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Dream Stash review

Summary: Dream Stash is a hard-core amateur site. All of the content is original, not leased and comes to you in the form of exclusive hard-core video and photo sets.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J., 2004-02-06

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Intro promises

- Exclusive hardcore video
- Exclusive hardcore photo sets
- Exclusive hardcore features
- No leased content 100% original.

First impression

There seems to be a nice selection of girls on the site, each with pictures and video. Plus, you can view free movie clips of every girl listed in their tour! That's a pretty sweet feature.


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3 Day Trial: $5.95
One Month: $24.95
Two Months: $44.95
Three Months: $59.95

Our opinion

The first page you see is the most recent additions to the Dream Stash collection. From here, you can access each photo set and video set as they're updated. Nothing out of the ordinary for this setup and it works just fine. For the non-recent collection, just click on the top bar (which stays there throughout the site) and go to "Model Directory" to see their collection of 39 models and each set they've done. Or you can click on "Videos" or "Photos" and see a listing (with thumbnails) fo those. Again, nothing unique about this navigation, but it suits the site very well- not too flashy and not too cheap. The updates seem to come around 3 or 4 times a week (there's probably a pattern, but I'm not good at math) and each update includes one set of photos or video, as far as I can tell.

Almost every girl has the following sets: "erotic solo," "hardcore" and "solo video" and "hardcore video." Pretty self explanatory there. You get one of these per update and they seem to come in that order every time. So, if you see a girl's solo set you like, you have a couple more sets coming up in the next few days to look forward to.

The "erotic solo" sets are just that. More or less non-hardcore (with some minor penetration) shots of the girls. All of the images (and videos for that matter) are shot in a white hotel room with no frills. I'm not really picky about the mise-en-scene d'porno (look it up if you're not French or a film student), but they could at laest change it up a little bit. The girls all appear to be American or Eastern European in origin and the girls seem to have primarily natural breasts (which is not very American) and little if any screen experience. Very little deviation in skin tones here. The images average at about 700X933 pixels (about 100K) and are of pretty average web content quality, though there are some more hi-res images buried in there. High and Low-res options would be nice, as would .zip file downloading of sets.

The photo navigation is as simple and effective as the rest of the site: click on a girl, click on the set, click on a thumbnail, stare at your screen with a pathetic grin. For some reason, a lot of the photos have this weird orangey-yellow light to them. Maybe it's an Eastern European thing, kind of like real breasts. I actually have no idea where these people are from, so I really have no reason to make lame American jokes about them.

The "hardcore pictures" are, again, just that. Very little deviation from the norm here. Lots of POV or near-POV shots of the standard suck, fuck, cumshot format here. I don't see anything out of the ordinary here (not even any anal that I can see, if that's your thing) except that (to their credit) they don't do a whole lot of facials (mind you, there are some here). Mostly body shots here, focusing on the breasts. Bravo for not succumbing to the completely weird facial thing. I understand the desire for a cumshot, but why on the face?! I just noticed a nice feature in the pictures section where you
can acces all of the current model's sets from any page of her pictures. Bravo again for this simple yet not often used technique. The more of these girls I see, the cuter I think they are. On to the videos!

The videos are available in .avi (Divx, 320X240, 11.7 meg) and Windows Media (320X240, 6.6 meg) format, both of which are very standard quality. High resolution versions of these would be nice. The videos come in 2 minute increments, with most videos being around 10 minutes total. The entire clips are downloadable as well, which is a very nice feature for those of us on higher speed connections. The interface for video selection is great also. A thumbnail for each clip comes in handy though, to be honest, these videos are all so similar that you'll have the pattern cracked pretty quickly. The videos are, essentially, moving versions of the hardcore photo sets, which is very common but also very disappointing and a little misleading. But at least the videos aren't that weird orange color. Another problem with the video is that there aren't very many sets I saw that had a mobile cameraman. Just the POV stuff and a stationary mounted camera without an operator apparently. Not exactly top of the line production values here. However, the video interface, like the photo one, is very intuitive. You can reach any of the model's other videos or photos from the video pages which, again, is a very nice feature.


Apart from the videos and pictures, there is no other content here. On the one hand, that means you get 100% exclusive content as promised. However, in terms of value, that means you're not getting the third party memberships which, while mostly of low quality, at least allow a bit more quantity to justify paying for the site. As it stands, I think Dream Stash's collection is a bit too monotonous to be worth a full membership. Unless they show a little more creativity in their videos, I don't really see a point in sticking it out for the long haul, especially as they want $25 a month for what turns out to be probably 8 new picture sets and then 8 video versions of those picture sets.

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