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Cosplay Mate review

Summary: Cosplay Mate is a new site on the scene that hopes to produce some of the best micro niche content around. With a focus on unique characters that will entrance and spellbind you, lovers of anime, gaming and comics will find a small but expanding collection of well-produced adult entertainment. Although the memberís area needs to address a few issues and the archive needs to fatten up a bit, Cosplay Mate is a site with its heart in the right place and a lot of potential for the years to come.

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Arnox, 2013-03-12

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Intro promises

ďSexy women you want in all the hot costumes you love!Ē

- Exclusive content
- Weekly updates
- HD videos

First impression

Similar to the concept of the content, Cosplay Mate has only been around for a short amount of time. This is the first Iíve heard of it and the domain registration was done in mid-2012, making it a recent site that has gone relatively unnoticed, likely owing to its lack of attachment to a major niche or megasite. Still, the tour looks promising with its professional preview video and sample images showing plenty of hot babes in sexy outfits getting nude and rude for your viewing pleasure.

The tour claims to have some very high definition images inside the memberís area as well as 1080p quality videos. After taking a further look at the tour it seems as if the site has its own cosplay protagonists that are loosely based on actual characters from iconic series. For instance, the ĎCat Burglarí character they have is clearly Batwoman and ĎThe Investigatorí strikes a cross between the original concept art for Irelia from League of Legends and Xiaoyu from Tekken.

With only four characters being a part of the tour preview and plenty of promises that will be well received if delivered, will the memberís area of Cosplay Mate live up to the expectations put forward by the tour? Read on to find out.


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Our opinion

The first thing I should mention is that Cosplay Mate has only been operating since the middle of February (two months prior to my visit) Ė itís really important to keep this in mind as we go through the review and look at all the nuts and bolts. Iím sure that anything thatís less than ideal will be polished and refined over the coming weeks to make sure members are getting the most out of their subscription. To start things off, letís take a look at the actual entertainment youíll be getting with your membership.

High quality uniquely niched content

I think what I enjoyed most about the adult entertainment offered by Cosplay Mate was the fact that it was unlike anything else Iíve seen in terms of style and theme. The content is exactly the same as whatís shown in the tour so I wonít reiterate what Iíve already said, but I will talk about the production value first because I think itís something worth noting.

In this day and age, producers try to cut corners wherever possible and it really shows in the material they produce. Cosplay Mate is clearly the opposite of this and has devoted a lot of resources to creating unique pieces of uniform that fit the models well and have a high quality finish to them. The scenes themselves typically take place in a nondescript white studio room where about 80% of the images are in various stages of uniform undressing. Much of the focus for this site is actually on the characters themselves so at most youíre getting full nude images and the potential for some kiss and touch in the duo scenes they produce.

The videos are more erotic than the photo sets and have self-appreciation, teasing, grinding, stripping, various forms of dancing and some masturbation. All of the videos I sampled were without audio from the actual scene but did have some trippy 8-bit mellow techno beats attached to them Ė although not entirely the right theme for this niche, I didnít feel the need to mute the audio while I watched the action unfold. Overall, I can definitely see the appeal and felt the content was well produced.

Decent content format and quality

Being 2013, itís only reasonable to expect high quality content and thankfully, thatís exactly what you get. The images on the site actually come in a weird variety of resolutions for a few sets. By weird, I mean that for landscape images you have a consistent 2050 pixel width, but the height can deviate from as much as 1350 to 1700 pixels. ZIP files are available for download and are about 20 MB in size, meaning you get about 50 pictures per scene. Small watermarks do appear and as expected, all images come in JPG format.

On the video side of things, scenes can be downloaded or watched from the website using the embedded Flash player streaming at an undeterminable resolution and bitrate but with an above-average quality. There are three download options of ĎSDí, which is 856x480 pixels at 0.5 Mb/s, ĎMobileí, which is 640x360 pixels at 1.1 Mb/s and finally, Ď1080í, which is 1080p HD with screen sizes of 1920x1080 pixels at 4.5 Mb/s. All videos are downloaded in an MP4 format and have no DRM restrictions.

The library size downside

As mentioned previously, Cosplay Mate only started a few weeks ago and as such, it has a rather small collection of archive material for you to go back on. Currently there are 10 videos and 16 photo sets. While this is technically a negative, it has to be appreciated that new sites are a good thing and by the time you read this, the number will have already shot up. The update schedule for the site currently releases one new photo set and video per week Ė considering how rare and exclusive this niche is, itís a good rate.

Miscellaneous information and a few downsides

There are a few areas that do need to improve for Cosplay Mate to be considered a top quality micro niche option. For instance, scrolling with the mouse wheel on all of the pages leaves a very awkward and hard to explain motion that doesnít feel natural. Additionally, scenes donít have dates on them and some lack descriptions and basic information such as model names and quantity of photos. My biggest gripe which would be so easy to fix is the fact that the model page uses massive images (5400x3600 pixels) as the source file location for something which is reduced to 415x285 pixels. A simple thumbnail image can be used here and it would improve functionality tenfold as in its current state itís incredibly hard to use and can take awhile to load. [Note: After this review was completed, all of the errors mentioned in this paragraph have been corrected]

I donít like to leave on a negative, so I will applaud the effort of the model descriptions which tell you a little about what each girl finds enjoyable about her work and her life. I think itís important for a site which works on the concept of character development to appreciate the users desire to have as much information as possible regarding the scene, model and story of the roleplay.


If there were dozens of other sites out there that produced this type of content, I might suggest that you check them out first before giving Cosplay Mate a go. The reality of the situation is that there are very few sites on the market that dabble with this type of content and each has its own unique spin and style that may appeal to one but not the other. The media is good, and the numbers will slowly increase to make the archive an acceptable size. I like what this site is doing and can really see it going places once a few problems are patched and they continue to release a steady stream of HD material.


Cosplay Erotica is an obvious alternative that comes across as more cosplay based than erotica based. Youíre still going to get plenty of steamy action to enjoy, but this site goes so far as to offer CGI background to some of its shoots in order to enhance the user experience. The site has been around for quite some time and has a heap of characters in their collection that you should definitely check out if perfect fictional protagonists are your cup of tea.

Asia Movie Pass will probably be your go-to porn source if youíre more into uniforms and roleplay based on reality. They have a huge number of DVDs in their cosplay section that includes maids, nurses, schoolgirls, secretaries and flight attendants.


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