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Girls and Fingers review

Summary: Girls and Fingers tries to focus on girls masturbating using either their hands or toys. The content is both videos and photos - both in good quality. This site alone doesn't offer enough value for money, but is part of a network with more amateur sites.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-04-11

Amateur, 18-23, Videos, Movies, Softcore


Intro promises

What better friend can a girl have but her own hands? And you’ll see on Girls and Fingers how they put them to good use. They’ll be shriveled up from moisture before they stop with the masturbation sensations they’re supplying your screen with here. You’re promised pictures, videos in WMV, and also material for your iPod and PSP. You’ll notice during your joining phase that they offer another bundle for you, this contains bonus material and hits your wallet with another ten dollars, so the choice would be yours there.

First impression

There’s nothing wrong with a girl taking matters into her own hands when the job needs done, and it looks to me from the tour area of this site, that’s exactly what we’re going to get. Who needs boys when you have toys? You don’t have to worry about the afterwards snoring you just have to make sure the batteries are fresh.


30 days $29.85 (recurring)
90 days $59.80 (recurring)
180 days $99.70 (non recurring)

Credit card, Check, Phone

NetBilling, CCBill

Our opinion

Actually the main membership page to Girls and Fingers happens to have things broken down nicely. They do give you the news, the most recent, the top rated, and then links to all photos, all videos and more, so you shouldn’t have to take a course in navigation to be where you want to be.

You’re supplied with 45 galleries of images, and the pics they use to advertise the folder content would be pleasing to one and all. Girls on their knees, butts high in the air, thighs spread widely and then that innocent look on their face that just tells you they’re getting ready to do something extremely un-ladylike. The most recent set was added just today and this is where we’ll find Rebecca on a red futon and ready to feel those thrills and chills coursing through her veins.

The thumbs are pretty small, but clear, and even though they aren’t bordered for that extra touch that I enjoy seeing, they’re good. They definitely didn’t tell any tall tales in regards to the quality for the images, it’s wonderful. You’ve got clarity, nice color, no blurriness or fuzz... except what you might find on a few of the mounds here. The pixel sizes come in at 798x1200, so you aren’t getting cheated there, and there is a slide show offering with different speeds to choose from. Believe me, you’ll want to linger with the finger just like they’re doing. Rebecca is young, pretty and gives a nice upskirt shot too.

Rebecca just happens to be the girl that shares the limelight for the most recent video as well. In opening the video pages I found 54 episodes, and when clicking on hers, you’ll get everything just as promised, a high and low for WMV format and then you can also access the iPod and PSP plays from this same page. Decide if you want to stream or download because you do have both options available to you. This cutie is all set up for some personal pussy time, lying back across the bed naked and dropping her knees off to the side she starts the fun rolling with making sure her saliva is coating her fingers and then she goes delving for her own generated moisture.

As for the low quality, even though it was a video size of 320x240, the play was still nice and acceptable at 314Kbps. The high option though is definitely what you’ll want to choose, as long as you do have the faster connection speed to handle it. This is where I found a really nice 1192 Kbps and a video size of 640x480, and even clicking to enlarge to full screen kept its nice look. Your range in time varies per piece, and there are 54 pieces offered as I mentioned earlier, but they start out at 11+ minutes and gain a few minutes here and there. In case you’re interested, for the iPod choice, this is downloadable with a 13.11MB file size and the same goes for the PSP opportunity as well.

The hot girls you find on this website are giving it up by what seems like the gallons here. They strip, they spread, they tease and they please, sometimes to the tune of multiple orgasms. Don’t forget to rate your favorites, that’s how they know what members are really wanting and enjoying.


Are you a masturbation man? Someone that enjoys doing it while the hot girls you're watching are doing it as well? Then you'll enjoy what Girls and Fingers is bringing to your clasping fingertips. You've got naughtiness coming from their own hands, wet panties, pussy spreading and dripping slits. The quality to this site is nice, but the prices for membership are too high if it were for this site alone.

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