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Ersties Review

Summary: You are looking at amateur German ladies making their own porn at Ersties. The Dudettes get together, film ordinary German ladies in solo, masturbation and lesbian scenes and then add a few guys from time to time. The quality is good, it's HD, and there are updates. You have movies, downloads, streams, galleries and a model index with over 2,160 videos, some of which are fascinating behind the scenes movies and interviews.

Score 83.0 /100
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Luke Preston, 2021-07-01

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Amateur, Lesbian, Movies

Amateur, European, German, Lesbian, Masturbation, Solo

Intro promises

Exclusive German porn
All made by women
Interviews and behind the scenes movies
Regular updates
Mobile Friendly

First impression

Ersties is a unique site. For a start it is made by amateurs and made in Germany, and then you add in the quality of it as it's higher quality than most amateur porn, and then you add in the other things: It's unique design, the way it speaks to you, the way the scenes are natural and mainly girl with girl or solo, and then you add in the interviews and behind the scene info and footage. All that combined gives you a great looking site that works well, delivers its porn and yet has something completely different about it.


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Our opinion

The girls behind this porn, the 'Dudettes', know what they are doing. They are amateurs, and there are no porn stars in the mix, but the girls have experience and know how to film horny solo masturbation and lesbian scenes. It's porn by women that will appeal to men and women alike. There are mainly solo movies here but also some where there are two girls together and some hardcore ones. The most recent scene when I was there was a female fantasy. A duchess, or queen, with her consort of horny guys all of whom service her pussy with their tongues in turn as she commands, before one of them is allowed to fuck her. This was an unusual movie for the site, and I for one hope they make more of them.

The content dates back some time, and so there is lots to see, and I didn't see it all so there may be more of this kind of fun fantasy going on. I also found some strap-on scenes and others with a bit of kink, but you are mostly looking at solos and girls together.

Updates are regular at Ersties though upload dates were not shown, I checked back on older reviews and found the number has increased well over time. When I was there, I found 950 entries on the first set of index pages, the place you start from when you arrive. However, I found 2,160 movies in the new videos area. These are the same movies, but now the site has videos in one place and all episodes in the other; some episodes have more than one video attached. Some are 10-minute scenes, others are 20 +, and some are interviews or behind the scenes movies.

You have limited viewing options, but decent ones. The download is Mp4 at 1,280 x 720, and there is only the one choice. The stream comes in at 720p or 240p and that's it. The movies are well-made and good quality, often unscripted and simple, and that works for me.

There are some galleries as well, I would guess at 800 + with around 50 pics each. There is no separate gallery area to check out and so you kind of take pot luck as to whether you're going to get any photos or not. But when you do, the quality is good, you can save zip files of pics, and they come out around 3,000 x 2,000 px in size.

The site has its own design and doesn't run on any template - always good to see creativity. There's a simple top menu for the episodes and the new videos area, your profile and the 100s model index. The index there comes with pics and a write up for each girl and links to any pictures or videos she has. It's a handy navigation tool if you want to find content based on who you like the look of.

The problem I had with navigation was that you can only look a few pages ahead at a time. The index pages let you jump forward one page or ten pages, but you can only see the page number you are on; so you have to click through each page one at a time. There was no search engine and no way to filter content.

They have recently added a new videos search section which comes with a tagging system with a displayed tag cloud. This has vastly improved navigation for members, making it much faster and easier to find just what you are looking for. You can also sort videos by popularity and newest upload. These recent improvements have improved navigation significantly.

There are no extras here apart from a link to a cam site where some of the girls might appear but where you have to pay to join. There are ways you can rate the content by giving it a like with a rose, and you can add scenes to a favourites area, but that's about it. Check the top left of the menu to click to a page where Ersties tells you its social networking links, and you might be able to get more involved that way.

They have recently made the site responsive. Meaning that you can now view it on your mobile devices and tablets, which is great news.


Good quality, unscripted, natural solo girl scenes with youthful babes, BBWs and Milfs together or with toys, plus some hardcore from time to time. It's mainly about the women here, and the content is all made by the ladies. It works well, the quality is good, there are updates, and it's exclusive. You are limited to one Mp4 download, in HD, and two streams and navigation could be better, but the design is cute, and the site works well.


I am thinking about German amateur porn here, and when I do that, only one site comes to mind. Well, several sites actually but all within one network: Porn Doe (or PornDoe). With their Premium membership (which is no more expensive than a standard membership) you get to access a network of amateur, European sites. There are German swingers in there, there are Spanish amateurs, Italian casting movies and loads of other hot stuff.

One of the Porn Doe sites that leaps to mind (for German amateurs) is Reife Swinger. Okay, so this may not be the same league as Ersties, but it's full of natural amateur German men and women simply having fun at swinger parties and making their own porn.

Another site we keep a regular eye on for amateurs is Homegrown Video. It's big, it's not expensive, and it's been around a long time.


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Total average: 85.7/100 Our score: 83.0/100

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