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Burning Angel review

Summary: Burning Angel is the creation of pornstar Joanna Angel and is one of the leading alt-porn communities where music, porn and much more is discussed. Almost 150 alt-chicks are featured in one or more photo series or videos in average quality. A low price and lots of content makes it a great deal for any alt-porn lover.

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Joseph, 2008-02-15

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Intro promises

Established in 2002, Burning Angel is a unity of sex and rock n' roll, an aspect lacking from every other porn or music website on the Internet. The attitude of the site is truly punk, and this ethic emanates from the content. Burning Angel is a reflection of founder Joanna Angel: a very dirty, very intelligent and sarcastic individual with a genuine love for indie music and pornography.

Burning Angel features over 100 girls, hailing Joanna as their queen bee, yet also regarding her as a fellow worker – although undoubtedly the leader, Joanna also pitches in to produce the honey. These girls are not your average porn stars — they're the hot tattooed chicks you see at the supermarket, around your college campus, or hanging out at the record store.

First impression

Founded by self-described “punk rock princess” Joanna Angel in 2002, Burning Angel is “a unity of sex and rock ‘n’ roll, an aspect lacking from every other porn or music website on the Internet. The attitude of the site is truly punk and this ethic emanates from the content.” Er, okay. In other (less grandiose) words, Burning Angel is alt-porn, the best kinda porn there is, if you ask me (and, yeah, I know you didn’t). But don’t think Suicide Girls when I say alt-porn — Burning Angel is much filthier than that. Much, much filthier. For example, not only is there hardcore content on Burning Angel, something you won’t find on other alt-porn sites like Suicide Girls, there’s even a video of a guy cumming in a gal’s vagina, sucking the cum out of said vagina and then spitting the seed into the gal’s mouth (it’s like some demented feeding ritual!), something you’re not likely to see on any other porn site, alt or otherwise; clearly, Joanna and her coven of tattooed ladies are not afraid to push the envelope.

Burning Angel employs over one hundred burning angels, all “hailing Joanna as their queen bee, yet also regarding her as a fellow worker — although undoubtedly the leader, Joanna also pitches in to produce the honey. These girls are not your average porn stars—they’re the hot tattooed chicks you see at the supermarket, around your college campus or hanging out at the record store.”

Actually, they’re the hot tattooed chicks you wish you could see at the supermarket, around your college campus or hanging out at the record store — though these babes choose to wear bizarre clothing and hairstyles, they’re still classically beautiful women. Full disclosure: I have paid to be a member of this site numerous times over the years. Honestly, the review should probably just stop right here — if a jaded porn critic such as myself is willing to pay for this site, then it must be really good, right? Right. But I still have to pen this review if I ever want to see my wife and son alive again (give me back my family, you maniacs!!!), so let’s get this over with already.


$12 for 30 Days
(your membership will be renewed every 30 days; you can cancel your account at any time)

$29 for 90 Days
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$79 for 1 Year
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Our opinion

If you’ve ever seen any alt-porn sites, then you’ve probably already guessed that Burning Angel isn’t just a webpage full of nudie photos and hardcore videos, it’s also a lifestyle site, one that’s filled with interviews with modern rock bands your parents would hate, music reviews and forums for Burning Angel’s ever-growing community (members are also encouraged to add comments to the content on the site). For what it’s worth, you can read all the interviews and reviews without being a member of Burning Angel. But no one gives a shit about any of that, so let’s concentrate on the nudie photos and hardcore videos.

Not sure how often Burning Angel is updated, but it looks to me like new content is added a couple times a week. Regardless, there’s a lot of content on the site, which has been online for a number of years now. As I said earlier, there are well over one hundred burning angels on Burning Angel, one hundred and forty-eight to be specific. Each angel on the site has a profile, which not only contains personal information about the model but also has a “private diary” penned by the model herself. These profiles let members get to know each gal’s likes and dislikes, their hopes and dreams, etc.

The photos on Burning Angel can be accessed via a section adorably called the “Dirty Photobook.” The photosets can be browsed by date added (newest ones first) or members can search through the pics by model name. Sadly, there are no convenient ZIP files on Burning Angel, but photos are easy enough to download one at a time or view in a slideshow which allows members to control delay, direction and size, though I think all the photos are roughly the same size. They are pretty low-resolution but professionally shot. The photosets mostly document solo girl posing, but there are also a few girl-girl sets and as well as number of hardcore photo collections tossed in for good measure. In short, the “Dirty Photobook” is the best book since the bible, which was a little preachy for my tastes.

Next stop: the “Dirty Movie House,” where all the videos on Burning Angel can be found (obviously). Currently, there are sixty-eighty videos on the site at the present time. The videos average about twenty-five minutes in length and can be downloaded in two speeds (dialup and broadband) in QuickTime or Windows Media (newer videos can also be downloaded to your iPod!). I’m not gonna lie to you, folks (this time, anyway), the wait time for the video downloads on Burning Angel is fairly brutal, so go make yourself a sandwich after you’ve started downloading one (why no streaming option, Burning Angel?!). But don’t worry cos the videos are well worth the wait. Sure, they may only be average quality, but they are hot as shit. The videos on Burning Angel run the gamut of filthiness, from fairly tame solo girl masturbation clips to extremely explicit fuck scenes involving multiple guys and girls — expect very rough sex in the guy-girl stuff; we’re talking lotsa anal, lotsa choking, lotsa slapping and lotsa spitting. What they don’t feature is hugging of any kind. Also, no snuggling. Some of the videos were shot by the guys getting fucking but most were shot by someone else (Joanna Angel in many instances). Some videos contain little inconsequential stories but most are gonzo.

If you grow weary of watching Burning Angel on your computer, you can buy some DVDs from Burning Merch, Burning Angel’s official store, and watch those on your TV (will wonders never cease?!). These DVDs contain exclusive content not found on the site. You can also get a bonus wallpaper of Joanna for your mobile phone. Ain’t life grand?!


I’m not even gonna front here, people, I love me some Burning Angel. This site is easily the best alt-porn site in the known universe and I cannot recommend it more highly to lovers of tattooed babes. And, shit, a membership is only twelve bucks a month! You just can’t beat that price for all the high quality content you get! So stop reading this crud and sign up already, fool.

Epilogue: I did eventually get my family back, but my son is missing a few toes. I’d like those back as well, please. Thanks in advance, you monsters.


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