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I Shot Myself review

- 1st revisit

Summary: I shot myself is a truly unique site that has proven to be a hit with its visitors. Amateur girls take pictures of themselves playing around inside and outside. Not all are explicit, but they all offer insight into the girl's personality.

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Shay Boogie, 2016-12-02

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Intro promises

There are no promises made on the front page. Once you go to the "free tour" section, though, we're told that "sponsors" (i.e. members) will get access to:

- The entire set of selected folios, aka self-portraits
- Uncensored images featuring thousands of girls
- Hundreds of self shot videos
- Daily updates

First impression

My first impression was "What the heck is this site all about?" I really had no idea what genre it covered. The cute faces and young-looking girls did grab my attention, though. I realized that ISM (I Shot Myself) wasn't an uncensored, hardcore sex site. I got the feeling that it was more softcore and "artsy fartsy." The pictures of the girls are very clear and the menu set-up is quite user friendly. Even though the front page doesn't initially expose exactly what the site's about, it does suck you in with its fresh-looking faces and makes you want to explore further. Once in the members area it all became clear. This is a unique amateur site that shows of the beauty of women in all their glory. It is tasteful, erotic and very unique.


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Our opinion

I Shot Myself is not the average adult website. It's an Australian-based site that post self-shot galleries and videos. Each girl shown takes their own photos and their own homemade videos. Becuase of this, we get an enormous amount of up-close and personal pictures. A folio (or portfolio) is created for each model which includes her photo shoot and, at times, self-made video. The galleries and videos are not hardcore but rather up-close and personal pictures of breasts and cooch. To sum it up less intricate terms, ISM is a site that consists of pictures and videos from amatuer girls, that they shot themselves.

The concept behind ISM is very original. I have not seen many other sites like this. There is not any hardcore content whatsoever. It's a cross between Vanity Fair and Playboy. The majority of the girls are from overseas, whether it be Canada, Australia, or the UK. They're a mix of all looks and nationalities. There's no one specific type of model on this site. One folio will consist of a prim and proper Australian student while the next will feature a gothic-looking brunette from Sweden who has her nipples pierced. In that aspect, it's quite diverse.

The quality of the pictures and videos is incredible. To say they're crystal clear would be an understatement. All images on ISM are at least 1024x768 resolution. The MPEG video's are also great quality and easy to download. One of the best features of ISM is that you can quickly download a zip file that includes the model's full photo gallery and her video, if she has one. Once you click on the picture that you want to view, you're able to see it in a full-screen mode, while "fast-forwarding" to the next picture or "rewinding" to the previous one. This is a great option as you'll always have access to whatever you download, whether your subscription has run out or not.

There are over 8,200 folios with over 374,000 pictures and an additional 695 videos to choose from. Each day a new girl and her folio is featured on the front page. Visitors are able to freely view 12 selected self-portraits from this model's collection. To get access to more photos and the videos, though, you have to become a sponsor. I like the way they've chosen to refer to people who subscribe as "sponsors". It has more of a prim and proper sound to it. It's as if I'm contributing to something that benefits mankind. In its own way, though, ISM does that. It gives girls who are exhibitionists a place to post pictures of themselves...and a place for people like me to check them out on a daily basis. ISM Extra members are the only ones with access to things like overloads, though. Overloads are folios that didn't quite make the daily posts for whatever reason (poor picture quality, not enough photos for a gallery, etc.) but are still available for you to check out.

The menu options and page set-up are constructed rather well. It's not difficult to navigate through the site whatsoever. The "search" function for the folios is fantastic. You can look up the specific format you want (i.e. pictures, videos, re-loads, etc.) sorted by the date, country of origin, etc. You also have the option to view the pics as thumbnails, portraits, ot text. Finally, you can even choose to simply check out the "duet" folios, consisting of sessions that involve two girls. They even provide you with data of how big a gallery is and how many photos are included in it. ISM's search option should be a model for all other sites.

Another aspect I liked about ISM is that each folio included background information on the model. You'll get to find out their likes and dislikes, most adventurous thing they've ever done, what they look for in a man, their favorite part of their body, etc. Not only that, but they even tell us what their weight is...and better yet, the weight is expressed in kilograms! How great is that!? For all you non-geometric people out there, 1kg. = 2.2 lbs. So don't go thinking that a girl who says she weighs 90kg is petite.

One of the best parts of the site that lacks in almost every other site I've reviewed is that it clearly goes over each type of sponsorship they offer and what it entails. They're to the point and extremely specific in telling you what each "package" costs and includes, and which ones renew automatically. They're definitely not trying to jerk you out of your hard-earned money. I think my four-year-old daughter would be able to understand what she's getting for her money after reading the "Sign Up Now" section. You're even able to upgrade your membership at any time for no extra cost except the difference between the two types of memberships. Now how cool is that!


Overall, I Shot Myself is an innovative idea that is produced extremely well. I am more into hardcore action but am very taken with what ISM offers. The idea of women taking their own pictures and creating a gallery from them is very unique. There are plenty of girls who must feel the same way because there's a new "featured" folio every single day.

The technical aspects of ISM are equally pleasing. The color-scheme was non-evasive and surfing the site is simple. Whether a thumbnail or a full-screen shot, each picture is clear as daylight. When they show you a picture of a pussy you're almost able to count how many hairs there are surrounding it (that is, for the girls who weren't completely shaved). The MPEG (or WAV) files open up fast and the audio quality is superb.

If you're looking for a more sophisticated amateur site and want to see more than just tits and ass, I would have no hesitation recommending ISM. Even if you don't want to become a member right away, you have the option to check out the daily featured folio for free each and every day. How good of a deal is that!? They even have forums where you can chat with fellow sponsors about your favorite galleries, and where the moderator actually answers all questions in a timely and professional manner. Do yourself a favor...when you have some down time during the day jump on to ISM and hopefully you'll be as impressed as I was.

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