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Karups Hometown Amateurs review

- 1st revisit

Site of the month logo Summary: Amateur lovers rejoice - On Karups Hometown Amateurs you are simply going to find the net's best selection of cute amateur teen models. And best of all updates are frequent and plentiful almost to an extent where you can set your watch by it.

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Score 90.0 /100
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CB, 2006-08-10

Amateur, 18-23, Photography / studio, Babes, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- Over 400,000 pics
- Over 1200 amateur girls
- Over 3000 new pics each week
- No glamour, no strippers, no pornstars
- Hundreds of exclusive movie clips
- Over 95% exclusive content
- Updated 5 times weekly

First impression

Any site that claims “no glamour, no strippers, no pornstars” is ok in my books. I'm tired of that sort of stuff, and it seems that I've come to the right place. The preview gives you a peek into the vast and cavernous site that is Karup's Hometown Amateurs. This site looks HUGE!!! And the few clips and pics you get to check out seem very promising.


Visa or Mastercard
30 days $29.95 recurring
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30 days $29.90 recurring
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Our opinion

The first thing you see upon logging in to the site is a welcome message with a description of how the site is organized. How thoughtful! Recently Karup's HA did a major overhaul to their site design, making everything more easily accessible and nicer to look at. I'm glad we get to check it out.

The main page features a very simple layout with a menu bar on the left and thumbnail links to recent updates below the welcome message. All of the sections of the site are linked in the menu bar, and each section is laid out the same as the last. Very consistent! Clicking into a category moves the menu bar to the top of the page, and thumbnail links to each set of are displayed below. There are navigational links below the thumbs to easily jump to any page in the category.

Pictures are divided into several different categories based on the content: Just Plain Amateurs, Athletic, Ethnic, Outdoors, Toys, and Hardcore. Movies are separated into Softcore and Hardcore sections. There is also a Model Index where you can search for specific models.

In addition to being able to browse through thumbnails or view a slide-show of the pics, you can also download entire sets as convenient ZIP files. The pics themselves are very nice and clear. They size up in the 1024x680 range, it isn't top of the range resolution-wise, but everything has nice lighting and good focus. The file names are well organized too - they begin with the name of the model, and have suffixes that indicate which shoot they come from and the number of the pic. Very handy, as many of the models have several different sets of photos available. You don't often see this kind of file management...all too often file names are just a series of meaningless numbers. Thank you Karup's! Very fine and professional photography work!

The videos are broken up into at least two different clips, depending on the length of the scene. The clips vary in size, with most between 30 to 50MB. Quality varies as well... resolution tends to be either 640x480 or 320x240, with bitrates varying from 472kbps to 1.09mbps. Most of the videos I downloaded were in the 1.09 mbps range. While the majority of the videos looked good, there were a few that were quite a bit more lacklustre than the rest. Fortunately the good ones outnumber the bad. Being that this is such a large site, one might surmise that the lower quality offerings date back to the infancy of Karup's. It seems that they are constantly improving things, so it would make sense that the newer vids are snazzier than the old.

There is pretty much every sort of thing you could want here, from solo action to hardcore fucking, so I'm not going to go into specifics. One thing you can be sure of, Karup's holds fast to their promise of “no glamour, no strippers, no pornstars”. Only amateurs will be found here.

In addition to the exclusive content, you also get access to 14 different third-party streams.
Waitaminit, there's even a Karups stream! That's nice to see. Although as a rule I write off streams and feeds as non-essential (if I can't download it, I don't want it!), it's nice to see that Karup's has their own offering. In fact, Karup's Live Cams gives you a bit more than your average streaming site, with live chat and private 1 on 1 shows in addition to previously recorded shows. You have to pay extra for the 1 on 1 time, but hey, at least it's an option!

As if all of this wasn't enough, you can purchase official Karup's DVDs at the online store. A little somethin' for all you collectors out there.


Site of the month logo

Karups Hometown Amateurs totally lives up to its name, delivering only the finest, most delicious girl-next-door type of content. And lots of it!! There is soooo much to look at here, but you will never feel daunted by the sheer quantity of it all because it is so well organized! Navigation is a breeze. That being said, I do have one suggestion: implement a search function! With so many models and so many types of content to choose from, it'd be nice to be able to search for specific niches, such as handjobs, brunettes, shaved girls, hairy girls, skinny, voluptuous, Vietnamese, Brazilian, small breasts, large breasts, tattoos, piercings, etc etc etc. I imagine it's no small task to put together a comprehensive search engine, but it would make the site much more accessible.


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