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Czech Streets review

Summary: The women of the Czech Republic are well known for their extraordinary beauty and popularity in porn, and as Czech Streets shows us they also love big wads of money. These beautiful girls are picked up in public, flirted with, and convinced to do the nasty deed for considerable sums of cash, typically right in public areas like train cabins, stairwells and parks. The lucky guy with the cash films all of his escapades with a handheld POV camera and gets his cock sucked by some really hot girls, not to mention banging total babes all over the city. The site isn't large and doesn't update often but it's an irresistible formula, and with network access included it can turn into a great deal still in the end.

Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2013-04-18

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Intro promises

"Czech girls are ready to do absolutely anything for money!"

- 100% amateur, real sex
- Network access to other Czech sites

First impression

If you're looking for a road almanac you're in the wrong place, but if you're looking for explicit POV sex movies of hot Czech girls picked up and fucked in public, pull up a seat. Czech Streets has previously been known as Rychlyprachy and is a classic amateur site that goes around the streets of Czech cities offering money to pretty girls for sexual favors. On the tour, they do a great job introducing you to the content in the streaming trailers - the sort of girls (beautiful, slender, 18-23 years old), the sort of sex (blow jobs, closeups of penetration, cumshots all in public), and the concept (money for pussy).

This site is part of the large Czech AV network as well and access to those network sites is promised as part of the package, so things look pretty good before we hit the signup page. Read on to catch us on the inside of the members zone.


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Our opinion

I don't think they'll be able to help you find that museum in Prague you're looking for, but the hosts at Czech Streets can definitely show you some of the country's other fine assets: beautiful amateur girls who can be talked into giving blow jobs and having sex if the price is right. The collection isn't huge here but the scenes are very well done, lots of fun to watch develop and there's plenty of great bonus sites to go exploring.

These girls aren't cheap, but they WILL do anything for money

The only thing I didn't love about the original scenes were that they were subtitled. Everything else, though, was fantastic. The movies follow a similar routine: walking around the city, flirting with girls on the street, going into bars and stores and flirting some more. There's plenty of rejection and indignation at the idea of showing their boobs for money or having sex. Most of the girls that end up saying yes say no several times - until the price is just too good to resist - some girls make as much as 40,000 Czech crowns (about USD 2,000) for a quick 20 minute fuck.

About half of the 20-30 minute scenes are the guy talking and trying his luck with the girls, and once one of them says yes, things get wild quickly: girls blow him in stairwells, ride his big dick in the shrubs of the park, let him suck their tits and bang their tight pussies in the parking lot, and more often than not fill their mouths with cum - or at the very least, cum all over their faces.

The girls are very hot here, some more than others but all of them are babes by anyone's standards. And they aren't all polished and airbrushed with makeup - they are literally picked up out in public and banged right then in the moment.

Movies aren't the best quality and there aren't any photos

You can download movies in good quality Windows Media or MP4 files. These open to 720x576 and 768x576 pixel resolutions, respectively (1-2 mbits) and look pretty good. The sound is good - for dialogue and the grunting, moaning sounds of the sex even when outdoors. But they're aren't HD and in 2013, I'm getting quite used to having high-def movie downloads everywhere I go.. am I spoiled? Maybe. At least you can stream the movies in a good quality Flash video player right online as a convenient alternative.

There aren't any picture galleries with the movies, either. This I can understand - the guy is out in the street with his camera, filming in the moment. There's not time to stop and do a photo shoot with this sort of real amateur content.

A decent sized library but sporadic updates

There were 64 movies in the Czech Streets library at the time of my visit, and updates are really sporadic in the past few months. They've only added 1 or 2 new scenes since the Jan 2013, in fact. This isn't a huge collection by any means but it's enough to make a membership worthwhile, especially considering how good the content is.

Network access

You get unlimited access to the entire Czech AV network of sites - hundreds of quality scenes on their other sites - Czech Lesbians, Czech Gangbang, Czech Casting, and several others. We've reviewed a number of those sites so you can get more information on them right here if you're interested.


Czech Streets is a fun site that would be even better if it were updating regularly, but even as it stands it's going to be worth checking out. The pickup-and-fuck for money scenes with these hot amateur girls are well done in all areas, and with access to a nice Czech-girl themed porn network included as part of the pass you'll be content with what the members area delivers.


Public Pickups is a site put together by the Mofos network that is very similar to Czech Streets, though maybe a bit less authentic. The concept and setup is the same, the girls aren't always Czech but so far all the scenes are shot in Europe. All of their movies are in 1080p HD as well, and network access to Mofos is included as part of the deal.

Pickup Fuck is second alternative, on the WTF Pass network. These scenes are shot around Eastern Europe and are following the same narrative, too: find a hot girl on the street, flirt, talk her into something easy for some cash like flashing, then offer more money for more exciting hardcore action in a semi-public place - all in 720p HD!

For another twist on the idea, the classic story of the Bang Bus is a good look. A huge site that's been built on the simple plot of "two idiots, a camera, and a van" cruising Miami, picking up good looking amateur babes, and fucking them in the back of the van as the drive around in the middle of the day in public.


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Total average: 74.6/100 Our score: 85.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2015-08-31 23:23:21

I just recently subscribed to this site and I'm wondering about their claim that the videos are spontaneous and the models are all amateurs and most important, that their videos are are scripted.
But in the Czech Streets video # 58, the model is definitely a professional adult model who appears in several adult websites going by the names: Grace C, Anneli and several other aliases. I'm sure there are other professional adults models in their other videos, it's just that I still have to see all the videos. So much for their claims that all models are amateurs and the video not scripted!

2015-08-31 23:25:52

In the first part of my comment, it should be "not scripted"