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The Female Orgasm review

Summary: Amateurs having real orgasms is what you'll find at The Female Orgasm. There is nothing faked here - from the heavy breathing, moaning to the intense pussy muscle contractions, this is the real deal. If you are doubting whether your girl is faking it, check this site to see what a real orgasm looks like. The orgasms and amateur women are filmed in good quality close ups to show us everything.

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Tamesin, 2011-11-23

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Intro promises

"Educational & Erotic. This site is both educational and extremely erotic. We have filmed hundreds of women actually cumming to show you exactly what to look for to enjoy it!"

- Real women having real orgasms
- High resolution photos
- High definition movies
- Members' forum
- Wide variety of women

First impression

If you're yearning to see real women having real orgasms, then The Female Orgasm may be the site for you. Since these are amateur (though there are a few models thrown in), you'll see a wide variety of looks and ages to these women. What they all have in common, though, is wanting to share their real orgasms with the world. With 7200+ high resolution photos and 400+ videos of 140+ amateur women cumming, you'll definitely get your fill and more of real orgasms.


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Our opinion

The Female Orgasm seeks to educate about what it's truly like for a woman to have a real orgasm. You definitely won't see any fake ones here, as you'll see in the wide variety of reactions. From the silent little orgasmic reactions to the loud moaning ones, you'll be amazed at the wide variety of orgasmic responses that real women have. And let's face it, most guys are very aroused when they see a real female orgasm!

You'll also be amazed at the wide variety of women inside this site. After all, women come in all shapes and sizes, as do their orgasms! Thus, you'll see plenty of white women as well as ethnic women, 18 year olds and MILFs, slender to voluptuous, bald pussies to hairy and somewhere in between. Since cumming can come from a wide variety of sources, you'll also see these amateur women orgasming through masturbation, male-female sex, and oral sex.

Now with all that said, you might be wondering if you can see all of these orgasms up close and personal. Yes, you can! There are some awesome pussy closeups in both photos and videos, without getting fuzzy like some closeups get. These closeups are designed to show you pussy juices flowing and contractions as the women orgasm. Along with the physical proof from photos and videos, you'll also hear the women's vocal reactions - from barely there sighs to full blown moans.

Once you step inside The Female Orgasm, you'll find an easy to navigate area. There are searchable links for the models, as well as the various sexual activities and types of women found within. Carrying on with the user friendliness, you'll find nice descriptions of what occurs in each scene, as well as a thumbnail to show you what the woman looks like in that particular video. And you'll definitely have plenty of women to look at as there is at least one update a day!

Because of the numerous updates, there's a good sized archive already built up. Currently, there are around 450 videos for you to enjoy. These come in a variety of streaming and downloading formats: phone, Flash, Mac/iPad, iPod, AVI, and finally WMV (640x480/3 Mbps). You can stream or download the scene in its entirety as well as downloading in multiple clips for WMV High quality. The average length of the videos is around 7 minutes run time.

In addition to the videos, there are also photo galleries. The approximate 140 photo galleries contains around 50 pictures on average. As with the videos, you have your choice of viewing pleasure: 680x1024, 851x1280, and 1063x1600 pixels. These photo sets are zip downloadable in each of these pixel sizes.

With The Female Orgasm you get mainly amateur women showing the wide variety of reactions real women have when they cum. Their orgasms don't all look the same, as they do with porn stars - with the ear splitting moans and all. Instead, you'll see some moaning, but also silent orgasms; however, the closeup pussy shots show that the women are very wet and have vaginal contractions. There's definitely no doubt that these amateur women are having real orgasms inside The Female Orgasm!


If you're tired of fake orgasms, then The Female Orgasm is definitely the place to be. Featuring amateur women (and some models) showing how their orgasms really are, you'll be aroused by the variety of orgasms women have. All of this is shown in very good quality photos and videos, especially when you consider it is amateur. With easy navigation, a large archive, a wide variety of women, and daily updates, The Female Orgasm will be giving you many orgasms if seeing real women not faking it is what turns you on!


There isn't much stiff competition for The Female Orgasm. There are however a couple more sites out there with real orgasms though - one recent one is Yanks. Another one is I Feel Myself.


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Comments from other readers

2012-01-06 10:54:35

In the FAQ, The Female Orgasm claims that most of the movies are in HD quality. In fact, only 2 of the movies are in HD while more than a third of all movies are sub-SD standard.

Every page has a"Click here to contact us", using that link leads to a page "Oops ... How embarrassing. There Was An Error Loading This Page." Numerous emails to query where all the HD movies are have been unanswered.

Obviously, they do not want to have any contact with their customers.