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Burning Angel review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Burning Angel is an alternative porn community created by porn star Joanna Angel featuring lots of amateur goth and emo girls. All content on the site revolves around goth, tattoo, pierced, and/or emo chicks doing all things softcore and hardcore. There's also a section with music reviews and interviews. The high quality updates are regular, and navigation is simple, despite a large amount of content. Includes access to the Burning Angel network.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2009-08-18

Amateur, Fetish, 18-23, Photography / studio, Videos, Movies, Mega-Sites

alternative porn, Burning Angel network, emo, goth, piercings, tattoo

Intro promises

- Two or three 20+ minute exclusive videos added per month
- Sixteen to eighteen exclusive photo galleries added monthly
- Over 170 models
- Bonus sites

First impression

Burning Angel is the baby of the famous and very unique porn star, Joanna Angel. Here you'll find babes just like Joanna: punk rock, tattoo, goth, and emo girls showing off their sexy bodies and body art in alternative porn. For some reason, after looking at the tour page, I have a desire to get a tattoo!


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Our opinion

Burning Angel is very good quality for showing hot women with tattoos, piercings, and the goth look. Burning Angel is akin one of the best porn sites, only with porn models that are twisted in a goth and emo way. You'll find plenty of close ups of body parts, the ink, and metal. (Even the males who appear in hardcore scenes with the goth babes have tattoos or piercings). This site shows that goth girls can be every bit as hardcore and sexy as their non-goth counterparts. They also know how to perform sexual acts for the camera, so this isn't a site that puts up a few goth girls who have no idea what they're doing. The videos start out in various ways, such as a mini interview, vignette, or looking like a music video. The quality... well... I just can't say enough about it. Fittingly, this quality and content is every bit as creative, high quality, and vibrant in color as a spectacular tattoo or unusual piercing is.

The home page has a lot going on, but the navigation is simple enough. Menu items include Store, Girls, Pics, Videos, Words, Forums, Events (where you'll find Joanna Angel), and Chat. The home page also includes the latest news, videos, pics, staff favorites, and more. There are almost 200 models, each of whom has a link to a mini bio, all her content, and perhaps a blog.

There are over 100 videos, laid out in tiny thumbnails (i.e., 93x73); however despite their small size, they're cropped very well, so you can see the kind of action that's going on. They appear to be updated every two weeks, with handy categories, such as solo, girl/boy, girl/girl, and multiples. You can download or stream in Normal, High, QT Low, QT High, and iPod/iPhone. Viewing options include watching the trailer, in clips, or in its entirety. (The older videos have less options, such as no iPod/iPhone and no clips). The newer videos open to a 640x360 (approx. 1.67 Mbps) sized, very good quality screen. They're usually between 20 to 30 minutes in length, though I saw one that was 45 minutes long. The older videos show in a smaller screen and are shorter (i.e., 320x240 (approx. 473 Kbps) and around 10 to 15 minutes). When streaming, the quality is usually very good; it doesn't stop to buffer very often.

There are over 700 galleries, laid out in the same tiny, but well cropped, thumbnails. You can search the galleries through the categories of softcore, girl/girl, hardcore, and sex. A new picture gallery is uploaded every 1 to 3 days. The galleries usually contain between 50 to 100 photos, with the average probably being around 60. The photos open to various sizes, such as 360x540, 405x540, 720x540 pixels and are very good quality. They're such good quality that you wish you could zip download and save them, but alas, that option isn't offered.


Burning Angel will leave you with a burning desire to go out and fuck a goth girl, but you better be careful because you might get arrested! The safer thing to do is to enjoy these lovely and very sexy tattooed and pierced girls in high quality pictures and videos. The updates are regular, and the navigation is simple despite the vast amount of content within. All in all, if you get a boner for tattooed, pierced, goth, and/or emo girls, you'll have a burning desire for Burning Angel.


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