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Justines Bedroom review

Summary: Justines Bedroom is a hard-core personal/amateur site that has fetish content. All exclusive material here in the form of, 25,000+ images, moves, erotic MP3's/stories and bonus content.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Mads, 2002-11-06

Amateur, Fetish, Personal-Amateur, Hardcore, Sologirls


Intro promises

- All my photos, movies, erotic MP3 stories etc. are totally exclusive to this site and you will not find them anywhere else.
- Over 25,000 hardcore photos, movies, erotic MP3's/stories in my members area, all very high quality, and over 500 brand new photos, movies, erotic mp3's/stories are added every week!
- Just of me, I have over 10,000 of the sexiest, kinkiest and most explicit amateur photos
- In bonus content section, you can find over 15,000 high quality hardcore photos of the newest and hottest amateur models on the net today!
- Over 100 clips of me available for download in Mpeg format!
- Over 100 erotic stories written by me. You can download MP3's and hear me reading my most intimate sexual experiences to you!

First impression first impression is that this wicked redhead amateur girl named "Justine", whom this site is all about, is into practically everything that can be related to sex... U name it! She claims herself to be an amateur, but she certainly does look hardcore enough to make her a pro to me.


1 month - $19.95
Payment by credit card (Verotel or GloBill), online check, (Deutsche Kunden per Lastschrift) or PayPal.

If payment by telephone: 1 month - $21.95

Our opinion

First I entered the picture section... and that wasn't such a bad idea! There're a LOT of categories to choose from... here you'll find every fetish you can possibly imagine... from cum shots to footwear, urine, latex and many other sorts of kinky stuff!

The pictures are of excellent quality (and nearly full-screen). The various series are presented with thumbnail pictures... click a pic, and you enter that gallery which usually contains app. 50 pics +/-. Every photo gallery has a theme of its own (eg. 'Naughty nun' or 'cum on my tongue' etc.). All series are explicitly dirty and hardcore... Justine certainly proves that she's not one of 'God's best children'!

Furthermore, there is another alternative HQ picture section with various 'artists'. This section contains nothing but nice series with very attractive models acting out hardcore sceneries.

I found that the movie section had all MPEGs for downloading, and here there's a LOT to choose from as well, and even more important: the content of the clips varies a lot... actually, I can hardly remember to have come across an amateur site with such a broad collection in general.

Furthermore, one can download erotic stories read aloud by Justine herself, which certainly is an interesting alternative for the written stuff (a new feature)... I guess it's a matter of taste whether you'll find that interesting or not (It's a mood thing for me I think!). Anyhow, it's a nice alternative to the written stuff you can find here as well...

Finally, a REALLY COOL section for a sexnerd like me is the "I Never Knew That" Section, which contains a whole lot of alternative and somehow sexually related historical/cultural facts and information... e.g. did you know that some women are able to get an orgasm purely through stimulation of their lips, tongue, roof of the mouth and back of the throat?


Perhaps the best proof for the quality of this exceptionally well-managed amateur site you'll get if you skim the members' message board for enthusiastic comments... 'cause there's a lot of them!

All material is high quality and I cannot single out anything that bothered me as irrelevant or unnecessary, which I believe is quite impressive for a so-called amateur page!

Just for the record, I have a sneaking suspicion that we're dealing with somewhat of a celebrity here... Does the infamous sex-group/rock band 'Rockbitch' mean anything to you? This band used to fuck on stage while playing music. Eventually they would throw a golden condom into crown of listeners. The lucky guy in the audience who caught the condom then had the unique privilege of fucking one of the female band members backstage after the concert.

Please, notice that this is pure guessing on my part, but I see a strong resemblance between Justine and one of the 'Rockbitch' band members both in terms of appearance. Furthermore, the autobiographical part featured in the 'My Music' section supports my suspicion.

However, no direct reference to the band is ever made by Justine - my sincere apologies to all parties just in case I'm wrong.

Funny, if it really is the same 'musician', though!

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