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SimonScans review

- 3rd revisit

Summary: Simon Scans is a massive site with nearly a decade's worth of daily updates for fans to enjoy. That works out to more than 600 models, nearly a half million high-res photographs and a good number of HDV movie downloads. Updates are still made daily and the quality and service has only improved over the career of this very popular site. For fans of solo masturbation content that isn't afraid to get a little nasty, Simon Scans is an easy choice to make.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2009-10-28

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Intro promises

-648 models
-456,493 images in 4,088 sets
-Full HDV Movies + various other formats
-100% exclusive content
-Downloadable movies
-Unlimited downloads
-No hidden fees

First impression

We've been to Simon Scans before but it's been almost 3 years since our last visit. Looking over the tour things are looking sharper than ever. The babes are as beautiful as we remember and apparently content qualities have been upgraded - - we are now promised Full HDV downloads at a 1280x960 resolution! For those that don't know Simon he's an Englishman who loves beautiful women and high quality porn. He doesn't pretend that the content he serves up to members is art, making it very clear he's interested first and foremost in the porn, though after looking over some of the sample pictures and movie clips on the tour you might want to argue with him about that - - it's definitely porn, but in my opinion it has all the hallmarks of high brow art as well. Needless to say I can't wait to get back inside of Simon Scans and see what's new.


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Our opinion

Part of Simon's approach has always been talking to surfers like the adults they are. The site doesn't have tons of vulgar descriptions, it doesn't demean the women by calling them "cum guzzling sluts" or other names, it just tells surfers how it is inside of his site, and how it will be. Of all the porn site tours I've been on I've never seen one as well written and transparent as Simon Scans. He lays it out for you with a mixture of text and pictures and tells you exactly what you can expect and how it's going to be given to you. He even goes out of his way to explain the billing process (specifically how rebilling works) to make sure you understand what your options are and how it works BEFORE you pay any money. That sort of upfront and transparent honesty is rare in this industry.

Once you get inside of Simon Scans you'll see that everything he's promised on the tour was true down to the smallest of details. I won't bother hiding it: this site really did blow me out of the water with its content. There was so much of it that my head was spinning for the first few minutes I was sniffing around the members area but I did manage to get myself under enough control to look at things objectively and crunch some numbers.

The 648 models and 456,000+ images promised on the tour are in fact available to you as soon as you step into the members area. Simon adds a new gallery every single day so those numbers will have no doubt changed by the time you're reading this review. Every gallery here contains at least 100 pictures though some contain upwards of 300 and beyond. These are not just snapshots taken with a digital camera, either. As much as Simon doesn't like it, I have to say that these galleries do deserve to be called art. The lighting is fantastic, the settings provocative and fitting and the models absolutely glow with sex appeal in every set.

The majority of content here is solo masturbation, so do expect to see these fine female specimens stripping their lithe and firm bodies naked and exploring every one of their tight fuckholes. You'll see generous use of oil in many scenes and a variety of sex toys that are used to gape their tight pussies and asses for the camera man. There is a good showing of lesbian action in the mix here as well. Photos offer a 1248x1872 pixel image or thereabouts (depending on the arrangement of the photo it can vary slightly). Images are crisp down to the most minute of details and offer gorgeously balanced color. You can browse the images online, use their Image Viewer or download the complete set in a convenient zip file.

Simon Scans has fewer videos to offer us, usually adding from 2 to 5 a month. These are short videos that run under 10 minutes from start to finish in most cases and feature the same solo masturbation and juicy closeups as the galleries. You can download them in a variety of formats, among them the 1280x960 HDV MPEG. The image is crisp and the scenes are as well lighted as the photographs. You can also download them in Windows Media and QuickTime formats, though the quality isn't quite as remarkable. Some videos also offer MP4 downloads, which are optimized for portable devices like iPods.

Getting around Simon Scans is easy, which is an impressive feat given the amount of content available. Your first option is to browse chronologically. Along the right hand side of the site you have a list of months for each year Simon has been in business (since 2000). Click a month and you get a table of thumbnails that you can hover your mouse over for more details. Alternatively you can go to the main menu and choose a few options from the drop-down menu under the "Members" heading. You can browse movies, browse an A to Z listing of models or use and advanced search function. This allows you to select various combinations of body types (and sizes), location, clothing and more and order the results however you like. There is no custom field to type in your own keywords, though.


For fans of beautiful models with natural beauty and gorgeous bodies Simon Scans has a lot to offer. Not only is the site absolutely massive with nearly a decade's worth of daily updates, the quality is superb. Part of the quality is thanks to great media formats like super high-res pictures and HDV movies, but they wouldn't be nearly as effective if the content itself wasn't shot with such precision, professionalism and attention to detail. Simon Scans is a great site that is open, honest and offers a very big return on investment.


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