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I Can't Believe She Fucked Me review

Summary: I Can't Believe She Fucked Me is centered around pervy looking guy Adam getting to fuck way hotter girls than he deserves. There is so far around 20 episodes with videos and images in average quality. Updates only seem to happen every two weeks and download speed is extremely slow.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-09-12

Amateur, Reality, Pornstar, Hardcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

"Meet Adam. He's just a regular guy living in Hollywood trying to score on some of the hot babes he constantly sees around town. It seems everywhere he goes, there are insanely fuckable women. Adam is left with no choice other than try to fuck as many of them as possible."

First impression

Adam is "an average guy fucking for every man." I suppose it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. Adam roams the streets of Hollywood, looking for some action of the female persuasion. From the looks of the women on the tour, he seems to be quite successful. The women appear to be amateurs, and they're all beautiful in their own way, even the pregnant ones!


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Our opinion

Adam often has a video camera with him, but there's another camera person who takes in all the action. There's a lot of close ups of the hardcore sex. The videos are heavily edited, showing the various porn star positions Adam and his lady du jour get in to. Some of the video can be really boring, unless you're in to watching 5 minutes of nothing but slow cock sucking. The women also look at the camera a lot (POV style), so if that bothers you, take note. The women do seem to be enjoying themselves a lot and have a carefree spirit and a good sense of humor about the whole premise of the site. Additionally, I haven't seen them plastered all over the internet, so it's always nice to see fresh faces.

Simple navigation awaits you when you enter I Can't Believe She Fucked Me. Menu choices are up top and include Home, Videos, Photos, Model Database, and Bonus Sites. The latter takes you to half a dozen other sites where your username and password will work. Only two bonus sites were listed on the tour, so this is a nice surprise. The Models' database only shows a few of the models in here, so it's not a comprehensive listing. Below the menu are thumbnails of the various women who actually let this guy have his way with them.

There are only around 20 videos presented, which is disappointing. The archives go back to February, 2008, so that explains the sparseness of content. However, updates used to be once a week, but since the end of April, they're once every two weeks. This makes me wonder about the future of this site if, after just a couple months, the webmaster can't be bothered with a regular weekly update. The videos are offered in Broadband and Low Bandwidth in Windows Media Player. They open to a 640x480 (around 1.46 Mbps) pixel sized screen. The quality of the videos is decent especially considering the amateur conditions that they are shot under. However at least one episode I saw had a wrong aspect ratio making the picture look stretched. The videos I saw were around 17 minutes in length.

There are around 15 photo galleries, the latest updates being about every two weeks. The pictures open to 1600x1200 pixels. Sometimes a lot of this is wasted space (i.e., a large portion of the picture is of the wall). Despite this, the pictures are pretty good quality. Slide show and zip downloadable options are available to enjoy. There's no set amount of pictures in each gallery; the ones I saw had anywhere from between 90 to around 300 photos.


While I like that the women shown on I Can't Believe She Fucked Me are new to me, I can't get all that excited about this site. Updates used to be once a week, but now they're twice a week. Plus, there's not much content in here - only around 20 videos and 15 galleries. While what little content in here is of pretty good quality, I'd say pass on I Can't Believe She Fucked Me. Otherwise, you may be saying "I can't believe I paid money for this site."

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