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Ganz Geil Review

Summary: Ganz Geil will let you behind the closed doors of German houses where the Milfs and their guys love to indulge in amateur sex parties. (What's a professional sex party?) It's home cam filming and yet in HD, and decent quality. Movies run for over 90 minutes at times, there's great variety, and it's all enthusiastically amateur. This is streaming only content with no pics or extras, but the price is low and the sex drives are high. Definitely a good looking site for us fans of European amateurs.

Score 78 /100
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Luke, 2017-08-28

Amateur, Hardcore, Mature / milf

Amateur, Swingers, German, Group sex, BBW, Milf, Hardcore

Intro promises

Amateur German Sex
Your 1 stop German porn shop
Exclusive Amateur sex videos

First impression

German amateur swingers are the stars of Ganz Geil a site that offers streaming only videos made by sex enthusiasts. It's all reality here with home parties where sex is the only thing that matters. You'll find a good mix of amateur models, Milfs, mature ladies, BBW, amateur guys, hung and (whatever the polite word for not hung is) and girls aged from 18 up to 50 +. You're after real amateur porn? This is what you want to see.


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Our opinion

I just checked, and Ganz Geil apparently means 'Very Cool' in German. That's interesting because it works two ways. The guys and gals here think that sex is 'Ganz Geil', or very cool because that's what they do; sex and only sex. But also, the sex isn't actually cool, it's sizzling hot and very real. And it's also very varied. What you are looking at on this site are amateur German men and women who get together to make sex videos. They have some decent equipment, though the sound can echo a bit, and they film each other in duo, threesome and gangbang or orgy scenes that run for a very nice length of time. There's little editing, so there are great swathes of meet and chat and foreplay, and that's actually a good thing. You get a natural play-out of the sex parties and with a large variety of models too.

In just one scene, for example, you might find a couple arriving home and getting down to some couple foreplay before he bangs her. Then in the same scenes, someone else arrives and joins in, the lady masturbates while the guys sit around playing with their softies, and then another babe, or Milf, or BBW will enter and take things into her own hands, and mouth and pussy. Sometimes you get an anal scene. The guy (or gal) with the camera knows what he or she is doing, and you do get a variety of shots, close-ups and longer shots, so you don't miss anything.

There were 322 videos when I was at the site, and they ran for up to one and a half hours or more. That runtime kind of makes up for the slow update schedule of two videos per month, but still, it's a decent amount of exclusive amateur German fuck-fun content. The downer is that movies are streaming only, there is no downloading. Movies are at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and there is also a standard definition version of the scene to stream. Content dates back from 2014 to the present day, and it's easy enough to find and stream. The movies are shown on index pages with runtimes and titles in German.

There are no images at the site and no other content, simply the 322 videos and then some links to up-sell cam and dating sites; that's it.

Here's a trick. When I logged in, I was immediately returned to the tour home page. Odd, I thought, and so I clicked the login link again. This time I went straight to the members' area. A bit confusing, but I got there in the end. Once there, I noticed that the members' area looks different to the tour, more like a tube site, and the first list of content was actually shots from the cam site they are trying to sell you. Head to the videos button to find your content.

Despite those couple of issues, the site is actually very easy to use. You have index pages for content, you click a sample pic, and there's your viewing page. Here you have linked tag words to take you to others in that category, and you can add scenes to a favourites area to check back on later. That's it for interactivity and extra functions though. Everything works through the main menu, but at least everything works.

I'd have hoped that some of the text for the site would be in English, but actually, there's not much to translate. There are no descriptions, no model index and not a lot of info. It's pure streaming videos of amateur German sex sessions. That's fair enough, but there are no extras. Also, watch out for a cross sale on the join page, but do check out the sign-up costs. These are pretty low for all exclusive content, and the membership prices are not bad at all.


The strength of Ganz Geil is its enthusiasm. It's run by amateurs about amateurs and for lovers of amateur porn, and it works brilliantly in that respect. You've got a lot of real-time swinger parties with a wide variety of amateur girls and guys appearing. Some of the scenes run for 90 minutes or more, and the quality is am-cam but fine. The weakness is that it's streaming only, and there are no images and no info. But then again, the prices are good, and you get what the tour promises you.


I'm just having a search around for amateur porn to recommend that's also German porn, I know there's a great site somewhere… Ah, here it is! Magma Film is all about German girls and other European sex pots in original movies. This hardcore site also comes with access to ZTOD and German Goo Girls.

Herzog Videos is a German classic with 'Heidi' style porn, lots of rumpy-pumpy in the Alps and all that kind of hardcore tongue in cheek fun.

But the site that I can think of that comes closest to Ganz Geil is Reife Swinger, which translates as Mature Swinger. All German, all amateur and devil-take-it, and all very horny. This one is also well worth a look.


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