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British Tease review

- 1st revisit

Summary: British Tease is a 100% exclusive look at authentic and amateur girls from Britain posing nude and sometimes masturbating. The site has a very well-defined aesthetic: real girls, natural, happy, and being themselves. They aren't interested in 'performances' as much as seeing these nude beauties being natural. The site is a decent size and the quality of the content downloads is all right, but could use a little work. It is also unclear how regularly they are updating in 2012. Overall the site is worth a look, especially for surfers tired of acting and who want to see real (British) women nude and masturbating.

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Jerry Fritz, 2012-09-21

Amateur, 18-23, Movies, Photography / studio, Softcore, Videos

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Intro promises

"Natural, nude and happy amateur British girls!"

- 100% Original and exclusively shot
- Zip-set with every photo gallery
- The best of nude British girls

First impression

British Tease is a softcore, nude photography site that is most interested in pretty British girls in their natural environments. The site has a unique aesthetic, preferring natural and relaxed nude shoots with girls rather than performances by their models. The site's owner puts it pretty clear in his welcome message when you first login: "...predictable polished 'acted' performances we have no passion for. We want to see the girl as she really is."

Before signing up you can browse through their model list and see the sort of girls you'll be viewing in their videos and picture galleries. There are also some small image samples in montages to look at. To really get a taste here though you'll need to sign up.

I grabbed a membership to have a look at what British Tease is offering in 2012. Read on for the in depth review of the members area.


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Our opinion

British Tease has been online for some number of years now, but in recent times has done a complete makeover of its website. Its passion for natural, British amateur girls hasn't changed, though; the focus remains on photographing and filming the girls in their natural settings so that we see the 'real' girl inside, not a performance. The site is actively working on improving itself according to the welcome letter from the site owner, and those improvements are starting to show.

Authentic and Amateur British Girls Nude

The site's focus is definitely on finding authentic British amateurs, not models. These are attractive, healthy girls who are happy, playful, and maybe a little bit shy at times in the videos and galleries. The site goes out of its way to try to make sure the girls can relax and just 'be themselves' though. For example, they've started doing more self-shot videos, because some girls open up and get more comfortable when they can take the camera with them and be by themselves while stripping and masturbating. Other girls are more outgoing and happy to strip, undress and touch themselves with the camera man filming or snapping photographs.

The girls are mostly blondes and brunettes and between 18-25 years old. The body type you'll see most is one that is fit and slender, but not rail-thin or too pudgy. It's a good, average build with natural curves. Some models had quite lovely breasts to show, but big boobs isn't necessarily a theme - more a bonus when a girl has a nice rack as well as a nice overall body and good looks.

A Very Natural and "Real" Collection of Softcore Nudes and Masturbation Videos/Galleries

These guys don't want to follow the beaten path. They don't want girls putting on tons of makeup then rubbing her breasts and moaning while staring at the camera. That sort of put-on performance is the anti-thesis to the site's cause, which is capturing the girls relaxed, at ease, happy, and feeling sexy. I think their vision comes through in the content here. The girls do seem very much at ease and are having fun with the shoot, usually with a beaming grin from ear to ear. They are clearly made to feel comfortable and to feel as sexy as they are by the producers of the site, and that shows and pays off in the galleries and videos.

Most of the content features girls undressing or getting dressed and masturbating. A few videos even have anal toying/masturbation, or two girls together. There was at least one hardcore boy/girl scene. Most are solo girls doing their thing on their own, though. A mix of fetishes is scattered throughout: uniforms, wet and messy, sleepwear, strip games, in public, etc.

Nice Search Tools

They have a clean site and a nice search page that lets you look through their content based on categories or a combined category/filter search. You can set preferences like hair color, cup size, and type in your own queries as well. I had pretty great results for my searches. They also have a complete model index, and a site design that is neat but maybe a little limited. There were no popular lists or little helpers of that type to get your through the collection, and when browsing the videos/galleries you have to page through many sets of thumbnails (5 to a page).

Model Bios

Each girl has a nice biography on the site you can view. It has her stats and measurements as well as her answers to some standard questions like how her first nude shoot went, how she started modeling, her favorite place to have sex and a few others. I thought these added a nice dimension to the content.

Focus on Galleries

The producers acknowledge that British Tease has always been focused on nude photography. I was expecting slightly better quality image galleries as a result. There were about 260+ galleries, most now offering a zip-set download option, and averaging near 100 images in each gallery. Most of the photographs open to 1200x800 pixels and look great, while a few sets opened to 1200x1800 pixels (only a handful). I was hoping for an even larger resolutions, though.

Videos are Good but not Great Quality

Since galleries have always been the focus, the site is just now starting to push a bit harder in the video section. They don't want to make any compromises on their style or vision, though. So far there are about 68 videos in the library. The media options are very limited. Every video has one download option: a Windows Media file with a 768x576 screen (2 mbits). The playback is good but not great, and there is certainly room for improvement. Some of the movies are from their archive and some are recent shoots. The recent ones tend to look better.

Decent-size Library, Update Schedule isn't Clear

The site isn't small, but it isn't huge either. There are not dates on the content and no clear indication of how often the site updates. It has grown in size slightly in the past few months, so it appears it does update, we just have no way of telling how regularly.

No Bonuses or Extras Included

The site does not include any bonuses or extras. Your membership is for unlimited access to the videos and galleries at British Tease alone.


A high quality collection of authentic and amateur British girls nude and masturbating, but the site's media options could be better.

British Tease has a unique vision and a classy way of making content. For those who want real girls acting naturally, not like porn stars, it will be a collection to your liking. They do a good job casting pretty amateurs and getting them to let their hair down for the camera. The site is also a decent size. Media options for videos and galleries are just all right, though, and it isn't clear when and how regularly they update. I wouldn't say those are good enough reasons not to check this collection though. Fans of truly natural amateurs should visit British Tease for themselves.


It isn't easy to come up with a site just like British Tease, but there are several that could be lumped into the same boat that are worth checking out.

I'd point you towards Only Tease to start. This site works with beautiful UK amateur girls as well. They are models that put on more of a performance, rather than authentic amateurs posing nude, but I think fans of one site would be interested in the other. Only Tease offers huge resolution galleries and HD video.

Casting couch sites like Czech Casting might be your thing, too. These are very real casting videos from a trip through the Czech Republic, with real girls with varying amounts of experience modeling posing, undressing, taking body shots, and then masturbating or even having sex with the camera guy.

Exploited College Girls is worth a look. The name of the site is more raunchy then the content, which are high quality videos starring real college girls making some extra money buy doing a porno. The girls go as far as they want to go, and are very playful, happy, and sexy in the scenes which can be quite long.


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