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GeekGirlsOnline review

Summary: GeekGirlsOnline is just that - girls who are into Dungeons & Dragons and know what fragging and a spawn point is. There is not much content here yet and it cannot be saved. But once it gets going, it might be the place to go to for cute geeky girls naked.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-11-23

Amateur, Fetish, Softcore


Intro promises

Welcome to Where not only do the girls get naked, but they know what "Frag" means!

Ever wanna see a naked girl play dungeons and dragons? How about a sexy vulcan? Then GeekGirlsOnline is the place for you!

GeekGirlsOnline (GGO) is owned and operated by Loz and Miss Athena Hollow.
They are both computer geeks and love gaming. Final Fantasy VII is one of their favorite games, as well as Dungeon Runners. They play Dungeons and Dragons, and other d20 system games.

By signing up for GeekGirlsOnline, you will get access to Angry Girl Gamer's Reviews, as well as other videos from our models (upcoming feature), and of course, the pictures of the GeekGirls themselves!

First impression

Have you ever yearned to play strip Dungeons & Dragons with a sexy Vulcan? Have you ever fantasized about tapping the ass of that slightly dumpy girl in tech support who dressed up as Lara Croft for the office Halloween party last year? Well, GeekGirlsOnline, “where the geeky girls get naughty,” is the place for you (and me).

GeekGirlsOnline is owned and operated by Loz and Miss Athena Hollow, two self-professed “computer geeks” who love gaming. They also love naked geeky girls, obviously. But GeekGirlsOnline isn’t meant to merely stir your loins, it also aims to stimulate your mind with articles, interviews and reviews focusing on all things geeky, like video games, computers and other shit that people who get laid on a regular basis don’t really care about. And there’s even a happenin’ forum where members, models and webmasters throw down, conversationally, that is.

Clearly, GeekGirlsOnline is looking to be more than just another faceless porn site — it’s gunning to be a geek’s wet dream come true. But is it? Find out we shall. (Note to non-geeks: That was supposed to be my impression of Yoda from the Star Wars movies. Cough.)


$2.95 for a 3 day trial
$10 a month
$85 for a full year

Credit card billing handled by CCBill.

Our opinion

Seeing as GeekGirlsOnline was just launched recently, there isn’t much content on it yet, just seven models in fourteen photo galleries at the time of this review. Don’t let those dismal statistics deter you from checking out this site, though, especially if you’re into gaming and female gamers, as this is probably the only porn site on the web that caters to fans of both. Besides, I’m sure GeekGirlsOnline will have oodles of content on it in no time.

Anyway, GeekGirlsOnline’s multiple sidebars make navigation a cinch. These sidebars can be found on both sides of the page and all together they give members access to everything on the site, from nude photos to account information. Members will certainly want to scour the dropdown menu on the right side of the page to ogle the models by name.

Being gamers and geeks, the models on GeekGirlsOnline are not conventionally attractive. This isn’t a bad thing, mind you, it’s actually quite alluring to see these kinds of girls on a softcore porn site — I personally find it incredibly appealing to see girls who don’t normally display their sexual sides in an overt manner try to vamp it up on sites like this one. And aren’t we all tired of seeing anorexics with big fake boobs by now? GeekGirlsOnline stands out from the crowd by hiring unconventional beauties.

Each geek has her own custom bio which she clearly wrote herself. These bios display just how geeky these girls truly are by highlighting their favorite anime and even disclosing each girl’s personal computer setup. These girls are so nerdy that I don’t know whether to fuck ‘em or toss ‘em into garbage cans! Hmm, why not do both?

Each model has one or two photosets under her belt, though Pixie has done several shoots for the site. These photosets contain an average of fifty photos and depict the geeks stripping and posing, usually amidst geeky accoutrements like Twilight Zone posters, manga and Magic: The Gathering cards. Photos are average-resolution and are displayed in a Flash viewer. It is not possible to save the photos on your harddrive.

Videos are forthcoming, I’m told. Other areas of note include Angry Girl Gamer’s Reviews, GeekContent, the site’s monthly zine that members are encouraged to contribute to, and the forums, which are free for everyone (even non-members!) and are surprisingly active for a brand new site — they’ve already got over six hundred posts in more than seventy topics contributed by over twenty members at the present time; not bad for a site that just launched (and I’m sure there will be even more activity in the forums by the time you actually read this). I get the feeling that the makers of this site are grooming GeekGirlsOnline to be some kinda community, thus this forum will no doubt be an integral component to the site’s success.


GeekGirlsOnline is softcore porn for folks who stay up all night playing computer games with strangers over the Internet and memorize Monty Python routines. That’s not a bad thing. Mark my words: GeekGirlsOnline will be the porn site for poindexters if given a few months to grow; all this site needs is some more exclusive content and it will take your breath away, causing you to reach for your asthma inhaler. And with a monthly price tag of just ten bucks, a subscription to this site is a bargain by anyone’s standards. So put down your joystick, fells, and grab a hold of your other joystick cos GeekGirlsOnline is here to stay.

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