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Broke Amateurs review

Summary: Broke Amateurs offers around 90 videos of raw amateur content. The girls featured range from teens to MILFs, but they are all amateurs willing to suck cock and get fucked for money. The site is video only, and the video files come in good quality with both POV and stationary shots. The only major flaw is that almost all the videos are presented on one huge page with only one preview picture and a text description. There's some great and unique amateur content on this site though.

Score 80.0 /100
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Caliente, 2009-08-27

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Intro promises

- All real amateurs, everyday kind of girls - teachers, secretaries, college chicks.
- Full length videos
- Member requests
- Special bonus amateur content
- Weekly updates

First impression

Lots going on, but it's inviting. On the intro page there are heaps of pics of the girls promised inside and yeah they do look amateurish! A good thing about Broke Amateurs is that you can view quite a lot of preview videos to see if they've got the stuff you're after. Each preview has a good few pics and a blurb to get you interested.


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Our opinion

Well the big promise of having REAL amateurs ie. no porn stars - real first timers is a big call. And I'd like to believe it, I really would and that is basically what gets you into this site. As it turns out some of the amateurs are not first timers, they may have appeared on the site before. But I think what Broke Amateurs are trying to get at is you won't find them elsewhere. I did however read in one blurb about one girl "don't be surprised if you see her on some other sites in the future" so there you go. I may be splitting hairs here though...

What instantly got me off on the wrong foot was the home page, like a blog, is all one page. One very long page where you have to scroll all the way down if you want to see every girls' profile. It is neatly presented though and clear to see who's who, but I just know there are better ways to display everything. So after the first page of about 80 videos there are two more each with about 5. Huh? Oh and once you're in, there aren't any more thumbs of the girl, there's just the one big pic (which you can click to see the video) and the brief write up. So just to let you know - there are no pictures to download let alone view on this website, it's all video.

As far as the videos go, they're not too bad quality. In keeping with the amateur theme, most of the vids are shot by the guy who's getting it on with the girl, so there's a lot of camera shake or should I say movement when he is. Often the camera is locked off to get a better angle (eg. not POV) which is a good move and there are some good angles but I find POV can get a little boring after a while and especially if the whole video is shot that way. The only thing wrong with fixed shots and no one looking down the lens or the view finder is if the people move. That can be distracting for the viewer and annoying if the action slips away from centre screen. But on the most part this wasn't too much of a problem. The res of the videos comes in two options - High being 720x480px or Low which is 320x240px. You can right click on the image of the girl and 'save target as' to download the video.

For being amateurs, some of these girls know how to fuck. The others are just what you want in an amateur - innocent faces, kind of awkward at the beginning, but do everything they're told and some get into it. Personally I don't like seeing a girl receive a facial with her face all screwed up and looking very uncomfortable, but if that's your thing, you'll definitely find it here. For the majority of the videos it follows a standard structure where the girl comes in, has a chat to camera but boring things, says what she'll do then she gets eaten out, blows the guy (he loves ball sucking!) then if it's going past a blow job or hand job it'll be into the hardcore. And I have to say it's not all that bad, there's a variety of positions, and combined with the aforementioned fixed camera angles you have yourself a fairly decent amateur scene. Some guys that step in when the girl is doing a threesome or more can be a bit unattractive, but we're not here for the dudes are we. Or are we?? Well, if you are you'll be disappointed. There is heaps of good content in Broke Amateurs - handjobs, blowjobs, full hardcore, anal, ass to mouth, rimming even cream pies and more so it's not like amateurs aren't willing to please!

The age range of the girls varies quite a lot, the younger 18 year old girls are really pushed but there are also more mature ladies, MILF looking and they really give it their all! I also have to say most of the girls are actually quite hot! There isn't a lot of silicone going on, but definitely some great bodies in there with natural breasts, all ranging in sizes. The sex scenes range in intensity from pretty hot to quite luke warm.

You know how I said the home page has the videos posted like a blog? Well there's actually a blog too. A little boring but if you want to read more from the man behind then this is the place to read it!


The content on Broke Amateurs gets an approved from me, the girls are mostly good looking and obliging then turn out to be stars! Would be good to see some pics of the scene so you can preview it before clicking.

And I have to say the site does well to enlist so many quality looking amateurs, and every week too - a new girl - my hat comes off to you in that respect.


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wally p
2014-05-28 01:05:39

this site is not being updated. he is usimg old scenes and uploading them again. waste of time waste of money.