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Chavley Court review

Summary: Chavley Court is a region of London notorious for its lusty, crass and party-loving sluts. This site lets us ride along with Justin and Willy as they pick up these noxious amateurs, take them home and film them hanging out, partying, getting naked and having sex. Movies come in an excellent 1080p High Def format for download and sharp Flash video streams. All of the smut is exclusive and girls are first time performers. Updates come weekly and the site was exciting and different from what most UK amateur sites can offer.

Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-10-04

Amateur, Reality, Hardcore, High-definition, Videos, Movies

1080p, British girls, drunk girls, group sex, party girls

Intro promises

"Chavley Court sluts in real porn movies!"

- Full download access
- Exclusive footage
- Weekly updates
- Free bonus access to live webcam stream

First impression

Chavley Court comes to you from a living room studio calld Flat 69, aka where the two horny lads that run this site live. Meet Willy and Justin, two guys that snoop around the Chavley Court part of London looking to pick up the slutty party girls the area is famed for. It looks like these two drive around, pick them up, party with them and then convince them to get naked and have sex for their cameras--and it doesn't seem like it takes much convincing.

The site is very British and has an interesting appeal. It is raw and amateur and the samples looked pretty exciting. I had to sign up and log in to get more information, though. The tour was very short with its promises and didn't go into much detail about what the content was going to be like. Let's get inside of Chavley Court and get started.


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Our opinion

Being an American I really had no idea what Chavley Court was when I first came here. I did a bit of researching for us both. Chavley Court is a part of London which, apparently, is a notorious haven of noxious, slutty party girls. It seems obvious why Willy and Justin have decided to make that their den of production, then.

There were a few things that I noticed as real hallmarks of a Chavley Court episode. First, the girls are real UK amateurs and more than likely first-time models... or at least they were. Several of the girls appear multiple times on the site (I guess after getting naked for a camera once they couldn't pass up a chance to do it again and again). Second, the episodes are filmed in a documentary sort of style. Everyone acknowledges the camera. There isn't a real script, they just drive somewhere, find girls, pick them up and bring them home.

As for the girls, I did find them just a little too plain for my tastes. For others this could very well be a plus rather than a negative, though. None were model-like in appearance or in body shape. Some were just a little bit heavy, but all were cute and very sexual, if a bit crass (hey, they're Chav sluts). When they're taken back to Willy and Justin's flat it doesn't take very much to get them cranked up and willing to get sexy for the cameras. What they get into is pretty diverse. Some scenes have a girl getting naked and just masturbating and inserting sex toys into herself on the living room floor while all look on and encourage her. Others have the girls sucking Justin or Willy's cock dry or fucking. There was some girl on girl material sprinkled in. The girls are absolutely filthy-mouthed throughout the episodes which adds a definite texture of eros.

The site is still rather new so I doubt this is the extent of what the guys will explore with their cherished Chav slut performers. This site had that character to it: one of spontaneity. Since it is just the two of them and their camera they can really take things wherever they want to take them, and I'm sure that will lead to some interesting episodes in the future.

Given the style of Chavley Court's scenes and models I wasn't expecting to be blown away with media options. They didn't say much about downloads on the tour either, so I was bracing myself for some mediocrity, but as it turns out that wasn't necessary. All of the movies come in 1080p High Definition downloads here, which were huge, crisp, clear and looked fantastic. The sound was also clear. I was just a little curious why they didn't mention they had such awesome quality downloads on the tour, it's definitely something worth boasting about!

Next to the Full HD download option was a "Low Def" download but it was a disabled link for all movies. The only other way to view a scene is to stream it in a series of clips. You can do this right in the browser inside of a Flash video player that looks very good. Running times vary for the scenes. Some that are particularly long are cut up into scenes.

There were photo galleries with the movies, but to view the images you have to download them in a zip file. Most of the sets are smaller in size, but the images are gigantic. They were high res pictures with 4000x3000 pixel resolutions.

The tour promised weekly updates and that's what they deliver, though they can miss that target by a day or two. Sometimes they post stuff earlier, sometimes a day late. They've been constant with updates since their launch and the site is sure to grow larger, it just might take a while at one update per week.

The other promise on the tour was access to a live webcam stream. This is in fact true, it's a feed from a major UK phone chat program. You will see nudity and girls masturbating and playing with other girls but there isn't interaction. There can be though, so long as you live in the UK and dial the number constantly flashed on the screen--it isn't free though.

Chavley Court didn't have any other bonuses or extras at the time of my visit.


Chavley Court was a success in a lot of ways. I thought the concept was a fresh one for UK amateur porn, and even though it has things in common with popular American reality porn sites, it has its own character and style.

The 1080p High Definition movies looked fantastic, and the models were hungry first-timers every bit as crass as the reputation of a Chav Slut promised they'd be. The site needs more content, especially without any real bonuses, but it does update weekly. For those seeking a unique and grungy UK amateur experience Chavley Court has what you need.


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