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Real Girls Gone Bad review

Summary: The scenes and galleries are exclusive and they feature exactly what they promise on the tour: real UK girls at party destinations going wild, getting naked, and having a great time. The movies are a little bit repetitive as one is very much like the next, but fans of this content shouldn't mind that. The HD videos looked good but were streaming only. The site could be better in a few areas but isn't a bad deal for fans seeking real girls going wild on spring breaks.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-10-30

Amateur, 18-23, Boobs, Reality, Softcore, Videos, Movies

authentic amateurs, big boobs, English girls, natura breasts, spring break, wet t shirt

Intro promises

- Exclusive and authentic content
- HD Quality videos
- Guaranteed weekly updates
- No paid actresses

First impression

You're promised an authentic night out with real British amateur girls who have flown out to wild party towns to booze, dance and do all the things they're too decent to do back home. Wet T-shirt contests and public nudity with plenty of alcohol flowing on the side is the order of the day, and promised in full high definition.

The site has a Girls Gone Wild appeal to it - they even borrowed part of the name - so fans of that sort of content should have something worth seeing here. I signed up to look through the members area and checkout their content, so read on for details about both.


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Our opinion

The name of this site sounds vaguely familiar, doesn't it? Well the content here is filmed in the same spirit as that famous Girls Gone brand that's been on payperview for so many years. Only here they are interested in chasing around hot UK girls that have traveled abroad to party and misbehave. The site does have some things it could work on but for fans of this sort of softcore, authentic girls in public action, the content is entertaining and well done.

Fun and In-Public Nudity, Flashing and Girl-on-Girl Softcore

All of the videos are in one of two styles: bar crawl or wet tshirt. The Bar Crawls are just footage on loud dance floors of lots of girls very drunk and having a great time. Usually clothes start coming off in these, girls flashing and touching their tits. A few girls even get totally naked right on the floor, everyone screaming and shouting around them in encouragement. The wet t-shirt contests are just what you'd expect of them, but by the end the girls are pretty well naked and dancing around, their nice tits bouncing and juddering to the applause and shouts of the onlookers.

In a lot of the scenes the girls tug off each others' clothes and get flirty with each other, kissing, sucking on each other's tits, and that sort of thing. Nothing further. There is no sex or penetrations or anything like that. It's about dancing, drunk and topless girls for the most part.

All of the girls are from the UK and in the 18-23 year old range. They are also authentic amateurs. The site doesn't use actresses, just like it promised.

Streaming-Only Videos, But They Are HD

The videos are going to be streaming-only here. It was disappointing, but the quality was good and that makes up for it a bit. You can stream in HD in 1280x720 screens. Putting the movies to full screen, they still look great. Movies run about 10 minutes long on average but there are a few that are 30 minutes or longer.

Good Quality Galleries

Every video has a gallery and they also have gallery updates that stand alone. The ones with videos usually have images that open to 720x1080 pixels. The stand alone galleries have images that open to 1200x1600 pixels and look a little better. The photographs are snapped during the parties. You can see the photographers in a lot of the videos, actually. You can save individual photographs but they don't offer a way to download entire galleries.

Good-Sized Collection & Regular Updates

There were 55 videos and 66 galleries at the time of my visit. Every week a new video gets added with regularity, which should keep things interesting.

Limited Browsing Tools

You can sort the videos by most recent, oldest, or views. There are no categories or other browsing tools. I guess I shouldn't be too critical on this point, as the videos are all quite similar in style, and the girls are always different unknown amateurs. I still felt the site could have done some sort of tagging or categorization - which movies have full nudity, have lesbian petting, have big tits, etc.

No Bonuses or Extras

There are no extras and no bonus sites included with a subscription, which was unfortunate. I felt a few bonuses could have helped fill out the site, given the streaming only content and shorter video runtimes.


A little repetitive at times but a fun site if you want to watch real British girls getting wasted and wild in bars and clubs.

I was a little disappointed to find the site is streaming-only and doesn't allow you to save any of the movies. The streaming video is high quality but I think most surfers are like me and like to have the option to save scenes we like forever. The site provides a good number of clips and galleries though and is updating as often as promised. The content is a little repetitive after awhile (a lot of wet t shirt contests) but for fans of that sort of softcore porn it can be a lot of fun.


A lot of the sites we've reviewed that feature girls getting a little wild in public tend to feature a lot of hardcore action as well.

I think In The VIP is a great example. The scenes here are filmed in HD and star a mix of porn stars with amateur models hitting up night clubs, dancing, getting naked, and having sex in public with multiple partners, right on the dance floor. You get network access to a mega site as a bonus here as well.

Tainster is similar, but at a larger scale and with authentic amateur girls from Eastern Europe. The site features huge parties with loud club music and lots of hot girls dancing, getting naked, having sex with each other and with men, over the course of hours of partying. There is network access and High Definition downloads included here as well.

You can get a similar experience from Real Party Sluts, too. This is an HD site with amateur girls and a few porn stars who party, get wasted, and fuck in front of rooms full of other party goers, including taking cum shots and gagging on cock, all without batting an eye! Network access is included as a bonus.


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Total average: 77.5/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2012-10-30 15:44:10

In regards to the competitors part of the review, I totally disagree. I've currently a member of InTheVIP and also signed up to RGGB and can tell that RGGB is actually genuinely real, you can just tell these girls are NOT paid but InTheVIP, RealPartySluts and Tainster book clearly paid models, so all of their scenes are fake and it's just so obvious. RGGB is the only genuinely real amateur site out there where the girls are not models, not paid and are not actresses. Good work RGGB, keep it up :-)

2013-03-12 10:22:37

Sweet site! Def good value for money and real girls for sure :-) more please.

2013-10-23 10:06:17

love it and see new destinations are being added! awesome!

2014-09-07 17:34:57

Real content from girls stripping in a bar on their vacation in Tenerife. The site is updated regularly (about once in 3 days). Video's are watchable in HD quality which is a great plus.

Only downside is the camera work. There are lots of close ups but i like to see the girls faces, and there reactions more.

Also a great site when you are into public nudity and ENF (embarrassed naked females).

2015-08-06 21:40:36

quality site, just wish they would update more than once a week and took more photos of each party night