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Real Ex Girlfriends review

Summary: Real Ex Girlfriends is a reality site based on the well known premise of guys sharing footage of their ex girlfriends. Although some effort has gone into the filming, it quickly becomes obvious that the movies are staged. So far 85 updates, but video quality is average at best. Part of Porn Pros Network.

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Tamesin, 2008-12-17

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Intro promises

"As dudes, weve all been in a relationship with a chick where your sex life crossed paths with a digital camera or camcorder. This site was made for all you dudes out there who know what im talking about and have filmed theselves fucking at one time or another. Did you save the footage? Well, this is where you can get the ultimate revenge... "

- Weekly updates
- Downloadable videos
- Members can add their own porn
- Access to Porn Pros Network

First impression

Well, I'm always a bit skeptical about sites that revolve around videos of so-called ex-girlfriends having sex. Legalities notwithstanding, it's hard to believe from the the tour on Real ExGirlfriends that amateurs would have this good a quality videos and screencaps. Plus, when I saw the same description written for two of the updates, I was even more skeptical. But let me check my skepticism at the door and go inside and check it out.


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Our opinion

Despite impressive stats (the Porn Pros network, which this site is part of, has over 600 full length scenes, over 70000 photos, and almost 15000 hours of downloadable video), I have to admit right off the bat that I don't like the layout of Real Ex Girlfriends. There's just way too much stuff going on that doesn't seem to be laid out in any coherent fashion. The top menu is the Home page, then there's Browse/Search, Sites (around 15 bonus sites), My Picks, Cams, and Dating. Below that is an ad for live cam chat, then there's two thumbnails and a description to the two latest updates. Scroll down and you'll see a link to the porn network's calendar of updates. Real Ex Girlfriends updates every Wednesday. Below their network calendar is "Upcoming Updates," but that just shows the same live chat banner that was on the home page. Below this is the All Network Updates, which shows there's an update every day amongst the network of sites.

Below the calendar link is more of the latest Real Ex Girlfriend's updates, then more ads for the live chat, and then all of the updates for this site. There are almost 100 episodes, dating back to December, 2006.

Along the side are modules for Porn Pros Plugs, Most Popular Videos, Top Ranked Videos (all sites). The top ranked videos, despite saying "all sites" are from Real Ex Girlfriends, although when I checked again later, other sites were also included. Then there's more ads to other porn sites.

Videos open to 512x288 (around 1.34 Mbps) sized screen and are of pretty good quality although the low resolution is bordering at unaccebtable. You have the option of watching or downloading the movie in parts in Flash/FLV or Windows/WMV. You can download the full movie in WMV, or you can watch one minute clips in WMV in Broadband or dialup. The full videos average around 25 to 30 minutes long. There's also a zip downloadable picture gallery to go with the episodes. The photos open to 638x850 pixels and are usually screencaps. Some of the screencaps are really poor quality, while others are pretty good. Other sets looked like posed galleries and were pretty good quality. The photo sets are sizable; the ones I saw had around 100 pictures each.

Venturing into the rest of Porn Pros Network I have to say some of the videos and pictures on there are unbelievable, and I don't mean that in a good way. I laughed out loud at Freaks of Cock with its black monster dicks that clearly looked like plastic (i.e., fake) appendages. What really clinched the "fake factor" for me was the amount of cum these black bats, with strategically placed veins, produced. The porn models literally looked like someone poured a gallon of thick cream on them. Come on, men can't produce that much sperm - not even the famed Peter North. Out of curiosity and for some good laughs, I went ahead and watched a video of one of these gallon of cum super soaker pumping black "appendages." The so-called big dick never changed shape, which real men's cocks in porn do. The balls were never shown because the guy was constantly trying to hold the sex toy between his legs.

Because of such overt trickery, I was skeptical of these videos of so-called ex-girlfriends. Fortuitously, I happened to watch two videos (toriblack and michellehoney) that were actually shot in the same room. (At least the webmaster had the presence of trickery to get two different "boyfriends.") I don't know, maybe in your world, you and your friends live in the same house and decide to film yourselves fucking your soon to be ex-girlfriends in the same room. (But you want a different ambience, so you change the picture on the wall). Oh, and while the other video I watched was filmed in a different "house," the big bathroom counter unbelievably had only a couple bottles of lotion on it. It didn't even have soap at the sink.

No, this all smells of a set up to me. These videos are obviously not authentic amateur videos. Now, if you don't mind watching porn where you know the webmaster isn't even trying to make the premise believable, then you may like these videos. And you may like FORGETTING that the whole premise of Real (oops, don't pay too much attention to that word "real") ExGirlfriends is that these are indeed amateur former girlfriends whose ex-boyfriends were so pissed off that they decided to put the videos online. If so, there's quite a few scenes here - 85 at present time and a lot of good camera angles - a la POV - that are pretty creative. Even a great deal of the closeups still retain their clear quality. (Amateurs, of course, wouldn't be able to do that). Also, you aren't likely to find most of these women in other porn sites. It just would've been better if this site hadn't tried to insult the members' intelligence. Marketing it as an amateur point of view porn site would've been much better, in my opinion. I wouldn't have felt disrespected by the obvious con from the get-go.


I do not like Real (cough, cough) ExGirlfriends one bit. First of all, the place is too filled up with ads for other porn sites that you have to pay membership for. The navigation is too "busy" in my opinion, without any quick way of getting to the videos. You have to scroll through a few ads on the home page to see the updates. When you click to see the second page of updates, it takes you right up to the top again, so you have to scroll through all those ads just to see the second page of the updates.

As I stated above, I believe these videos aren't from men trying to get revenge on their exes by showing their supposed amateur homemade videos. If you want to look at this site as just another amateur porn video site where the performers know they're going to be on a paysite, then the videos are enjoyable enough. But I do wish the site would respect members' intelligence and not be so incredibly fake, especially in some of their other videos.


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