolution could then be upped.

Secondly the amount of movies available for download is far too low with a ratio of 1:86 downloadable/not downloadable - I would like 1:1!

Considering the outstanding and unique concept of Big Sister, I consider its price to be acceptable.

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