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Dirty Dating Live review

Summary: The site presents a very real and front-seat experience with amateur swinger couples from around America. The site is large with hours of footage from real get togethers and parties, plus long interviews with some of the couples that they hang out with. The site only allows streaming of their videos and absolutely no downloads are allowed (even for pictures), but besides that it's an exciting and worthwhile collection of real amateur swinger porn.

Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-10-17

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Intro promises

"Real couples, real sex... true lust."

- Real swingers video
- Hours of live footage
- Updated weekly

First impression

When I first visited Dirty Dating Live I was expecting some sort of live-streaming web-cammy service, but that wasn't the case at all. The site is actually an amateur site that tapes swinger sex parties and other events. It's all about 'the lifestyle' as those in these swinger groups call it.

Amid the collection shown off on the homepage is footage of couples fucking alone at home, swapping partners with other couples, and having pretty wild times at larger swinger party events. Interviews and other back stage content with the couples is also promised.

My visit goes through the members area in detail and will look at the media options, their quality, frequency of updates and the overall size of the collection. Read on and get informed!


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Our opinion

Dirty Dating Live isn't a dating site at all; it's a swinger site. A real one, with real amateurs who live the lifestyle. This site tags along with certain couples in different parts of the USA. There are interviews as well as hours of footage of the couples swapping partners, having sex with each other, and going to larger, more wild sex parties at special clubs and private retreats.

Real Amateur Swinger Couples In Action

Dirty Dating Live is a real swinger site with real amateur couples. They aren't actors or porn stars, just people who live the swinger lifestyle and that have hooked up with the film crews for Dirty Dating Live to make the movies you'll find here.

There are three types of content: couples alone, couples swapping or in larger swinger sex parties, and interviews. The sex is pretty hardcore, and the couples move around, swapping parts and sharing cocks. In one scene a husband lets his friend eat his wife's pussy while he and the friend's wife suck and bite on the girl's big tits. Later the group is turned around and fucking side by side, hands reaching out to grope each other's naked bodies. Larger parties can have 3 or more couples. There's drinking and laughing and socializing, and quite a bit of footage of the party. You'll get a look at before the parties, after parties, and all the local fauna, so to speak.

A Large Collection

The library is pretty large, with over a hundred scenes and many, many hours swinging action. They break up the movies into short clips which makes the longer events easier to navigate through and enjoy.

Nice Interviews/BTS Content

I really liked the interviews and behind the scenes content. These parts really show you just how real the amateurs are. You'll sit down with them on the couch as a couple swig a beer and talk about how they got into swinging, things they like, etc. It's very obviously not faked. In one scene the husband was still in scrubs as he just came home from work at the hospital, and the wife was a little hyper and nervous as she spoke. Again, these are real people and that makes a huge difference in the content.

Good Quality For Being Amateur

For being real amateur swinger porn the quality is very good. However, they said on the homepage that this is a professional film crew and to be honest it doesn't look that professional. The lighting isn't always that great, for example. You can stream the videos online in an embedded Flash video player that looks pretty sharp, though not very large. Unfortunately you can only view as far as it has downloaded (no buffering) - so you can't skip to the ending right away, for example. You'd have to wait for it to load to that point.

No Downloads

The one thing that I was really disappointed by was the lack of download options. Both the videos and the picture galleries don't let you save anything to your hard drive. Even when trying to save a picture, the window closes automatically when you right-click it to 'save as...' You can not save any content whatsoever. You have to be a member and logged in to see anything.

Unable To Verify Updates

I was unable to tell if they actually update each week because none of the content is dated. They did have a date on the most recent update which was recent, but with no other dates to compare it to it wasn't possible to be sure how frequently they add content.


A unique site with real amateur swinger action and couples, with a nice mix of sex, interviews, and lifestyle footage from parties and events.

This is a unique collection for fans of real swinger action. The site goes around the USA with different couples to peek in on their lives and the parties they go to. The library was pretty large but I couldn't confirm it is still updating since nothing is dated; the site also lacks download options which was my own real disappointment. If you're looking for very real amateur and swinger material, this is a great place to get it.


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