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Haze Her review

Summary: Haze Her is a new site at the time of our visit so its library was as small as we suspected. There was enough here to make joining worthwhile, however, especially if you have any sorority girl fantasies. Here each scene will make them a reality as the girls are stripped naked and set loose on each other or frat boys, or put through humiliating tasks on camera. Scenes offer 720p HD playback in downloads and streams. Updates look to be weekly.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2011-12-23

Amateur, Lesbian, 18-23, Reality, Hardcore, High-definition, Videos, Movies

adult toys, college girls, group sex, hazing, humiliation, initiation, multiple girls, public nudity, public sex, pussy licking, sorority

Intro promises

"What is Sorority life really like??!?! Sometimes girls will do anything to get in."

- All submissions (videos) are real.
- All exclusive content.

First impression

Haze Her wonders out loud and on camera just how far some girls go to be part of sorority life. The "user submitted" videos that populate this brand new site set out to show us: hot college girls lined up and stripped naked, then force fed big rubber cocks or forced to lick frat girl pussy and ass. There is humiliation in public and outdoors, lots of girl on girl lesbian licking, and occasional hardcore fucking when the studs bang the pledges one after another while the other girls look on, cheering or criticizing.

Anyone with an interest in Sorority girl fantasies and hazing will want a closer look inside.

We signed up to see what they offer members after they sign up. Read on for details about content quality, the number of downloads, updates, and other important information.


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Our opinion

Haze Her is a new site in the end of 2011, featuring long videos of cute college girls in hardcore pledging. They are willing to do anything to get into the sorority, including standing around naked as they are mocked or toyed with, having to suck fake cocks as well as frat boys, and also getting fucked while their friends watch. It's a small collection so far and comes without bonuses, but it's a very unique premise that works extremely well.

Exciting Sorority Hazing Parties & Group Lesbian Action, Some Humiliation
The movies are very exciting here, as multiple (usually 5-10) college girls are put through various tests of their tolerance for shame and humiliation. They are stripped, oiled and feathered. Made to line up naked in the backyard at parties. Force-fed big rubber dildos before having them swapped for real cocks. They lick and eat each others' pussies. They swallow cum and have their pussies fucked raw. Whatever it takes, and always with a crowd of rowdy sisters around to keep them in line. The group aspect adds a lot of tension and erotic excitement.

Real Amateur College Girls, But Staged Events?
I didn't recognize any of the girls in these scenes, and that makes me think they are real amateurs - at least they haven't been in other pornos before. But at times the handheld camera swings around to follow action and you'll catch a view of a bank of professional lights used to brighten the scene - especially outdoors - and some of the illusion is shattered. To give them credit, the movies seem real, but most likely they are staged and scripted to some extent.

HD Content Quality
Haze Her offered fantastic media options for downloading. You have a MP4 HD download with a 1280x720 screen (3.3 Mbits). There are SD options (Medium and Small) in MP4 format as well. You can also save a movie in as a WMV file download with a 852x480 screen (1.6 Mbits). All options look great. Picture are large and sharp as well, with 2000x1333 dimensions. You can view them online or save the galleries in zip-archives.

Streaming Videos with Convenient Options
All movies here can be streamed instantly online in their Flash video player as well. You can view a preview trailer, the full length scene, or browse through 'chapters' of 2-5 minutes length. The player has "light", medium and HD settings. To really enjoy the HD you'll need to maximize the video to full screen. The movie allows scrubbing, so you can skip ahead or backwards with only a brief pause as it buffers and starts playing again.

Nice Modern Members Area
The members area is really sleek. Since this site is from the crew also behind Bang Bros, you can easily access other Bang Bros products you might subscribe to, and sort through videos available in the Haze Her library by date, popularity, even by which are concurrently being viewed by other members at that moment. There was no model index but as these are "user submitted" videos I guess that makes sense.

A New Site with a Small Library
The site is brand new at the time of my visit and it isn't clear what sort of update schedule is going to be put in place yet. With just 9+ videos to enjoy there isn't a lot to keep you here once you've downloaded them all.


