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I Shot Myself review

Summary: I Shot Myself is a soft-core amateur site. There are uncensored self portraits and MPEG video clips with a new set added each day.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J., 2003-12-06

Amateur, Softcore, Reality


Intro promises

An artistic forum in which women explore their own sexuality, ideas of fame and their bodies by presenting nude pictures of themselves taken by themselves. "0368 artists submitted, 0214 folios online, 6954 images online, growing daily."

First impression

Extremely classy frontpage. Includes the site's mission statement (a very interesting concept) and an intro to the latest update. Everything on the site seems navigable from the home page and, overall, this site looks to be the work of an artist.


Credit Card
90 days: $29 recurring
90 days: $40 non-recurring
180 days: $70 non-recurring

Our opinion

Let's get one thing straight: is NOT porn. If you're looking for flashy fake-breasted models "getting their asses reamed by huge poles," then maybe you should look elsewhere. This site, as the mission statement reflects, is "a public art apparatus." These aren't the "amateurs" you see on all the megasites. These are just women who wanted to take some nude pictures of themselves- some for the pure eroticism of it, and some to make an artistic statement about fame and the internet. I just wanted to put that disclaimer there so that no one was disappointed that there was no "reaming" to be found here.

That being said, this site is easily one of the best-designed and perfectly excecuted sites I have seen on the internet PERIOD. The navigation is concise, complete, and very professional. You can access the most recent update from the homepage and the "View All Folios" button on the sidebar takes you to a chronological list of folios, as it should. A search capability is also on the sidebar which will certainly come in handy once more sets are up, since one set is added every day. Yes, every day. Unbelievable that someone actually sticks to this.

Each folio contains between 20-50 photos, all chosen by the photographer. All the photos I checked were at 1028X768 resolution or thereabouts. All of these appear to be nice quality digital camera pictures.

They open in a seperate window, and is usually too large to fit all on one screen, but the quality holds up nicely at that size. The content of the photos range from beautiful and artistic to graphic. You won't find anything more than some light solo penetration but, as I said, this isn't really porn.
The best part about these from the casual porn viewer's standpoint is that these girls aren't some trashy "models" that some guy picked up in some sleazy strip club. These are girls who simply wanted to do this for themselves. There's no exploitation (they call it "Selfploitation" and it may be copyrighted, so back off) and the girls are truly girls you might live next door to (assuming you live in the UK or in Australia... not many US models yet). The girls are of all sorts of different styles and I'm more than willing to bet you'll find some you like here. Each folio has its own message board where members can post their comments on the images. Comments are tasteful, if not a bit exaggerated ("Very nice use of light in that image..."? It's a desk lamp, buddy!), and it provides a way for members to communicate with the models. There aren't many comments on most of them yet, but the models wouldn't post them if they didn't want some sort of feedback, so go nuts.


Essentially, this site is exactly what it says it is. It's a place for women who want to take naked photos of themselves and post them on the internet to live out their dreams. Who are we to stop them? The navigation and site design is simply top notch with unbelievably reasonable load times. The photos are of upper-middle range quality and the updates come every single day. Again, if you're looking for hardcore pornography, this is not your place. There are no videos, no guys and, certainly, no reaming. However, if you want to see real pictures of real nude women that they actually want you to see, then look no further. The recurring bill is a no-brainer at about $10 a month. Give it a shot (pun intended).

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