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Revenge Cams review

Summary: Revenge Cams is a reality site based on the theme of exposing your unfaithful partner on the internet. The number of episodes is still very limited, and the video quality is mediocre. Site is part of All Network Pass with 40+ sister sites.

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Joseph, 2007-09-17

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Intro promises

“You've never seen anything like this -- angry viewers exposing their cheating partners' footage on the Net! We've got dozens of real-life traitors and players caught in the act on film. So if you've got a cheater to expose, join us today so you can send in your movie! Who knows, that cheater could be someone you think you know! Join us now and get back at 'em players!”

First impression

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Personally, I like to serve mine lukewarm and garnish it with all manners of tropical fruit. Mmm, revenge never tasted so sweet! Revenge Cams prefers the former approach. You see, Revenge Cams purports to possess compromising hidden camera footage of cheaters cheating on their partners — this footage is presented uncut and uncensored by Revenge Cams in an attempt to humiliate the guilty parties and titillate the site’s members. Honestly, though, these videos are probably staged; I mean, some of them are just too good to be true, especially the ones that end with a jilted lover walking in on the cheating parties whilst doing the deed. Still, the site has an intriguing premise and it scores points for originality. Let’s take a look at the members area and see if Revenge Cams scores any more points for providing the public with quality porn.


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Our opinion

The members area of Revenge Cams displays all the content in the All Network Pass, which currently includes a robust fifty-one sites, all of which allegedly contain exclusive content. All Network Pass calls itself “the largest online adult network” and brags of being “the only network that adds ten new scenes a day.” The network covers a lot of ground with regards to genres and niches, though it does seem to specialize in handjobs, footjobs and gagging. All Network Pass also has a huge DVD archive containing over fifteen thousand movies.

But this isn’t a review of All Network Pass, so we’ll move along to Revenge Cams, which is a relatively new site, thus there are currently only ten scenes available. Before you scoff, let me remind you that a membership to this site gets you access to all of the sites in the All Network Pass network, thus you’ll have plenty of bonus content to keep you busy while Revenge Cams gets its shit together. So quit yer bellyachin,’ tuff guy.

Each scene on Revenge Cams is roughly the same: A suspicious lover sets up a hidden video camera (or “revenge cam”) to catch his/her significant other in the act of cheating. The jilted lover talks to the camera and explains why he/she suspects infidelity (that’s probably the most natural thing to do whilst setting up a hidden camera, right?). The jilted lover leaves and, eventually, the cheaters come into frame. The couple kisses, acts badly, strips and, finally, sucks and fucks each other until being caught by the jilted lover, who just so happens to return to the scene of crime like fifteen minutes after he/she left. Like I said, this footage is probably fake. For instance, the acting is unbelievably stilted and unnatural. Also, some of the performers are clearly performing for the camera. To the site’s credit, though, the videos are shot in such a way that it’s clear the makers of Revenge Cams are going for authenticity; for example, part of the screen is often obscured to suggest the camera is hidden and you can hear dogs barking in the background from time to time, subtly suggesting these clips are not professionally shot on a soundstage or something. Of course, these videos are professionally shot, which is kind of disappointing. Even more disappointing is the fact that none of the videos end with pop shots, as the jilted parties always walk in before the couples finish up. Lame. Further complicating matters, almost all of the content on Revenge Cams can also be found on Real Sex Scandals, another site in the network. Oops.

Videos on Revenge Cams can be downloaded in full or streamed in one-minute clips or a series of slightly longer ones. Currently, there are no photo galleries on Revenge Cams, but each episode suggests that the photos for the scene will be coming soon.

For some reason, some of the clips are only available in MPG, while the links to the WMV versions redirect to some chat site. There must be some kinf of error here, but it's disappointing especially since the MPG clips are lower quality.

The content on Revenge Cams is mediocre to average-looking, but the graininess of the images does help to maintain the feel and look of this allegedly amateur-shot spy cam footage. The performers also do look (and act) like amateurs, with some of the girls being a little on the dumpy side. In those two respects, Revenge Cams sells its premise with some success.


Revenge Cams is a mixed bag at best. First, there isn’t much content on it yet and the content that is there is not exclusive to the site. Second, the videos are obviously fake. Third, the quality of the content is lacking. Still, most of the bonus sites contain oodles of material in many niches, so a membership to Revenge Cams may be worth the money if only to get access to the rest of the All Network Pass content.

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