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GF Revenge Review

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GF Revenge is an amateur site that have 501 hot movies that are in POV, and 465 photo galleries. sadly they no longer update. However, your membership to this site does include full access, at no additional cost to at least 19 more sites. These are from the Reality Kings network, where they have over 13,000 movies across the network.

Score 80.0 /100
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Summary: GF Revenge is a cute amateur, user-submitted website. Its theme plays on the idea of bitter ex-boyfriends getting revenge on their former girlfriends by selling their once-secret sex-tapes. There isn't currently as much content as some of the other sites in the niche, but their focus on higher quality girls and wilder sex should attract those of you who are sick of the lower-quality girls that often infest sites of this nature.

Mephistopheles, 2020-09-28

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Amateur, 18-23, Blowjob, Handjobs, Hardcore, Lesbian, Movies, Reality, Videos

POV, self shot, user submitted content

Intro promises

- 100% Amateur
- 18+ Teen user-submissions Only
- Bonus sites
- Discount price for our readers

First impression

The folks at GF Revenge make a business of trafficking the footage and photographs your ex-girlfriend so foolishly entrusted you with. And why not? No good deed should go unpunished.

Well, if the tour is accurate, business is good! I counted over one hundred pictures of wild, often intoxicated, girlies in all sorts of unladylike scenarios. Indeed, many of these images would fit right in at 4Chan. But looks can be deceiving. Join me as I go undercover, blending in with sweaty masses of horny men who populate the members area.


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Our opinion

The layout is definitely nothing fancy. In fact, it's about as bare-bones and self explanatory as one could hope for. I'd actually like it, too, if they hadn't polluted the main menu with totally unnecessary, spammy links. Still, the site is surprisingly neat, nonetheless.

Often times, with amateur content and user-submitted sites, you'll find a ton of nondescript videos just thrown together a whole boatload of footage and photographs that could have came from the moon, for all you know. Not here. Each video and picture gallery is accompanied by a detailed synopsis. Hell, probably the longest I've ever seen.

The content is 100% user-submitted. That means if you've got a hot ex-girlfriend, some appropriately raunchy footage, and all the proper release forms signed and seal: you, too, can share the spotlight. It also means that these videos and pictures are shot by amateurs, so don't go expecting any Spielberg level productions.

There are currently 501 movies. Unfortunately, there is no option for downloading them. However, the streaming flash videos look excellent. The embedded player works like a charm, and it even has a nice little scene selector. This came in handy when things got overly-talky, and on those cringe-worthy occasions when some dumb broad mistakes that dick in her hand for an Oscar and starts to think she's the next Meryl Streep. These things sometimes happen.

I wouldn't be lying if I said I shot my load more than once during my visit to 'Girlfriend Revenge.' A lot of the scenes are blow jobs shot in the POV style. But every now and then you'll run across a scene that really stands out from the rest, maybe that one special couple really going above-and-beyond the call of duty, to give you something worth whipping your dick out for.

I found my "holy grail" to be a little ditty entitled "Garage Fun." It started out innocent enough. Just four girls in a bathroom at some party, yapping their heads off. Nothing strange about that, right? But then the subject shifts from make-up and music. "Are you going to fuck him or not?" One of them says. "He's cute. But here? In front of everyone? No way!" The cute Italian girl responds.

Cut to 4 minutes later and our resident stud has his tongue buried down her throat, and his hand down her pants. She continues to to put up a fight a last-ditch attempt at making everyone think she's not a total slut but the mounting pressure of both her friends and the guy become all too much. It isn't long before she's sucking his cock in front of the whole room. The strange thing about this video was how one of her friends stayed right by her side ... the ENTIRE time. She's getting a deep dicking from hell, and this girl is literally rubbing elbows with her the whole way. These a gal!

The picture section was no joke, either. By my count there are currently 465 galleries. The number of images per gallery jumps all over the place, though. They can contain as many as 400 pictures, or as few as 10. Although, most galleries contain at least 20-30 images.

Quality, too, is a mixed bag. You have to remember that these are user-submitted. Sometimes you'll come upon clear and crisp shots with massive resolutions, images that you'd almost swear were shot by a pro photographer. In another gallery you're apt to find low-res, grainy cell phone shots of some girl playing with her twat.

But you can expect hot imagery. Just like the video section, these boys seem to run a tight-ship in regards to quality control. There isn't a zit-faced geek or fattie in sight. No, sir, these girls are all real lookers, truly Grade A, quality pieces of ass.


GF Revenge is a killer little amateur site. True, there's not really anything in way of Bonus Material, but they update at least once a week, so they must have a pretty big back-log of submissions to wade their way through. If you're big on amateur porn, I'd say it is a fair choice in the niche.


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Comments from other readers

2014-07-15 02:19:28

Do not sign up for the two day trial. I made this mistake and they only give you access to two videos unless you decide to change your two day trial to a $40 monthly trial. Complete rip off and scam.

2014-08-20 07:43:00

Useless website since you cannot download the movies. Total waste of money and will not renew my membership. Porn website operators... Why bother with your site if the videos cannot be downloaded. You could have the hottest videos on the web but if they cannot be downloaded what is the point? If you like to download videos...STAY AWAY FROM GF REVENGE!!!

2014-12-27 02:00:19

This did not look like one of the better sites but I thought it would be worth joining for the handful of scenes that were excellent. That was until I realized that there is no option to download. That fact makes this site a very poor value. The website is also far more difficult to navigate. There is no traditional search feature and it would be useless anyway since the model names are often misspelled or completely different than the ones most fans recognize. Good luck finding people using the video thumbnails since the models are frequently absent or facing away from the camera. I recommend avoiding this site since all you will walk away with when the membership is over will be memories.