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PunkGrl review

Summary: PunkGrl is a UK-based goth/alt-porn community featuring only UK amateur girls with an attitude and looks to match. The content here is strictly photos and softcore with and without nudity. PunkGrl has a couple of issues though with no zip files and long waiting time for gallery thumbnails.

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Joseph, 2008-10-30

Amateur, Babes, Fetish, Softcore, 18-23, Photography / studio

alt-porn, emo, goth, tattoo, UK girls

Intro promises

- Exclusive British Alt Girls
- UK Emo Babes
- British Rock Chicks
- UK Goth Girls
- British Punk Girls
- UK Pinup Babes

First impression

Started around January of 2007, is a website based in Great Britain (what’s so great about it?) that showcases amateur alternative models from all over the United Kingdom, “from the Underworld in Camden to the Krazyhouse in Liverpool.” contains exclusive pictures of “real amateur rock chicks, alt girls, emo teens and goth babes.” Content consists of exclusive high-resolution pictures plus daily blogs from the girls (grls?). Intriguingly, members of get to vote on hopeful PunkGrls who have uploaded their own candid photos to the site in the hopes of achieving Internet superstardom, the kind one usually only gains from writing reviews of pornographic websites or starring in a YouTube video involving flatulence to some degree — these are all real amateur British alt models who have applied to become PunkGrls… and you get to decide who’s good enough to make the cut! How exciting! But is the rest of anywhere near as exciting as its delightful premise?! Let us find out. NOW.


$3.95 for 1 day trial, recurring at $24.95 per 30 days.
$24.95 for 30 days (recurring)

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Our opinion is updated twice a week (every Wednesday and Sunday) with a brand new PunkGrl. Presently, the site is home to seventy-nine “very hot” punk girls, most of which are first time models, though the webmasters claim to have many more waiting to go live (for what it’s worth, the webmasters shoot girls at least three times a week). Each PunkGrl has at least one photoset under name, though many have a couple and some have half a dozen. You can see the girls currently on the site by clicking on “Girls” in the menu at the top of each page or by browsing the dropdown list, also at the very top of each page. Other areas of note accessible via the menu at the tope of each page include hopefuls (where you can peruse photos of girls vying for a chance to be PunkGrls), blogs (read the girls’ private thoughts!), a model application/FAQ and affiliates (obviously, this portion of the site will interest members). You can browse content by “mini newsfeed,” “popular this month” and “popular all time” as well. There are also plenty of tags to go around. In other words, navigating this site is a cinch.

The makers of inarticulately brag of utilizing the services of “very talented photographers who [the webmasters] work very closely with to ensure all [’s] pictures are of the highest quality.” To wit, pictures in the members area are 1500x1000 pixels in size. In other words, the pictures are almost as big as the chip on my shoulder, in fact! And, yes, the photos are expertly shot, thus’s bragging is totally warranted. The photosets have an average of thirty-five pics… not a whole lot, huh? Unfortunately no zip files are available, but can be saved individually.

Members and PunkGrls alike post comments on their favorite photosets and each girl has a profile which not only tells members about her (orientation, body modifications, first gig, etc.) and gives ‘em the opportunity to read her blog but also lists the Punk Grl’s favorite (or “fav”) “grls” on the site! Wow!

Put bluntly, the girls on this site are totally fucking hot. Sadly, though, a bunch of the photosets don’t contain any actual nudity (what’s up with that?!), thus you won’t get to see the goodies of some of the hottest girls on the site! Don’t cock-tease us,, give us the goods! I can only pray to the god of my choice that future sets starring some of these non-nude gals will feature nudity… and lots of it! Still, I will begrudgingly jerk off to this site. In fact, I will continue to masturbate to this site to protest its lack of nudity! That’ll teach you,!

The most intriguing area of this site, of course, is the section where hopefuls send in candid pics in order to become future Punk Grls. Not only can you vote for your favorite hopefuls, but you can leave comments to help sway other members’ votes. It’s genuinely fascinating to read the comments and also see which girls are favored by the majority of the site’s users (apparently, nudity in the candid shots is a plus and big fake tits don’t hurt); a lot of these people have awful taste! They consistently vote for the lamest girls! C’mon, guys, you’re gonna ruin the site by picking lousy babes as future Punk Grls!


Armed with a fairly novel premise (members get to pick the models!) and an army of hot babes ready to kill, PunkGrl certainly got this reporter’s blood pumping!

Having said that, I still think this site could use more nudity… a lot more! C’mon, guys, if I really wanted to be cock-teased, I’d start eating at the Sizzler again! (You know you want it, Lurlene!!!) The lack of nudity really is a buzz-kill… If you wanna compete with the big dogs (Suicide Girls, Burning Angel, etc.), you’re gonna have to get much raunchier,…and how! In other words, show us your tits… as well as your tats.


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