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Tight Clothes review

- 3rd revisit

Summary: Tight Clothes features European amateur models in tight and revealing outfits with lots of cameltoe footage. Content comes in the form of average quality video and photos. Navigation is a bit of a hassle and the site lacks consistency. The content however is unique and caters very well to the niche.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-09-03

Amateur, 18-23, Babes, Softcore, Fetish, Videos, Movies

cameltoe, fully shaved, lycra, stockings, tights, wet and messy

Intro promises

- Over 25,000 exclusive high res photos
- 250 DVD quality exclusive videos
- Women are 100% shaved

First impression

If you have a hankering for tight clothes, wet clothes, bald pussies, and cameltoes, Tight Clothes looks like the place for you. They even have something for those who love seeing women all messy. I like the fact that I've not seen any of these women before. That's always a plus in my book. The layout and content looks pretty sleek and sophisticated, too.


$34.95/30 days, recurs at $24.95 every 30 days
$59.95/92 days, non-recurring

Credit cards and checks through CCBill

Our opinion

I am impressed with how well this site understands the tight clothing and wet clothing fetish. There's plenty of extreme closeups of nipples poking through sheer or tight clothing, and there's more than plenty eye candy for those who crave cameltoes. There's more clean shaven cameltoes here than I've ever seen. Also, the models are very beautiful. You'll probably want to move to Copenhagen after seeing them in here.

As soon as you enter, you'll see simple menu choices that include All Models, All Videos and Main Page - just as it is on the tour. I don't see a link directly to just photo galleries, if that is what you want to look at. Below that are thumbnails to dozens of the latest updates.

Things start to get a little tricky when you want to look at a particular video or gallery. I thought by clicking on the camera icon of a particular thumbnail set on the front page, I'd be shown the video to that particular thumbnail. This isn't the case; the link sends you to apparently all of the nearly 200 videos.

The same with the photo gallery links on the front page, click on it. You won't be directed to that gallery immediately. Instead, you're sent to that model's page with a picture of the model and a brief introduction to her. Then below that you'll find all her galleries within the site. Again, click on that same thumbnail that you originally did, and then you'll finally get to the photo gallery, which of course are still more thumbnails. This could have been done smarter, I think.

The photos are good quality and open to 980x1470, 1280x1707, 1280x1921, varying pixel sizes. Well, I guess you get the picture that none of the photos come in a universal size here. There are no zip download and slide show options. Oops, correction, some of them do have the zip download option. And some of them offer the zip download for large photos (980x1450) or normal sized (800x1200). Again, it's not universal.

I tried looking at another video from the front page thumbnails, and I'm again directed to all the videos within the site and not the video itself. They're not laid out the way they were on the main page, so it was very time consuming to find the video that I was looking for. I gave up after a couple minutes, and just watched another video. (Can you tell I'm getting cranky!?!)

You can download these videos in MPG or WMV. There's a notation that all new WMV videos are shown in 2000 kb/sec in DVD quality. The videos I watched opened to 720x576 (3.94 Mbps) 640x480 (around 1.51 Mbps), or 419x288 good quality screen. As you can see, just like the photographs, there's not uniform size to what the screen will be.

If you don't want to have to wade through all the poorly indexed videos and photo galleries, you can always look under "All Models" to see all the women inside this site. In fact this seems to be the complete list of photo updates, ordered by model. To date, there are around 90 models. And, in keeping with the lackluster theme of poor organization, this page doesn't have the models listed alphabetically. I suppose that's okay, since you probably haven't seen any of these models anywhere else before, so you wouldn't have a particular name in mind. But still, it would be nice to have the option.

Despite the poorly organized website, when you can actually view the videos or galleries, they're pretty decent quality. Some quality is better than others, but nothing that I viewed was of terrible quality. The kind of content within this site is definitely fetishy and for those who like tight and/or wet clothing. Not everyone who likes porn likes the gyno shots; they like the teasing quality of nearly nude babes. There's plenty of teasing in here, although the women do eventually get naked. There's also some good content for those into the messy fetish.

It's just a shame that the way the site is organized doesn't match the content. Additionally, I can't tell when the site is updated, as there are no dates on anything but the latest update(s).


I would give Tight Clothes good marks but their navigation is terrible. There's just no easy way to see the content because you have to jump through a few hoops just to get to it.

The quality of the content is decent, though I wouldn't call the pictures high res or the videos DVD quality. There are some good things about the site: the women are beautiful, and you've likely not seen them before. Also, the content shows a good understanding of the tight and/or wet clothes, cameltoe, and messy fetish. If this site can get better navigation, then it could be a really good site. As it stands now, it's messy - and not in a good way!


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