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HQ Home Clips review

Summary: HQ Home Clips offers a collection of user submitted home sex videos of amateur couples and women. About 50 new offerings are uploaded a month. Both videos and photos are good quality considering they are amateur recordings. As with most sites in this niche, organization is lacking some sort of sorting by activity.

Score 85.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2009-12-15

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Intro promises

- "A Unique site on the Net, dedicated to High-quality Homemade Porn!"
- " is really a unique site. With its impressive collection of pure homemade video clips and full amateur photo sets, the performance is guaranteed The content is regularly updated, with genuine home sex videos. The site navigation is friendly and intuitive."

First impression

Site design is minimalistic. There is a title at the top, and then a row of buttons (Hardcore clips, softcore clips, hardcore photo sets, softcore photo sets, new content, top content, search), then a few random tiny thumbnails, then you start the main area. That main area is rows of three fairly big thumbnails showing the most recent content added. A total of 15 are shown, covering (at the time of this review) the last 10 days, meaning there is a fairly steady flow of new content. One can tell that at least some discretion is made accepting content, as the women range from pleasantly pretty to real babes.

At the bottom is a menu for categories, which is not that helpful, as it has only the four main categories (hardcore video, etc) on the buttons at the top. It does have access to the individual photo sets, but by set number, which is not that useful.


Payment Processors:
CCbill or Epoch. You can alternatively pay by on-line check of 900-number (or Direct Pay EU, whatever that is) for the same price.

Our opinion

There are a lot of free sites where people upload their dirty home movies. Why should you pay for a site with the same thing? Well, because it's not the same thing. The home movies on the free sites are mostly low-quality video (cell phone type that either plays in a small screen or blows up to a very grainy image). Most of the content on the free sites is either preview/promo videos put there by pay sites, or the free preview stuff from pay sites that somebody else copied and put on the free site, or the occasional illegally-copied video from a paid porn site which is removed when somebody notices it.

This site accepts (and counts on the contribution of) home movies from people who just want to show off, but it only accepts High Quality video. When you play these videos in full screen mode, the images are sharp and as good as what you see on your television at home, as good or better than the videos on professional porn sites. (One would guess that small-scale "producers" out there recruit local exhibitionists and swingers to make movies for the producer to sell to this site, but many of the movies are clearly made by the participants.)

The content offered is varied, but pretty much normal (fucking, blowjobs, plus softcore stripping and masturbating). There is some group sex but most of the site consists of couples. There are some really incredible POV blowjobs by really cute girlfriends and very nice MILFs, and there is some really passionate screwing. As of the time of this review, there were 500+ hardcore videos, 90+ softcore videos, 2500+ hardcore photos, and 1100+ softecore photos. (The front page lists the photos as "sets" but there are in fact 28 softcore sets with 1100+ photos, and 50 hardcore sets with 2500+ photos, not 2500 hardcore sets.) Most of the uploads are videos (all of the last 15 uploads were videos), not photo sets (it is the 21st century after all!). The photos inside each "set" are shown in large thumbnails, nine per page (unless you pick another number). Videos stream in a good quality Flash player. They can also be downloaded as .FLV files.

While the intro page promises "friendly and intuitive navigation" I found the site maddening. Sure, it's easy enough to click on "hardcore clips" and then scan through gallery pages of thumbnails for something fun to watch, but it's hard to tell what things are with just one often confusing photo. I admit that exploring is half of the fun, and I have been stunned to find some really enjoyable clips under thumbnail photos that were not that interesting. Each thumbnail comes with very little information, including a title (often in a foreign language and rarely with any useful description), the playing time (or number of photos), and the date of the upload. The search function finds only words that happen to be in titles and is all but useless; the site owners really need to have a human being sit down and watch each video and enter keywords (fuck, suck, strip, creampie, anal, blonde, group, gangbang) for that video. I watched "Hot Potugal Couple" just because the babe in the thumbnail was so freaking gorgeous, but I had no idea what the 11-minute video would be about (other than it presumably included them making love). To my delight, it turned out to be one of the best video clips I have ever seen on any website (and I have seen thousands of clips on hundreds of sites).

People who read my reviews know that I'm a fan of creampies and always note if the site has them. This site has at least some, but you will have to find them by accident or by forcing yourself to watch every single video.


HQ Home Clips is real sex by real people, but with incredibly good quality. Sometimes they play to the camera, sometimes they just have fun. In any case, it's not only "actors" you have never seen before. It's very good quality video, with a freshness and energy you do not find a professional porn with its fake feeling that the actors are checking off boxes on the director's list of things to put into the film.


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Total average: 74.1/100 Our score: 85.0/100

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