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Figure Baby review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Figure Baby is a high quality nude erotica site that delivers HD video and high-res photographs. The models are all real amateur girls, not pornstars, and the sets and videos focus on themes that draw out each girl's personality and beauty. The site is easy to browse, though it could use more tools for browsing their large library. Updates are made three times a week. Thanks to its low price tag, this site is a good pick for photo fans.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-05-06

Amateur, Photography / studio, Softcore, High-definition, Videos, Movies

erotica, girl next door, natural women, nude photography

Intro promises

-3 Updates per week
-Hi Resolution images
-Zip downloads for galleries
-Girl-next-door models
-100% Exclusive content

First impression

Figure Baby bills itself as an "erotic nude boutique," a place to find high quality nude photographs of beautiful women in interesting situations. There aren't a ton of samples to get acquainted with on the tour, but they do showcase some of their most recent material, which is updated 3 times a week. The girls in these samples are natural amateurs, not dolled up pornstars, and the photos do seem to strive for something artistic and 'situational'--there are props and 'themes' in some sets, it would appear. Not all of the sample images star what would be considered beautiful women but I've got to admit the photographs themselves are quite exquisite. Let's get inside and check it out.


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Our opinion

Figure Baby's library dates back to the end of 2007, making it no longer a new site but also one without a long history. What they've shown in the last two to three years is that they can consistently produce high quality nude erotica and have no trouble maintaining their high standards. Like all sites, there are areas I think Figure Baby could offer more, but overall they've got a really good thing going here, and at a surprisingly accessible price.

Things are pretty simple as far as site design goes. It has a black background with white text, ideal for the eyes if you're going to be on the computer a while, and trust me you will be with a membership here. The layout is fluid and easy to interact with, there isn't any advertising or annoyances, just galleries and links to content, all neatly organized on the page.

You will be able to leaf through material by date, by photos-only, by videos-only and by model head shots. There were no search features and this is one area that Figure Baby should definitely get to work at -- I want to be able to look up specific model types or props or settings. Perky tits, blondes, hairy bushes, etc. Let me quickly find girls that match my tastes. Currently this isn't a huge problem since the number of models is still somewhat limited, but it will be a problem eventually.

But enough about the website. What about the porn? I almost hesitate to call it porn, that makes it sound so vulgar and cheap when the content here is anything but that. While not quite at the level of some other well-known photographers in the nude erotica niche, it definitely ranks among them. The quality of the shots is quite high. There is excellent lighting and use of the camera, good settings and props and something of the girl's personality is always coming through in every pose.

It's a rather subjective thing, but I found quite a few girls here that weren't all that sexy. Their photographs were still erotic and more than that even, artistic, but hotties they were not. These are more girl-next-door types and thereby the site separates itself from the crowd that all use traditionally beautiful models. It Somehow was still pleasurable to view their sets, though. The skill of the photographer makes every woman's natural sex appeal rise to the surface, even if they aren't your standard Barbie doll model. I really liked that about the site.

FigureBaby is offering both photo galleries and videos here. The photo galleries were, for me, the strong point of the collection. It also by far was the majority of the updates. You can browse through them in an online gallery in three sizes: small, normal and big (note that the oldest galleries do not include the 'big' size). At their largest the shots are 1600x2400 pixels. Normal shots come at 1067x1600 pixels. All of them are more than large enough and very sharp and clear except sometimes in their largest size. Sets vary in size but most will offer you around 80 images, sometimes more, sometimes less. The quality of the latest updates is definitely superior to the very first sets uploaded.

Figure Baby movies come in various file types. The best are the Windows Media and QuickTime options. These are full-length downloads in 720p HD (1280x720 pixels) that have a phenomenal playback quality. The WMVs play at a bit rate of 6.84mbps. You can also grab an iPod-ready MP4 download that is 640x480 pixels and plays at 1.10 mbps. Finally, you can stream the movies online in a Flash video player embedded in the browser, it has a small resolution and the lowest playback quality of all the options.

As promised on the tour, updates are made three times a week here, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The collection is already quite large as a result of those constant updates and so far they've been very good about always making their own deadlines. You get access to forums and blogs on the site as extras, but there are no bonus sites or other goodies.


Figure Baby is a high quality photography site showcasing amateur girls. The photographs here are very much works of erotic art and the natural, common girls that appear in the sets somehow become more than ordinary thanks to the skilled work of the photographer. The site is large and updates pretty regularly, but is still smaller than others in the niche. It's also less expensive, even though it's worth much more. I would say a membership here would be a great idea for those into high quality nude erotica.


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