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Lightspeed Girls review

Summary: Lightspeed Girls is an amateur teen site. 20,000+ original images, soft-core and hard-core videos, chat areas with the girls and regular updates.

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J., 2004-08-27

Amateur, 18-23


Intro promises

- Membership to all 12 of the Lightspeed Girls amateur sites
- Every set of photos ever made of each girl! Thousands of sexy photos and videos!
- Over 20,000 original pictures total, both by themselves and with each other!
- Private journals filled with the each girl's deepest sexual secrets!
- Opportunity to email the girls and make special personalized photoshoot requests!
- Buy their panties, personal items, and autographed photos at the girl's own private auctions!
- Chat with live girls and watch hardcore and softcore videos in our massive bonus area!
- Updated regularly, we're constantly adding new material of each Lightspeedgirl!

First impression

Pretty solid layout- no real navigation glitches pop up in the preview or anything. The girls all seem the cute, natural breasted girl-next-door types. I only see a couple of the porn star type here which, for me, is a good sign.


Our opinion

The main members' page is a listing of all the sites available from Lightspeedgirls. Each of the fourteen (not twelve as stated in the intro!) girls has her own site and there are links to live chat and bonus content sites as well. I guess the best way to see what they have to offer is to jump right in!

The girls' sites are pretty simple to navigate. Just about everything you need is right there on their front pages. They've got a list of that girl's most recent updates, a list of the photo sets that have just that girl in them, a list of videos with just that girl and then a list of that girl's photo and video shoots with other girls (though some girls just have the standard Photo and Video sections instead of the more descriptive ones). There's also some third party stuff listed here that isn't listed on the main members' page. So far, the navigation is looking pretty good.

The photo sets are a mixed bag here. Almost all of the solo stuff is softcore with some bordering on hardcore. The girlfriends lesbian shoots are a little more hardcore, but if you're looking for anything even remotely extreme, this probably isn't the place for you, as most of it is pretty posed. Each girl has a good number of sets, but I was a little disappointed to find that most of the photo sets are only 50 images or so. That was put to rest by the fact that there aren't many wasted images like in a lot of sites' stuff- no repeats or photos that look a lot like the one right next to it. The photo quality is pretty amateur in most of the sets. The lighting looks more or less like basic natural light- they could have done a lot more with a simple light kit. The images come in at about 800x530 resolution and, while they can be a bit fuzzy when you blow them up (they're all downloadable in a .zip file), they're decent for viewing in their natural state.

The videos are very similar to the pictures in content, quality and (surprisingly) quantity. The production quality is pretty amateur as expected and, even though the small resolution on the .wmv versions (some also come in Real Media) is a problem at full screen, the high bit rate (near 700kbps) of the transfer mkaes it pretty crisp at smaller sizes. The Real versions are a little bigger in natural resolution but with a 450kbps bitrate to back it up.

A small minority of the videos are also available in MPEG format. The files for these are almost twice as large as the .wmv and it doesn't look much better than the other two formats, if it's better at all. All in all the quality of the videos is very passable and the majority of them are available for both streaming or download. One thing I wouldn't mind seeing are some thumbnails for the videos so you know what you're in for. There's just one screen shot per video and, even though most vids are under 30Mb for a full download (I got them at about 160k/s on DSL), it would be nice to know in advance. Like the photos, the videos are, for the most part, softcoreish with the occasional penetration and even a very rare boy/girl scene.

Apart from the videos and pictures, there are a few other features with the girls that might interest a prospective member. There's an auction site where you can purchase scene-used garments if that's your thing.

There's also a community message board where you can communicate with the girls and other members, not to mention the webmaster who appears to be very open to suggestions. Most of the girls have an infrequently updated journal, and some have a wishlist where you can buy them toys and whatnot in exchange for... well, gratitude I guess. More importantly is the plethora of bonus and third party content. Some of it is through Lightspeed and some is random third party stuff. Of course the live chat sites aren't all that, but a lot of the bonus video and picture content is worth checking out. A very nice bonus to an already pretty decent site.


As I mentioned before, this site is not for someone looking for crazy hardcore stuff. There's not much of the exclusive stuff that I would even rate XX. But the quality is passable and the girls are exceptionally cute in my opinion, so take a look at the previews and decide if you like the girls, because that's what this site is all about. The amount of content on the site is at a very good level and updates seem very frequent. The navigation is good and you're likely to find at least one girl that you like here. The major problem is the price point.

There are megasites for this price that offer a LOT more content of higher quality. There's plenty to look at here, but the price would definitely be out of my range for what's provided.

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