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Real Punting Review

Summary: Real Punting is a site that follows a horny chap across England as he hires various escorts and pays them for sex. He takes pictures, films HD videos and writes up detailed reports of every sexual encounter, and there are well over 100 of them so far and counting. The movies look great, the escorts are REAL, and so is the action at this exciting site.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-04-19

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Intro promises

- Real UK Escorts
- 100% Exclusive
- Updated every week
- HD Videos

First impression

Real Punting is a site out of the UK. "Punting" is the act of banging an escort, for those that don't know, and here a horny English lad films himself banging all sorts of hot escorts from all over the UK. It seems like we get to see what it's like to hire, talk to and then fuck an escort via these very real, amateur porn flicks. With promises of HD videos and real escorts I'm pretty eager to get inside and check things out.


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Our opinion

In 2006 Real Punting won the UK Adult Film Awards prize for Best Reality Film. No surprise there, as this is an innovative, exciting and rather high quality amateur site that takes "reality" to new levels of authenticity.

As you've no doubt gleamed by now, this site is all about fucking UK Escorts. Specifically about one horny guy that has, by now, fucked just about all of the escorts in all of England! He captures each encounter with photos and HD videos. We meet the escort first, chat her up, then see her get naked or pose in some kinky costumes. After that we watch this guy have a go at having his hard dick sucked and at fucking the model's tight holes and leaving his steaming load all over her face.

The sex isn't terribly inventive in any way, but that's not what makes this site so alluring. That would be owed to the entire concept driving each scene. I doubt there's a man walking the earth that hasn't wondered what it'd be like to call up an escort and get laid by her. Some of us have done it, others have come close, surfing websites and maybe even picking up a phone to dial. Most of us, however, chicken out at the last second or for one reason or another don't go through with it. It remains a mysterious and extremely erotic fantasy. Now we can live out that fantasy thanks to this website.

I can't stress enough how real these escorts are. Some of them are very hot, with big tits and tight, tanned bodies. Others are older or out of shape or just not that physically attractive by mainstream ideals. You really get a mixed bag of escorts here. Each one puts up a good performance in the videos and galleries though, and this guy definitely gets his money's worth out of every hardcore sexual encounter.

The site is very large, but not all that well designed. You can see the amateur-ness shining through when browsing through the pages. It's a simple white and red design. There is a search function that works pretty well, the most results listed are the "reports". A word on these reports, as I think they are one of the best features of the site. Every encounter with an escort has a write up, or a "report". It lists the name of the escort, the date they hooked up, how much time he purchased, where it took place and how much it cost. The guy then writes up a super detailed review of the escorts and the time her spent with them. Part of it is setting up the encounter and part of it reads a bit like an erotic story. They're a great read when flipping through photos and downloading the movies!

Besides the search you'll have to do with browsing by location inside of England, and believe me this guy has fucked escorts in all of those locations! When you click a location, it lists pics and links to the galleries, reports and video options.

Each model generally has a video (or videos) and a picture gallery of the encounter. The pictures are 598x900 pixels and standard resolution. They look good, but they aren't all that professional. You get pics of the escort posing, stripping and in the various sexual acts she performs with the guy paying her. Most sets are quite large, often with over 150 images. You can browse through them online or download them in zip files.

The videos come in parts, usually broken into sections like "interview", "blowjobs", "lap dance", "cum on face", etc. You can stream any of these parts in a Flash video player that's kind of small. You can also download them in a variety of formats. The two of importance were both in Windows Media file types. There is an HD option that offers a 1280x720 resolution and a 4.48 mbps bit rate that looks sharp. You'll also find a standard-res WMV option that is 704x396 and runs at a 2.35 mbps bit rate. There are Real Player files, too, but these are poor quality and require a special player. The entire encounter usually gives about 30 minutes of footage.

The sex is hot and very real - - it definitely doesn't feel like a pornstar is fucking, but real people. It's not super glitz and glamorous but immediate and authentic. This makes it feel even more voyeuristic in the sense that we get to see and experience hiring, fucking and cumming on a real UK escort. Each set is just phenomenal here, but you should be ready to take the hot girls with the standard girls as not all of the escorts are beauties.

Updates are made weekly to his huge site, so it keeps getting bigger. That's a good thing since no bonuses are included with your membership.


Real Punting offers real sex with real escorts. The site is very unique and uniquely authentic as well. I had a blast with this site as it let me live out one of my fantasies: fucking hot escorts. The site is amateur but well executed and offering gorgeous HD options. Fans of escort sex or that have fantasized about hiring an escort should definitely check this site out.

Note: As a testament to how real these escorts are, the webmaster requested that we blur the faces of some escorts inside the members area since they do not wish to be recognized.


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