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Naughty Lounge review

Summary: Naughty Lounge is an amateur fetish site holding content such as, 100% original images and videos.

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Mads, 2003-07-08

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Intro promises

Amateur site with kinky flavor.
In general the preview section promises some extraordinarily kinky auditions with some hot chicks and the picture samples surely get one’s hopes up high…
Daily video & photo updates.
100% original videos/photos.

First impression

The first thing that crossed my mind was something like; “Wow… These models are hot!”… and so they are indeed! Secondly, I was struck by the fact that these girls didn’t seem to mind the ‘kinky’ treatment that they were handed.

It wasn’t until afterwards, I paid real attention to the design of the site (which probably is a quite natural act when visiting a sex site ;-)…


Our opinion

From the outside it looks like an average sex site with a lot of element stashed together with a lot of pics… noting out of the ordinary there, apart from the model quality as I mentioned before.

When one gets inside the members area, this seems to stick, apart from the fact that my overall impression is that it gets a bit more ‘organized’. There was something about the navigation menu which annoyed me a little… maybe it’s the fact that there’s a submenu as well which amongst other things contains as essential a section as the movie clips… a bit illogical perhaps?!

"Naughty Lounge" has an extensive movie collection of all models on the site, unfortunately though, the videos are rotated and thereby not all available at the same time. But to be quite honest the quality of the movies is excellent, content-wise as well as technically… and last, but not least, there are some real HOTTIES in here!

The really exiting part about this site is that its content is quite unusual and thus highly original. Not only is the model quality way above average, but this guy who does the shoots (and the girls as well) manages to pull off some crazy shit. Have you e.g. ever fucked an all tied up girl with a couple of toothbrushes, or maybe inserted a cake roll into a girl’s vagina? Well, neither have I, at least as far as I can remember ;-).
This is quite characteristic for “Naughty Lounge”… they stretch things a bit and the main vehicles for doing so are weird instruments and sex toys combined with a great deal of innovation and some submissive chicks.

What’s exceptionally great is that these girls looks like they enjoy the ride… either this guy has found himself some unknown porn actresses with an actual talent for acting (right!) or most of them actually get a kick out of this.


I’d rate Naughty Lounge a high score, given that it has all its girls on tape and will become available sooner or later. It does have a number of long movies by now and I’ll rate that as satisfying due to the fact that this site obviously updates on a regular basis (one hour of movies rotated each day).

The technical quality of the pictures and movie clips is very nice, and it’s a pleasure to behold the models getting a royal treatment that they’ll hardly ever forget. Furthermore, there’s lots and lots of material and thus it’s very unlikely that you’ll grow bored here…

Altogether, “Naughty Lounge” is absolutely a promising upcoming site with a lot of new attractive models and it certainly adds some spice to the business, especially if you’re into kinky sex.


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