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Nude in San Francisco review

Summary: Nude in San Francisco is a public nudity site where amateur girls get naked on the streets of San Francisco. There is so far 10 models in a handful of high quality photo sets each. Action is softcore with posing only. Price seems very fair.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2008-09-15

Amateur, Softcore, Reality, Fetish, Other

exhibitionism, public nudity

Intro promises

"Nude in San Francisco is devoted to girls exploring San Francisco naked. The girls are completely naked, and walking through the most recognizable landmarks of the city. They are not flashing, not streaking, but wandering boldly through every neighborhood of the city. It's really quite amazing!"

First impression

This site is not going to win any web design awards. We start (from the top) with a small "painting" of a nude girl getting onto a streetcar.

Below that is a note of the most recent update. You almost didn't notice the link just above that for "all nudinsf girls" which is the actual point of access to the site's content. Below that are links to the message board, the interactive map (which my Macinish 09 cannot read), and "other interesting links" (some of which are free, some of which are not).


$3.95 for two weeks trial (recurring at $6.95 monthly)
This is a Recession special! Only $3.95 for the first two weeks, then only $6.95 per month until the economy picks up.

Phone billing and money orders also available at higher cost.

Billing by CCBill.

Our opinion

There are 10 girls on the site each with 2-5 photo files. (There are a few short video clips of one of the girls.)

Alyssa, a nervous brunette with small perky boobs, walks down some stairs at Ashbury Heights and has 48 photos.

Citron (glasses, short brown hair, and a shaved pussy) has 125 photos showing three walks, on Nob Hill, Russian Hill, and Pacific Heights. (The files have her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th walks with no explanation for the missing first walk.) Some of her photos are unusually explicit as she gets bolder on each of her walks.

Dominica (dark hair, dark nipples, shaved pussy) has 218 photos covering her first, fourth, and fifth walks (no explanation of the missing files) exploring Monterey Heights and Mount Sutro.

Iona has 127 photos of three walks around Buena Vista and Castro. She's a short-haired brunette with a natural bush.

Jenny has 180 photos of two walks around the Marina and the Palace of Fire Arts. She has short blonde hair, mosquito-bite tits, and a narrow landing strip leading to her slit.

Marie has 347 photos of four walks around Eureka Valley, Cole Valley, Haight-Ashbury, and Lombard Street. She has the only videos (in WMV format). She has short dark hair, small boobs, and a natural bush.

Rachel has 210 photos covering four walks around Pacific Heights, Japantown, Chinatown, and Presidio Heights. She has medium length hair (almost white), medium boobs, and a natural bush (but kind of sparse, not much hair covering the usual triangle). It actually looks like she just forgot to shave for two or three days.

Samora has 156 photos to chronicle her two walks (around Seacliff and Richmond). She has medium-length dark hair, nice medium boobs, and a slightly-wider landing strip.

Agnes (an asian chick with long dark hair) has 40 photos, but not from San Francisco. These are from another site that was the prototype for this one. She has medium boobs and a landing strip.

The photos are professional quality (despite being shot under the impending threat of arrest) and are huge (1750x2628). As happens in location shooting, the light and background vary, and some shots are in shadow. (You cannot exactly stand around posing the girl in the best light; they don't want to be on the street more than 5-20 minutes). The girls are all reasonably pretty girls next door, not unapproachable fashion models.


If you like "nude in public" Nude in San Francisco is a good site. If you like random pictures of naked girls, this is pretty good. For the incredibly cheap price, it's worth a look.

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Comments from other readers

2013-03-07 01:35:04

Total rubbish. SF has a no nudity ordinance, or at least didn't. So anyone can go wander around the whole city all day anywhere they like nude. There is a fairly large movement devoted to this and many websites with real women not some chumpy models walking around nude. No reason to pay for this crap.