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Show Me Your Wife Review

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Summary: Show Me Your Wife is an amateur site with content submitted by you, the viewer. With over 1 million images, videos, peek shows and live chat sessions all about you.

Fred Lake, 2005-12-15

Amateur, Mature / milf, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

submitted real amateur/MILF/exhibitionist/swinger photos , posted by surfers.

Hot, XXX Hard-core to Soft-core, Uncensored HotWives, showing all....

Updated every minute, every day all the time by "YOU"

First impression

After you actually get into the site (doing so can be a little confusing and tricky) you find a row of amateur photos (purely for decoration; they don't link to anything) and, to your left, a menu including links for: archives, search archives, current photos, contestants, video feeds, home video clips, video chatroom, amsterdam live, live peekshows, live streaming, chatrooms, free photo ads for swingers, current sexy stories, links traded with other sites, support/feedback, and the current featured member.


$ 0.00for (NON recurring)

Our opinion

The Site Premise is that thousands of guys upload pictures of their wives for other guys to look at. These may be exhibitionists or swingers. The rules don't allow you to scavenge pictures from other sites and pretend they are yours, but apparently some get away with doing that. Some people are looking for swinger swaps and others are just showing off. Many sites like this are flooded with pictures of penises but on this site those are all in a separate area, leaving you to just see women (and women having sex).

There are claimed to be one million photos on the site, and while you could probably never prove it one way or the other, there are certainly enough uploaded each day that (given the time the site has been active) there could be that many. You can easily get to a list of the threads containing photos for the previous 24 hours, and to archives (several months behind), and through the search engine. There are so many photos that no matter how obscure your personal passion is, you can find somebody who posted a picture of his wife doing it.

The system runs more like a bulletin board than like a porn web site. Each day, there are dozens of new conversations (threads) opened (or added to). A few posts contain photos, and the rest are guys saying "your wife is hot" or "do you have any pictures of her doing ....". The photos are amateur and some of the people who post them need to read the instruction manual for their digital cameras again, while other photos are clear, well lit, and sharp. Some people can't figure out how to upload pictures (you can see their failed attempts in broken links) and there are so many formats (and browsers) that you can probably find a few that your computer cannot display. The women range of 18 to 68+ and from gorgeous to ... well, there's someone to love any woman no matter what her shape, age, hair color, or ethnic group. (Apparently, a lot of really heavy women like posing naked for some reason. Of course, so do a bunch of really gorgeous ones, and hundreds of "just regular ol gals".) Sometimes the woman doesn't show her face (or it is blotted out).

Videos clips are uploaded in a separate section; 30 are provided each month. There are no thumbnails and you are left with cryptic titles like "wifes first swing part 4" but it's fun to hunt for good stuff. Kind of like a treasure hunt. Note that there are a lot of video formats out there and as these are all uploaded by different (non-professional) people, you may find some that your computer cannot access.

Other content includes some peek shows and some live chat sessions (involving sexy girls who don't actually do much unless you pay extra for them to "go private"). There is also a file of sexy stories like "my stripper wife" and "bachellor party girl" and so forth, some of which are cleverly written. Many of the stories include photographs that almost convince you they are of the real action.

Navigation is both good and bad. It's not that complicated, but with a million photos in the archive, there is no way to organize it and nobody tried. At best you see cryptic text labels like "wife from Kansas" and "my hot wife" and "my wife and her pussy" with no clue if the photos will be good or bad (or if the women will be pretty or ugly). It's like a box of chocolate candy; you're never know what's going to be in the next one you bite into. The only real problem is that the search engine is reading the text of the posts, not the uncaptioned photos, so a search for "strip poker" is going to find more people asking for such photos than providing them. Another problem is that you may open a thread full of photos and have to wait several minutes for all of them to display. Patience is a virtue!

There is all kinds of action to be found if you look long enough, and cum can be found splattered on faces, tongues, tits, and pussies. In theory the photos are exclusive to this site, but one wonders if these sample people haven't uploaded them before to other picture trading and swinger sites. As or updates, there are hundreds of new posts every single day (and, at the least, dozens of new pictures; their page says "3000 nude pics per day").


This is not your usual porn site, done either by a semi-pro "web girl" or by a professional production company. This is real people uploading real pictures of real women. It's a very different experience and one well worth looking into.

Be prepared to do more searching than actually looking though - and the site is not exactly shy of throwing in an advertisement or two...

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