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Next Door Hookups review

Summary: Next Door Hookups is a hard-core amateur site with mostly video captured images and videos in WMV and QuickTime for dial-up and broadband, streaming and downloadable.

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Score 55.0 /100
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Melissa, 2005-09-29

Amateur, Movies, Videos, Hardcore


Intro promises

The intro page opens up with pictures of, all American sex. Images of couples that are getting to know each other intimately. This is promised to be a website with no plot, no storyline, just all amateurs having sex. They promise male/female and female/female hook-ups. There are pictures of couples in every state of undress and arousal. These are pledged to be college-aged models, but we might have to check some I.D.’s. A new hook-up is promised each week with no cheesy storyline or plot.

First impression

The first impression tells me there is a fair amount of content on this website. The gallery/video pages in my opinion were pretty blah. Granted they said this is a no frills site, but still, a little something would have been nice. There was no text to tempt and tease you, your choice is to just be drawn in by the thumb-nailed images. Once you click on an image you are finally given a little breakdown on the couple you’re viewing.


1 month, $22.95 (Renews each month dropping $2 until it’s at $14.95 per month)
1 month, $25.95 (Non recurring)
3 months, $55.00 (Non recurring)
6 months, $100.00 (Non recurring)

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Our opinion

Ok, the first thing that I have to get off of my chest before delving deeper is this, as I mentioned in “Intro Promises” this site is pledged to be full of college aged models, and in fact none of the models were over 22 years when the scenes were shot.

This is a self-proclaimed amateur website, on which the couples aren’t air brushed model types, and they really do look like they could be your next-door neighbors. The pictures aren’t captured as being such amateur shots, they look to be professionally posed and make a great impression on the camera lens. So we should give kudos to the photographer on this issue!

There are approximately 32 thumb-nailed galleries for you to choose from. Thumbnails in the size of 100x100 pixels to give you a taste of what lies beyond. Slide your mouse into position and click for some photos and a video. On this page is where you get approximately 1 paragraph of background information on the featured couple. You’re also offered 4 movie photos to make you stand up and take notice.

Galleries open up to approximately 35 images each. They are introduced as 80x80 pixel thumbnails. Just one click will cause those pixels to increase to, 475x362. The picture quality could be improved greatly - both in terms of resolution and sharpness, considering that only the first handful of pics are actual photographs and the rest are videocaptures. The larger images have lightly dashed boundary lines that basically divide the picture into three segments, however it doesn’t distort anything in your viewing. Hold your mouse over the first section and it shows, “Previous Photo,” middle section states, “Thumbnail Page,” while the last section leads you to, “Next Photo.” The quality of the images seems to actually be better before enlarging, once you click they become just a bit grainy. There is also a slide show feature so you can have that hands free approach to keep them “cumming.”

This is also the page where you can access the videos. The formats offered are Windows Media, (Broadband and Dial-Up), and also QuickTime (Broadband and Any Speed). If you choose to stream the vmw-videos, entry to the videos is restricted, so you’ll have to type your Login and Password once more for access. You can also download and save the vmw videos by simply right-clicking and save as. I was impressed with the amount of run time for these movies, 14+ minute average. Broadband is 512Kbit/s, while the dial-up is, 56Kbit/s. The quality of the videos is good and even though some held some actual “amateurish” looking frames, there was some good, hot sex.


This is a boy meets girl, boy bangs girl website. The quality wasn’t something that I’d run an ad to promote, but it will pass the time on a Friday night. Just a plain Jane site, which is what they professed, but it sure didn’t feature much pizzazz. It reminded me of a porno with no plot, great if you are just wanting to get off quick for the sake of release, but how about improving the quality?

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Total average: 85.4/100 Our score: 55.0/100

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