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See My GF review

Summary: See My Girlfriend is an amateur site where users submit naughty photographs and videos of their girlfriends -- and sometimes themselves -- in the midst of all manner of unholy sexual debauchery. Having been in the business since 2001, they've managed to amass quite the collection. Updates are daily, the kink is diverse, and the babes are real. The drawbacks are that the videos are short (averaging 4 minutes) and the playback quality is god-awful.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2010-01-20

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Intro promises

"You're gonna be surprised about how many REAL COUPLES makes & share their own Homemade Porn! SeeMyGF its an entertaining example of what Amateur Enthusiasts can do: The content is Submitted by Real People with a Camera and a Naughty Girlfriend.. If you enjoy the lack of polish you´ll love
Over 45,500 Girlfriends"

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First impression

Ever see some lucky schmuck out with his perfect 10 girlfriend and get the nagging urge to proposition them both for nudes only to have the fear of rejection, physical violence, and legal ramifications cause your dreams to come to a crashing halt? If so, I may have just the site for you.

At See My Girlfriend, guys and gals are lining up to share intimate videos and pictures of their significant other with you. God bless them. And why not? The grass is, as they say, always greener on the other side of the fence.

The tour isn't much to go by, and among the paltry amount of teaser-images displayed, I actually recognize a few. In fact, I'm fairly sure one of them is an infamous fake that's been floating around 4Chan for a number of years. I'd never judge a site solely by the tour, however, and the idea of amateur pussy is just too much to pass up. I guess I better mozie on into the members area before I render my final verdict.


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Our opinion

Aside from the obnoxious row of ads taking up a sizable chunk of the left-hand side of the page, the layout to the members area is pretty straight-forward and easy on the eyes. Topping the page, beneath a cute banner displaying the site's moniker, sits the main navigation menu. The options are, for the most part, basic and self explanatory: Girlfriends pictures, Mixed Amateurs (Sets containing mixed submissions based on different themes of niches), Amateur Videos, and Support.

There are currently 496 videos, each in the Windows Media format, sharing a resolution of 320x240. Bitrates vary dramatically from video-to-video, but that doesn't really matter, as playback is always sub par. Worse yet, most of the clips are teasingly short. I'd place the average running time at 4 minutes. Clips that were 8 minutes in length were actually referred to as "Huge" in their descriptions. Download speeds are phenomenal, but does that really matter when the clips are rarely bigger than 9 megabytes?

Honestly, this whole short-clip phenomenon is a mystery to me. I checked the submission guidelines and there's absolutely nothing about scene length. Since it's highly improbable that so many people would, without some form of collusion, submit clips of nearly the exact same running time, I'm going just going to have to assume the webmaster has edited the clips down. Why? God only knows.

On the bright side, the content itself is killer. I found myself browsing the videos for hours-on-end, cumming multiple times, and finding a shitload of keepers in the process. I've seen all manner of sex acts here: blow jobs, anal, threesomes, orgies, double-penetration, lesbians, dildo-play, etc. I suppose the diverse action can be attributed to the mere nature of the site. I mean, when your material is amateur-produced and submitted on an extremely loose set of guidelines, you're gonna get action that is fairly damned pretty unpredictable.

It didn't take me long to strike gold. The clip started out with a steamy P.O.V. blow job. Louisa, the camera operator's girlfriend, slobbered on his knob with all the skill of a seasoned hooker. This went on for a minute or so before she withdrew her head from his lap and mumbled something about wanting a big cock in her pussy. And then her boyfriend said, "You hear that, dude? I think she wants you."

Taking this as his cue, a tall fellow with an athletic build strolled into frame and inserted his fully erect, 8-inch dick into her waiting pussy. Her muffled moans and squeals were loud and frightening. Some of her screams were so intense, in fact, I worried she might accidentally bite her boyfriend's dick off in the heat of the moment.

I should also add that the Girlfriends are just as diverse as the smut. During my lengthy visit, I jerked off to ladies of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. Each was beautiful in her own right, and one of them even had a dick!

Nearly 9 years in the making, the photo archive has amassed over 1200 galleries. Since these are shot by unskilled hands on a wide variety of cameras, you can expect results to vary. The same goes for resolutions. Although, just not unlike their video brethren, they tend to lean toward the small size. I don't recall seeing anything larger than 1000x700 pixels. To be fair, I didn't see anything smaller than 500x600, either.

If you and your loved one are feeling adventurous, you, too, can join in on the fun. Users are invited to submit their own kinky photos and videos. Better yet, they'll even pay you if they're accepted. I should inform you, however, that submissions must have consent of both yourself AND your girlfriend.

Of course, there's always the chance people will submit photos of others trying to pass them off as themselves. This is remedied, however, by requiring submissions come with an attached photo of the "girlfriend" with the site's name written on a sign or, better yet, her body. So, even if you aren't bold enough to show your girlfriend's naked ass to the world, you can at least take comfort in the fact that the naked ass you are looking at is the genuine article.


Despite the terrible playback quality and the uniformly short running times of the clips, I found myself loving See My GF. Seriously, I think my balls are drained for life. A must have for any fan of the amateur genre!


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