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British Tease review

Summary: British Tease is a great amateur site featuring British amateur models in various situations such as school girl, secretary or just cute in a studio getting naked. Content quality is pretty good and updates seem to be regular.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Melissa, 2006-07-25

Amateur, Photography / studio, Softcore, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

A clean site that doesnít have a lot of navigation issues will greet your hungry eyes on the tour page of British Tease. Thereís an intro write-up that lets you know they love cute girls in outfits and uniforms that enjoy getting nude and rude. Theyíll flash their knickers, their pussies, let you see up their skirts and will flash in public as well. Other than that, youíre shown a galleries box, which will lead you into some free image enlargements which is nice, and also a link for the videos.

First impression

My first impression of this site from the tour was that navigation wouldnít be a problem. If the membership area is similar in layout, then itís pretty cut and dry. The ladies shown in advertisements are tantalizing and definitely the British Tease that this site is named after. Iíve not seen any pubic hair yet, these girls are shaved as bare as can be, with no red bumps or irritation. It all looks nice so far, but membership will give the entire story.


30 days $19.95 (recurring)
30 days $24.95 (non recurring)
90 days $49.95 (recurring)

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Our opinion

Just as I suspected, the memberís area is similar to the intro page, very few links, and a nice write up with the latest nudes. Itís here that they tell you updates are done 3 times a week, and at times a bonus update is tossed in. They are featuring a girl named Bonnie, that definitely has her own racket... a tennis racket that is, with the handle inserted between those delicate petals, and looking extremely hot in a sporty kind of way. Apparently itís her turn to serve!

Since the material here is 100% original and exclusive, it will be nice to see fresh faces. Everything is just as easy as can be, a link for galleries, one for videos, an info area and then the way back home, nothing else to mess with or be confused by. And I really like the crispness that this site holds. So far what Iíve seen tells me the lighting was placed perfectly and these girls have little or no inhibitions when it comes to their bodies. You wonít run out of pictures to go through, and Iím sure youíll find some that you wish were in your family album, these girls are so pretty and shapely, youíll enjoy their stills. I like the way theyíve presented all 155 galleries, you have 4 nicely sized thumbs, with a write up on what this series is about, and then on some of the older ones, it tells what sort of niche the gallery holds, but they all let you know how many photos youíll find in each set. And all sets are downloadable in a zip file.

The newest update offered to the public today introduces you to a sexy secretary that any boss would enjoy having. She never wears panties and when she thinks she can steal the sensual time, she masturbates with her toy, wanting to feel just as dirty as she possibly can. Those British girls really do know how to even make Big Ben lose time! She and her dildo will enthuse you to take matters into your own hands while you watch her being ever so naughty. The enlargements, though not full screen arenít only nicely sized at, 800x1200 pixels, but I cannot get over the clarity, even the stool that sheís sitting on has wooded grain that shows up nicely. Youíll see every freckle on the inside of her thighs. Applause is being given here for the picture content of this website. In general though there isn't a lot of close-up shot of the girls, so if that is important to you, it might not be the best place.

All 25 video clips are laid out with the same expertise and style, a small write up, and then the action begins. They do let you know that in order to view the video clips from this site, youíll need either, Real Player, Windows Media Player or QuickTime. For some reason I never did get the streaming version of any that I tried to play. After downloading youíll find quite a few of them hold strip-tease action, the full screen viewing of these clips wasnít bad, I guess I would say it was middle of the line, but it was bearable to watch. Youíll find the clips range from 1½ minute in length to 9+ minutes. I chose a hot blonde by the name of Charlie to do my technical information on. She is long, tall, lean and gorgeous, my admiration of British girls has definitely grown while doing this review. The run time of this choice was 2:21 minutes, at 20.3MB, and the video size was 352x288.

All others were comparable to this one, so the quality didnít waiver much. Now that Iíve boasted on the good points, I have to tell you about the bad one I encountered. This became a major issue with me as Iím sure it will for others. Apparently British Tease decided to take care of two things at once, because while the video is playing, every couple of seconds there is a blinding white flash going off, yes, thatís right, theyíve decided to take the pictures while doing the video shoot! I was so impressed with this site and that one area of poor taste will bring the scores down from me. You canít really concentrate and get into the action because of that annoying interruption. I am sure wome like this form of Behind the scenes footage, but it doesn't do it for me.


As you can see while reading through my review I was enjoying British Tease immensely. The fact that itís exclusive, the acknowledgement of updates being done so often, the navigation couldnít have been more simple and all of the intro promises for content rang true. However, when I started watching the videos, which is one of the largest attractions for many when it comes to porn sites, you donít want to be focused in on those bare pussy lips and then have a blinding flash making you not only lose your concentration... but also your stroking rhythm.


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