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Naughty Mag review

Summary: Naughty Mag is the website of Naughty Neighbors magazine. Here you will find lots of back issues and unpublished photos from the mag. The content features amateurs - from 18 to 40+ years of age. Content quality is reasonable and updates are regular.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2007-06-18

Amateur, 18-23, Mature / MILF, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

It's actually hard to tell what the intro promises are since the content is so widely varied (and huge). The massive "intro page" talks about a lot of different stuff, including photo features, orgy videos, girls of every size shape and color, teenager hardcore, gangbangs, one-on-one, specialty niche bonus sites, and ... well, frankly, it's more than a little confusing and leaves you wondering if there is anything you won't find.

First impression

There is a lot of stuff here!

This is the website for Naughty Neighbors magazine, where amateurs send in photos of their naked wives and girlfriends. Some of those women and couples are then brought into the studio for professional shoots. There are also some XXX files which are usually professionally shot in a studio. These are the photos (including unpublished photos from the shoots) from various magazines including Naughty Neighbors, Over 30, Over 40, Eighteen, and Newcummers. Do the math. There are five magazines, each with from 40 to 90 issues, each with 10-20 girls, each with 20-100 photos. The mind boggles as the number of photos reaches six figures. If you want pictures of naked girls, naked wives, naked ladies, then you came to the right place.


Three day trial $2.95
One month $29.95

Membership is $29.95 per month, and if you like this kind of content do not expect to see everything in one month. There is a $2.95 three-day trial if you want to make sure that this is what you want.
They take credit cards, charge to telephone, on-line checks, and Eurodebit/JCB. Curiously, there is nothing to say what cards they take. They use or

Our opinion

The five magazines are presented with slightly different formats.

Naughty Neighbors has 92 issues, each about a dozen women (up to 18 in later issues), usually two or more XXX sex scenes and the rest solo undressing and sometimes masturbating with sex toys. Older issues have just the photos from the magazines; later issues have many more photos of each "scene" than were in the magazine.
Newcummers Magazine has 28 issues, each with 12-20 girls (including two or more XXX scenes per issue).
30-Something (12 issues) and 40-Something (11 issues) are magazines full of mature naked women.
18-Eighteen (37 issues) has, you guessed it, barely legal chicks, wannabe porn starlets, adventurous girlfriends, and newly-employed strippers. This is the one that is a little different, in that the magazine has 10 or more girls but the web site lists only five, usually with two XXX features.

The photos come in two sizes, 600x800 and 1200x1600. They are clear, well-lit, and quite explicit. Nothing out of focus, dimly lit, or poorly staged.

The videos are part of a separate series that they sell on DVD and are usually but not always different scenes not from the magazines.
The videos come in quicktime and WMV, in "low" and "high" modes, in five-minute mini-clips. Videos are organized into categories:
Best Sellers: solos, lesbos, orgies, boy-girl, everything else.
Specials: girls with sex toys
Casting Couch: Solo girls getting raunchy
Dressing Room (security camera): girls pretending they don't know about the camera
Porn Star Wannabees: their original amateur video submission and their audition tape in a studio, usually boy-girl sex.

There is a third content section called "features" which is divided into My Neighbor, Peep Show, Naughty Mag special, Toy Stories, and By Request. These are more photo galleries of more naked women. There is also a vaguely titled "more" section which accesses groups of features in various niches (18, pickup, amateur of the month, afternoon quickies, carded {barely legal}, lost and found strip sets, and a dozen more. Some of these are a single photo (for example, the "weekly cum shot") while others include a dozen or more "scenes" of girls doing this or that. There is a file of dirty jokes, and a file called "sex beat" which consists of sex-related news stories from the real world.

There is a fourth category called "Confessions" which consists of sex stories that readers mailed in (or maybe writers made up) covering a wide range of territory from "England Swings" to "Who is fucking me now?".

The action includes fucking, sucking, stripping, pussy licking ... the usual. There are no creampies that I could find. The photos are exclusive and there are one or two new updates every day. There really aren't any bonus sites per se; the whole site is one huge network of inter-linked archives so you could say that whatever you bought into the site for is just part of what you get.

If there is a negative, it is in navigation, but only because the site is HUGE. Even so, it's not really clear when you're down in the "features" section if you are seeing things that are also in the magazine section. There are so many photo sets you can't possibly remember what you have seen already. In the photos, you pick a category, then a magazine issue, then a girl in that issue, and you are given the first set of 20 photos (scenes have up to 100). Arrows take you to the next set, and from the last set of one girl the arrow takes you to the first set of the next girl. The bad part is that when you select a specific picture, there are now arrows to take you to the next (or previous) photo; you have to "back" to get to the gallery to pick another photo (or edit the url line at the top of the browser which is tediously annoying). For the videos, it's a little better. Select a girl and you have one screen listing all of the video clips (and by the way, a few of the videos come with photo files that don't seem to be repeated elsewhere).


For naked women, you get a lot here at Naughty Mag. For women with sex toys, you get a bunch of them here. For women fucking their brains out, well, only a fraction of the content is hardcore, but a fraction of a bazillion is still more hardcore porn than most sites.

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