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Girls Out West review

- 3rd revisit

Summary: Girls Out West features Australian amateur girls with personality. The site's goal is to be as real and authentic as possible, which it achieves. After a recent technical upgrade, the content looks amazing and there's frequent updates. A great site for amateur fans - especially if you don't mind a lesbian touch to it.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Count Gripsnatch, 2009-04-27

Amateur, Lesbian, 18-23, Butts, Photography / studio, Videos, Movies

Australian girls, close ups, farm girls, hairy pussy, outdoors, public nudity, solo masturbation, solo posing

Intro promises

"Girls Out West is raw, amateur sexuality without the fakery of mainstream porno-land. We prove that erotica can be smart, sexy and hardcore without sacrificing the girls' integrity. What you’ll see in the members' area is what you'd see if you could peek into the real life of the Girl Next Door: Honest, Fun-loving, uninhibited sex! Our shoots are fun and full of naked adventures."

First impression

The site's color scheme and layout are very sharp, clean and impressive. The models look terrific and the photo quality is great. There is absolutely no clutter. This is what you'd like to see when looking at a site - Simple yet professional, with samples of what you can expect to see - and everything is done in a very inviting manner.


1 month $25.00
3 months $47.50
6 months $82.50
12 months $130.00

1 month $29.50
3 months $65.00
6 months $95.00
12 months $150.00

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Our opinion

When I think of the name of this site, I think of California, or other places on the west coast. It could be called Girls Outback, since these models are primarily from Australia and/or New Zealand. I found their accents to be very sexy.

On this site, a lot of information about the models is provided. You can find out when they debuted on the site, their age, clothing size, daytime job, likes, biggest fantasies and much more. This is a terrific personal touch, making you feel more of a connection with these women. Using the advanced search feature, you can filter videos by model age, hair color, breast size, action, clothing, nudity level, body size, insertion, sex, special interest, and more.

Videos have their own link but photo sets do not. Every video has a photo shoot associated with it, but the opposite does not hold true. But rest assured, if you're looking for something, it's not hard to find due to the easy navigation of the site. Simply going to the latest updates section will tell you which are photos and which are videos. Speaking of updates, photo sets are updated every two to three days, while video segments from video scenes are added every one to two days. So, to see a new movie from beginning to end, you will have to wait until all the video segments are on the site.

Videos are downloadable in segments only, not in full form. Sometimes, this becomes ridiculous, when there are 10 or 12 segments. Luckily, most of the time, there are only two or three segments, which isn't too bothersome. Downloads are available in MPEG, MP4 or WMV format. MPG videos are 524x384 pixels in resolution. WMV videos are 768x432 px. with a bitrate of approximately 5.30 Mbps. MP4 videos are the best quality option with 1050x576 px.

Videos and photo sets are separated into three categories: solo girl, boy-girl and girl-girl. Video segments range in length from 8 to 17 minutes, with the average at about 13. As advertised, there is no fakery at all on the site. It's raw, even though the quality of the videos is good. You'll see lots of cuts and repositioning, like after someone drops something and laughs, to use an example. It's really not distracting though, because it goes well with the feel of the videos. It's like you are there in the room with people, and they've just spontaneously decided to tape themselves having sex. Therein lies a sort of voyeuristic appeal.

All the models have great looks, and are beautiful while still being unique. You'll see a lot of piercings and tattoos for sure. Of course, you'll see a lot of action taking place outside, in the outback and it's beautiful scenery. Models talk to the camera, telling a little bit about themselves. It really feels as if they are talking directly to you, or as though you're getting a free peep show. I give high marks to this site for keeping this feel throughout all the types of videos they offer.

There are approximately 200 photos per shoot. You can view a slideshow of the set (5 different speeds!) or download it in zip format. Photos are in jpeg format and the newest photos are 2000x1333 pixels in size, while older photos are 1250x833 pixels. I would give photo quality and 9 out of 10 and videos 8 out of 10. Photos are professional, provocative, crisp and bright. Models are outfitted in pretty clothing and are put into all different fantasy scenarios.


The sheer magnitude of unique amateur videos and photos on Girls Out West is worth the price alone - Even if you only like, let's say half of it. There are over 700 video segments of girls masturbating, over 130 lesbian segments and over 30 boy girl segments.

Obviously, if you like solo models, you'll be more inclined to join - but I'll tell you what - the lesbian scenes are terrific and really hot. If you don't like videos without the gloss or sheen of the super professional sites, you might want to take a peek around first to see if this is your kind of thing. I think there's something you will like no matter what your taste is.


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