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My Public Dreams review

Summary: My Public Dreams is a flashing and public sex site featuring material from different sources each with a different style, type of woman and quality level. Action varies between soft outdoor semi-public nudity to full-on public sex. Quality varies from high-res pictures and HD movies to screenshots and standard movies. Overall a decent public nudity site with lots of variation.

Score 80.0 /100
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Uli, 2009-10-19

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Intro promises

- "My Public Dreams - Hot chicks get naked on the street!"
- "These women think city streets are the best place to show off their tits & pussy in public!"
- "HDV (high definition video)"
- "JPEG HiRes photos up to 3000x2000"
- "ZIP-files"

There are quite a few small and explicit photo examples in the preview underlining what was promised. You'll even find some short but also impressive video examples of the content.

First impression

Coming from the intro promises the member's page looks very straightforward and offers what the preview promises. It gives you an overview of the latest updates - and is very clear and easy to navigate. The stuff looks decent with acceptable to good quality and interesting scenes, well time to have a deeper look!


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Our opinion

My Public Dreams obviously focuses on delivering content where girls are nude in public. The action ranges from solo nude posing outdoors to hardcore sex in public places. I was able to identify four different countries or places where the content was shot. Those countries are Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Argentina. Each country's content has its own style which I will describe below.

The ladies of these four sources of content all are nice, beautiful young girls with great bodies. But of course there are differences - the Swedish series feature young, blond northern European girls, the Czech and Russian the middle/eastern-European type of girl and the Argentinian of course the latinas. Looks like there's something for every taste.

I consider the swedish pictures the ones being furthest away from the actual theme of this site. Although they feature outdoor sex (solo with masturbation, straight, lesbian, threesomes, cumshots), they do not have any flashing or public character - they seem to be shot at a well protected backyard - random passers by are not present. Nevertheless I like the Swedish scenes because of their hot ladies and their very good picture quality - it's the best on the whole site and even a photographer's style is recognizable.

The other three styles at least hang on to the theme of the site - they feature flashing, public nudity and even public sex. The most extreme one definitely is the Czech stuff. There are several scenes among them I consider to have been extremely risky getting caught or at least publicly seen. There is a blowjob and fucking scene close to a tram station and in a park only slightly hidden with lots of people passing by - I have rarely seen such extreme pornography! Sadly this Czech scenes do have the weakest quality among all pictures - they are HD-video captures and can't keep it up with the others.

The Russian scenes are the newest among the content of My Public Dreams. Their picture quality also is nearly as good as the Swedish ones and the ladies too are beauties, but this time the action indeed matches the theme of the site. Flashing in parks, on roads and public places with lots of strangers, but no hardcore or close to hardcore action. Whereas among the Czech and Argentinian parts it was obviously the intent that several random people would spot what was happening, this is not the case among this scenes - this time the ladies were a little bit more shy than the intro promised.

I liked the Argentinian part - ok, I admit, I like Latinas in general. Among those scenes there's quite a lot of hardcore action, blow jobs, but also fucking both one-on-one and one girl - several guys. The scenes are not as aggressive as the Czech ones i.e. there are less spectators and the risk was much lower.

As described picture quality is varying. Best are the Swedish and Russian scenes in resolution and brightness of colors. An impressive resolution of 3000x2250 pixel, that many pics among those have, is really worth being mentioned. The Argentinian pics aren't bad either, but their colors are not as vivid and the resolution is lower (1500x1000), which by the way is still respectable. The Czech pics do have the typical flat colors of stills from movies and their resolution is the HD one: 1280x720. At the moment My Public Dreams has a grand total of ~7500 pictures divided in 50 different shoots, which makes it a medium sized porn site.

Many scenes exist both as pictures and movies, but not all. Luckily all the Czech scenes are available both as pics and movies, so believe me, you won't believe it. I would like to know how often they got caught. Very obvious among the movies is the variation in picture quality, resolution and filesize. The smaller files are below 100 MB, have a resolution of 720x400 and only 5 minutes running time, the bigger go up to over 1.4 GB, have a HD resolution of 1280x720 pixel and running times up to 40 minutes. There are several of those over 1 GB movies, but most are smaller ones. At the moment there is a grand total of 34 movies.

The site does not have any bonus stuff. There are also no links, no cam systems and so on. It's concentrating fully on its own stuff. But there is a rating system for each picture set and movie and of course the possibility to see top rated content. You can also mark your own top series or movies.

I consider the design and the handling of the site alright. It's straightforward and easy to operate. Picture series come as online galleries and a full-resolution zip-file. The movies offer several resolutions and formats: Windows WMV HD (full resolution), middle size (720x400) and small (480x272). The small size is also available as mpg and there are also different resolutions and formats adapted to iPhone or Playstation portable.


If you are into flashing or especially risky public sex scenes My Public Dreams is an interesting place. Especially the public hardcore action is remarkable. As pointed out, the type and also quality of the site's material varies depending on origin and does not all comply with the theme of the site, but on the other hand the different types of women in different parts of the world lead to an interesting variety.

The site is medium sized with its amount of pictures and movies. Be aware that some movie files are really big - that's not fun to handle if you have only a slow connection. The navigation of the site is fine and all content can be downloaded in a comfortable way.

The monthly price is no bargain, but not exaggerated either.


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2011-09-16 00:19:51

This site is too new to be reviewed anywhere else.
Nothing beyond the four scenes described is mentioned. About how many scenes are depicted. I've been burned before by spending $30 and exhausting the site in a day or three.