Really hot sorority hazing, lesbian sex, and kinky fucking, but the collection is small at this brand new site.
Haze Her has a unique sort of porn - sorority hazing turned into public nudity, humiliation, lesbian sex and occasional boy/girl fucking in orgies - all of it apparently real, submitted on video by the sororities. It's more than likely staged, but they do a good job of hiding that fact. High definition playback looked fantastic here as well. The only problem is the site's small library, but in time and with regular updates that will change.


Haze Her is the only sorority-hazing-sex-party site that we have reviewed, but if you're into user-submitted, real and rowdy sex, then there are several sites worth having a look at.

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Total average: 80/100 Our score: 80.0/100

User Comments

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Comments from other readers

2012-07-14 10:55:08

When I subscribed after trial, they added on another subscription really sneakily, by making me UNCHECK this EXTRA "promotional offer" (crossell) after my dollar trial. Furthermore, I was never given the price of anything on that page, and could have used a refresher.

Bam, in one innocent click, $40 for Haze Her, plus another $40 for this "promo" I never even wanted nor was much impressed by, without much any warning (one shouldn't need to read fine print to buy porn, IMHO). Needless to say I cancelled as soon as possible, as I was at least warned of the recurring bill.

Do yourself a favor and just pirate it from crooks like this, they deserve it for stealing and pickpocketing us. It's great material, which would garner much more loyalty by being more legit and not trying to trick and screw you every single chance they got. Never mind that around a third of the zip-files for pictures don't expand for the first few installments.

Such a shame. One can peddle sleaze without being sleazy about it. It's otherwise quality content. Shame on them.

Penguin of Doom
2012-07-30 17:06:05

If it was anything else NO ONE would excuse
this site's callousness, sloppiness and constant technical obstacles.

What a bloody disappointment this site has been.

Hey look, I know The Bang Brothers
are secret homosexuals who just care about, apparently, seeing a man's dick every
thirty seconds but for us STRAIGHT guys when you put 15 cute girls in a room but only 4
-6 ,on average, get naked it's NOT COOL.

Whoever thought that this is even remotely acceptable is a goddamn twit.

In addition, just bringing up pictures takes forever and should a zip drive take HOURS to load. I don't think so. Don't have that problem with other sites...

The Bang Brothers are consummate con artists. The only reason they claim their websites are real is because they are greedy and lazy. By using
the "reality" cover they can pay porn stars more cheaply to be extras. Damn the poor saps who are handed these second-hand dinners. Who cares about them: it's only porn we can do what the bloody fuck we want. The reality cover also, apparently supplies them a reason to hire ADD afflicted cameramen who have NO idea
on how to frame a shot. (for ten years I worked making movies-so I DO know)

This laziness extends to the pic sections. Instead of editing for only the best they throw batches of redundancy at us and we need to do the extra work
to weed them out. Often the screen caps are too blurry to be of any use.

They could just forgo the screen caps IF the pictures showed ALL the action, but of course that would mean more thought and care into the process and they must (no matter if it's so
ridiculous a notion as to be ludicrous) that the sites are "reality" based.

(and don't EVEN bother trying to prove to me that they are. Several websites
have done the research for me. Plus I spotted SEVERAL porn stars in multiple
Bang Brothers sites)

Here is the thing. I DON'T CARE if it's real. I don't really want it to be. It's all about fantasy. And most porn companies RUIN that fantasy over
and over again by mucking it up with awful camera work that inspire you to reach for the Dramamine, (not your dick) CFNM and CFNF,callousness (this whole humiliating trend has to go) and just plain grossness.

The bottom line. CUTE GIRLS SHOULD NEVER BE EXTRAS IN PORN. You bring out a gun in act one. It should be used in act two.

I hope to the superior being of your choice that SOMEONE finally wises up and actually creates a website for straight guys that want to see
multiple girls get totally naked at parties without the stupidity of CFNM or CFNF which leads one to do extra work cutting everything out so that just the girls that get naked remain.