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She Fucked Up review

Summary: She Fucked Up has a decent collection of amateur porn movies. The content includes solo, lesbian and hardcore sex with the girls, who are mostly authentic amateurs though a few look like porn stars. The scenes are longer than on most ex girlfriend themed sites and the picture quality is better, too. The site is inconsistent though and can repeat the same scenes on occasion in its twice-weekly updates. As for the HD promises, none of the HD downloads I came across offered true HD picture quality, but had large screen resolutions to view them in. Overall a decent collection of content.

Score 75.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-08-28

Amateur, 18-23, Blowjob, Lesbian, Hardcore, Videos, Movies

authentic amateurs, cum shot, facial, homemade porn, POV, solo masturbation, user submitted content

Intro promises

"The world's biggest collection of submitted girlfriend pics and movies"

- Fresh new girls updated weekly
- 100% original content
- Full HD Video

First impression

She Fucked Up digs into an exciting and popular sort of amateur porn starring real girlfriends (or ex girlfriends). The content on the tour looks like a pretty general mix of material: girls giving blow jobs, having sex, doing strip teases, taking topless pictures of themselves and more. Unlike most sites in this niche, She Fucked Up promises HD video downloads for the movies, and also claims to be the biggest site of its kind on the internet - a bold claim indeed.

The thumbnails on the tour lead to the sign up form, so to get any more real information about this site and its collection of porn I had to take the plunge and grab a pass. Read on for the in depth porn review going over all that I found inside the members area.


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Our opinion

She Fucked Up is playing on the exceedingly popular style of amateur content called ex girlfriend porn, which is mostly made by guys who got dumped submit the sex tapes and nude pics of their ex girlfriends for revenge. It's also called user submitted porn. The collection here is a little inconsistent in sticking to that style - some movies look like webcam shows, some are more professional shoots, while others look homemade by real amateurs as promised. The scenes here are long and full length though which is a novelty in the niche, and some even come in HD.

Solo, Lesbian & Hardcore Amateur Content

She Fucked Up has porn of all three types in its library at the time of my visit, with Hardcore and Solo being the most prevalent, though Hardcore is the main focus. In the course of videos you'll see girls giving POV blow jobs, hand jobs, being fucked doggy style or riding cowgirl. There were several really fantastic and messy facial cumshot scenes. A few threeways with two girls taking turns sucking and being fucked were in the bag here as well.

The girls varied as much as the content. Some were very attractive, exceptionally so and they also had a porn star look about them, though off hand I did not recognize any of the models from other porn sites or studios. Most girls are hot but believably so - the sort of good looking women that surround you in your daily life. Then there were a number of girls in the movies that I thought were quite plain and average.

Some "HD" Downloads

There were some larger HD downloads in the library. They aren't identified in any special way - just when you download them it will be a surprise. The videos could have 1280x720 or 1920x1080 screens (~5 mbits). The quality isn't always true HD though. In one that I downloaded, the actual video isn't shot in widescreen, so there are black bars on either side. The image quality is also granular - the original video wasn't shot in HD but was later forced into the HD format.

Inconsistent Media Options & Shooting Style

There is just one download option for every video but they rarely use the same quality settings for each video, besides usually being Windows Media in format. The screen sizes varied and so did the bitrates and picture quality. You'll find poor quality 320x240 screens as well as average quality 640x480 screens (3 mbits), the latter and settings close to it being more common.

Pictures are actually screen caps from the videos and not true galleries.

The shooting style varies quite a bit here, too. Some are handheld POV movies that look convincingly real - as in really submitted by an amateur couple. Others look more professional (and tend to star the hotter girls, too). Others look like recorded webcam shows - girls strip teasing, having sex with each other or a guy, and constantly looking up at the off-screen monitor that is connected to the web cam that is filming them. The inconsistent style isn't too distracting though.

One thing I really enjoyed though was the scene length. Most movies ran near 10 minutes long and several ran longer than that. That's great for a niche where 1-3 minute clips can be standard fare.

Simple Members Area

The members area is very simple. In fact, every video in the library of 200+ scenes is represented by a thumbnail on the Updates page and default homepage of the members area. There are no search tools or fancy browsing options. There is a 'Girls' index but it's the same list of thumbnails as the Updates page.

Some Repetition in the Library, Updates Twice a Week

I noticed that a few of the scenes repeated in the library. There was one listed under two thumbnails (same girl's face), one labeled "Jenna Bradley" and the other "Mandy James", which both link to the same 21-minute blow job and massive facial movie download.

No Extras

There are no bonus sites or extras wrapped into a subscription at She Fucked Up.

She Fucked Up Porn Review Take-Aways:

  • \BBA mix of solo, lesbian, hardcore amateur sex - some more authentic some less so.
  • \BBOver 200 videos and the site updates every three days, but some repetition inside the library.
  • \BBInconsistent media options that include almost-HD downloads on occasion.
  • \BBSimple members area for browsing, and no bonuses or extras included.


A better quality collection of amateur and ex-girlfriend porn than what you'll find on other niche sites, but the style can vary and so too do the media options.

She Fucked Up definitely falls short of its claim to being the largest site of its kind in the world but otherwise has some nice things to offer. The library is a decent size and the scenes are full length (not common in the niche). There were occasionally 1080p HD quality downloads for the movies, but mostly the content quality and download formats varied widely from poor to excellent in quality. There was also some inconsistency in the style of the shoots: some look homemade with cameras, others like recorded webcam shows, still others with a touch more semi-pro style to them. Overall however the site is a nice collection and niche fans will want to have a closer look.


She Fucked Up is one of many sites in a new fad of 'exposing ex girlfriends in homemade sex tapes by submitting them to porn sites'. There are a few sites worth looking at besides.

All of GFs is a network of several sites of the same theme. The clips tend to be shorter but they also have user submitted pics and self pics, and a more 'authentic' style of amateur porn. The quality is lower compared to She Fucked Up, but it feels more real at the same time.

See My GF has been online since 2001 and is pretty huge. The style and quality is pretty similar to what is found at All of GFs, as is the authenticity of the user made content.

In the other direction, Latina Sex Tapes is a 'staged amateur porn' site. They use porn models just breaking into the industry and film the episodes as if they were really homemade - the girls behaving naturally as well to complete the illusion. They are POV hardcore movies with hot Latina girls, usually with big tits and asses, and all of it is filmed in 1080p HD. Other sites on the Mofos network have a similar style and are included for free as a bonus.


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