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Bubble Girls review

Summary: Bubble Girls is a teen amateur site that holds images and the opportunity to purchase her DVD's.

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AdultMonkey, 2002-04-28

Amateur, 18-23, Babes, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

You open the page and are greeted with two pages (24 pics) of some truly fine women. What lacks is any commitment to anything. We don't don't know if they screw, strip, or sit around and play chinese checkers. Sometimes when you expect nothing you get everything... we shall see.

First impression

I can't expect anything, and so far it looks like I got nothing. You're actually able to access another site (audition as well as


Our opinion

So, I click on the bubble link and I'm sent to several months worth of content. Each features about five names per month - no pic - and I randomly chose January. With that click, your screen opens to the images of several beauties. I chose the exotic hawaiian named Lei. She's hot and the pics are excellent solo pieces. I also learned more about her in her profile - it makes her look like a fool, but I like peering at her nakedness anyway!!

You're offered some video too - just 'click'. I did. and what did I get? "Buy my dvd" ok, as soon as you "pound macaroni up your ass!". In short, unless you pay more to see more, you get some nice pics. In all there are about 14 months worth of content, with about sixty models total.

When you click on the additional site 'audition girls', you get about the same thing - but less of it. The girls are cute, but there's no video, free or otherwise.

Now, digressing a bit, I'm going to take you back to the members page. In addition to the 'bonus' site, you're also treated to three other video features. 'Private L', 'Young Porn', and 'Teenage Pink'. The funny thing is that all three are about the same offering 'Hustlers Barely Legal' in addition to 'The Fat Lane', 'Big Holes', etc. What allows Bubblegirls to slightly stand out is that a good majority of the content - including the three video sites - happens to be on-topic.

I believe that most of bubble/audition contnet is their own. The video sites also offer reasonably decent footage of 'Cheerleaders Gone Wild', 'Barely 18', and 'additional studies in astro physics'. Well, maybe not the physics shit, but the other two do offer some quality fuck images at a decent speed with better then decent imagery.


If you want some nice solo pics of cute chicks and not much else, then this is the site for you. It'd be impossible to have difficulty in navigation, so don't sweat that. The additional video feeds aren't bad, and again, the site has some decent content with even better potential.

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Comments from other readers

Nuno Fernandes
2014-12-14 16:48:39

Site seems to have stopped updating but is still operating. Tried contacting support no answer. Any other similar genre of sites out their?

2015-03-12 16:07:32

Not active since 2011 why still advertise if no updates