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Geek Girls Online review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Geek Girls Online features nerdy amateur girls into Dungeons & Dragons, WoW and know what fragging is. The site contains 37 models with a couple of photo sets each. Not all sets have a nerd theme though. Picture quality is only average and the amount of updates isn't huge. Price however is low and there is other content on the site like an active forum and related articles.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Joseph, 2008-12-16

Amateur, Fetish, Other, Softcore

alt-porn, geeks, glasses, nerds, softcore

Intro promises

- Where the Geeky Girls Get Naughty!
- Access to more than 3700 Naked, Geeky Pictures in 77 sets from 37 models!
- New sets go up every Monday and the GeekZine goes up the first Monday of every month!

"Ever want to see a girl who's comic book collection is larger than your own? How about a girl who plays Hero Clix and is then attacked by them? Then GeekGirlsOnline is the place for you!

GeekGirlsOnline (GGO) launched on October 4, 2007. It is owned and operated by Loz and Athena Hollow. They are both computer geeks and love gaming. Final Fantasy VII is one of their favorite games, as well as Dungeon Runners. They play Dungeons and Dragons, and other D20 system games."

First impression

The tour for Geek Girls Online, “where the geeky girls get naughty,” asks, “Ever want to see a girl [whose] comic book collection is larger than your own?” Affirmative. Most def. The tour goes on to ask, “How about a girl who plays HeroClix and is then attacked by them?” Um…yes? I have no idea what the hell HeroClix is…I guess I’m not that much of a nerd after all. The same can’t be said for the webmasters of this site, Loz and Athena Hollow, who happen to be two self-professed “computer geeks” who love gaming and naked nerdy girls (well, it looks like me and the webmasters have one thing in common!).

Geek Girls Online not only provides masturbation fodder for lovers of female geeks (feeks?), but it also stimulates the brain with tons of text in the form of articles, interviews and reviews focusing on all things geeky, like video games, computers and other things that nerds get boners over. And there’s even a forum where members, models and webmasters can get their geek on. I reviewed GeekGirlsOnline a year ago and boldly made the following declaration: “GeekGirlsOnline will be the porn site for poindexters if given a few months to grow — all this site needs is some more exclusive content and it will take your breath away, causing you to reach for your asthma inhaler.” Well, the site has had plenty of time to grow but has it lived up to my prophecy and become “a geek’s wet dream come true”? Let’s find out. Darn it. It’s not like there’s anything better to do…


$4.95 for 3 days
$10 a month
$45 for 6 months
$85 a year.

Credit card billing handled by CCBill.

Our opinion

GeekGirlsOnline hasn’t changed all that much in the past year — it still caters to fans of gaming (not me) and lovers of female gamers (like me!)… and, yes, this is still the only porn site on the web with a premise involving gamers. I guess the main change that’s been made to GeekGirlsOnline in the last year would be the inclusion of buckets of exclusive content — there are now thirty-seven models on the site, only two of which I’ve personally seen on other sites (the aforementioned Athena Hollow, who has modeled for various alt-porn sites in the past, and Crazy Slutty, who has her own solo girl site… God, it’s so fucking sad that I actually know this much about porno websites… I wish I were dead!). I’m happy to report that many, many more photosets have been added to the site since my last visit and some of these new sets even include some hardcore content! There’s even a girl-girl set! See, I told you this site would only get better with time…

GeekGirlsOnline, with its sidebar and menu bar at the top of each page, looks roughly the same as it did last year and thus it is still a cinch to navigate. The two navigational bars on each page give members access to everything on the site, from nude photos to account information. There’s still a dropdown menu on the right side of the page which allows members the opportunity to search through the models by name. One new design quirk is the displaying of the models as if they are featured on Dungeons & Dragons cards. Cute, huh? You have to give Loz and Athena Hollow credit for marketing their site to a very specific demographic that few porn companies ever bother to acknowledge in any way.

As I’ve already said a million times in this review, the models on GeekGirlsOnline are gamers and geeks, thus they aren’t the typical porno anorexics with big phony tits that you’re no doubt used to seeing. All body types are represented here, from rail thin babes with small breasts to BBW that are as big as BMWs. Each geek has her own custom bio which she clearly wrote herself. These bios display just how geeky these girls truly are by highlighting their favorite anime and even disclosing each girl’s personal computer setup. Each model has one or two photosets under her belt, though some models (like Debee and Pixie) have done several shoots for the site. These photosets contain an average of fifty photos and depict the geeks stripping and posing, usually amidst geeky accoutrements like video game controllers. Many models dress up for their shoots as schoolgirls and anime characters. All photos are average-resolution and are displayed in a Flash viewer or can be downloaded in convenient ZIP files. Unfortunately though - for some questionable reason they have decided to watermark the pictures in the zip file across the entire picture with barely visible text. Highly annoying.

Videos were promised last year, but they have yet to be added to the site. Shucks. Maybe next year?

Other areas of note include GeekZine, the site’s monthly eZine that contains movie reviews, a Comic Corner and some other shit that dorks will cream their jeans over, and the forums, which are free for everyone (even non-members!) and are extremely active, unlike my sex life — the forum has over seven thousand posts in more than six hundred topics contributed by two hundred members at the present time; not bad for a site that’s been online for just one year. I was just thinking you could probably meet some primo nerds on the forums… It’s certainly a nice enough community.


Geek Girls Online is porn for poindexters. And don’t worry if you’ve spent all your milk money on action figures (or milk) cos this site has a monthly price tag of just ten bucks, a bargain by anyone’s standards. I would definitely be willing to fuck any of the models on this site (make that happen, Loz and Athena Hollow!), thus I will personally vouch for GeekGirlsOnline. Go get it, tiger.

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